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Indian Party Dresses

Do not get drowned in similar looking evening dresses when you want to be at your stylish best at a happening evening do. Dare to wear an Indian-inspired dress or a classic Indian silhouette. Pure-Elegance is your go to destination to dress with a difference and experience a slice of Indian fashion in USA itself! Wear our creation at any occasion and stand out in understated elegance. Browse our collection today for your favorite and you will want more!

Sway in style with extraordinary Indian fashion dresses at any formal or informal affair! Indian dresses are not just alluring silhouettes but are a piece of tradition mixed with style that will take your persona up a notch with their stunning designs. The designs are spread from simple and delicate Indian suits to extravagant and elaborate long Anarkali dresses which will give you an impeccable look no matter what the occasion is. The beauty of Indian dresses is breathtaking and a must-have for women who want to stand out with elegance! Take a style plunge with exquisite Indian formal dresses online from Pure Elegance in exceptional designs. 

Different Types of Indian Dresses

India is a land of secular states and houses people from different sects and ethnicities. Cultures beyond borders has inspired the traditional outfits and interests of the people inhabiting the place. Indian dresses for women can be classified into several types since fashion for women has played a key role in defining the status quo in our society. There are different cuts, styles, design and look associated to each Indian dress. Traditionally, women generally wear these popular Indian dresses that easily available online. Indian dresses are quite poplar in USA like Indian gowns, Indian long skirts, Bollywood clothing that is a rage amongst the young women.

Today, women want a flawless look from head to toe; starting from makeup to accessories to jewelry to flaunting dresses, they leave no stone unturned to bring out the best in them! Indian dresses in a galore of designs keep the fashion sensibilities of Indian women intact while creating a stunning statement every time. Indian gown, suits, dresses are adorned with eye-catching embroideries with sequin, zardozi, zari, dabka, gota patti and much more, which attract attention no matter where you go! The rich fabrics including Silk, Banarasi, Georgettes, Net, Chiffon, Cotton, Chanderi etc. further add the right flavor of fashion to the outfits. Every woman needs these key dresses in her wardrobe right now to be fashionable and occasion ready always!    

Indian Long Skirts

When you are in a hurry to meet your friends and jeans is not on your mind, Indian long skirts can be your go-to choice! They give utmost comfort and ease on a hot summer day keeping you easy-breezy and light. These latest Indian dresses have opened a new dimension of Indian fashion and are a rage amongst Indian women.

Style Tip: They are quite versatile and go with everything from crop tops to blouses, long kurtas and layered jackets. However, you style, ensure that your jewelry matches the tone of your outfit. Go with classy and subtle options like necklace set, ring for weddings and festive occasions. Bohemian and silver oxide jewelry for everyday wear and contemporary ceramic or terracotta jewelry for artsy gatherings.

Indian gown

The most flattering outfit on any Indian woman is indeed a stunning cascading Indian gown which has been westernized in today’s era. What was once a long kurta has now turned into a fancy twirling Indian gown and is considered as one of the most popular Indian dress in USA. Moreover, the demand for Indian dress shopping has also risen with the course of time.

Style Tip: Western jewelry like a fancy choker necklace, or layered necklaces, cocktail ring and sleek earrings will look great with Indian gowns for that polished persona.

Kurta with Palazzo

The ethnic Indian dress Kurta and Palazzo is another “it” women’s outfit that has garnered a lot of attention and become the street-style today. The comfortable yet stylish Indian formal dress is a contemporary version of a loose-fitting salwar. The length of the kurta can either be till knee or beyond for a dramatic appeal. In either case, this Indian dress is easily available online.

Style Tip: Options like chandbalis, jhumkas, tassel earrings and long bohemian necklaces will go with kurta and palazzo depending upon the occasion.

 Layered jackets with long skirts

One of the most loved Indian dresses in USA, Layered jackets are trendy outfits that have replaced the traditional Indian kurtas. They come in a variety of styles and can be easily paired with Indian long skirts for a fuller appearance.

Style Tip: Wear statement chandelier earrings to balance your look and not go overboard with lots of accessories. Don’t end up looking like a cake.

 Long kurta with cigarette pants

The new-age way to deck up in style is by layering a long kurta with cigarette pants and flaunt your way to fashionable discourse. Cigarette pants are a popular Indian dress available online and you can shop these sleek and stylish pants. Pair them with a beautiful long kurta and voila, you’re good to go. This is a perfect Indian formal dress and can also double up as a traditional attire.

Style Tip: Deck up classy with chandelier earrings or go bold with a jazzy necklace to amp up your look. 

Indo-Western Clothing

Want to show your Indian diva side but with a fashionable twist? Indo-western dresses online in a myriad of glamorous and chic designs will stun everyone with your diva panache. Flowy poncho with skirt or dhoti pants is one of the most stylish Indo-western ensembles for weddings, parties or festival. For a young and cheerful Indian style on festivals or family gatherings, a crop top with palazzo adds every bit of that vibe to your look! Easy to carry and lightweight designs work best in this silhouette when you want to dance your heart out on special occasions!

Style Tip: Contemporary jewelry which is inspired by the Art Deco era is what will go perfectly with Indo western clothing. You may also mix and match by wearing Indian ethnic jewelry and giving an unconventional touch.

Salwar Kameez

This popular form of Indian dressing is every Indian woman’s go-to Indian dress. Comfortable yet functional, salwar kameez is very sporty and can be tailored to suit women of all age groups and structures. There are several styles of basic salwar kameez like Anarkali, Patiala suit, palazzo pants and straight fit kurtas, asymmetrical tunics and cigarette pants etc.

Style Tip: Go with subtle necklace set if you’re planning to wear the Indian dress on a family function or wedding. If you’re wearing it on a casual daily look, pair some silver oxide jewelry or chandbalis to add some drama to your look. You can also adorn statement necklaces and silver sterling rings.

 Lehenga Choli

The evergreen Indian lehenga choli is a style staple when it comes to big occasions like weddings. Lehenga choli dresses in rich fabrics adorned with fine embroideries and enchanting silhouettes create a stunning vision for the onlookers and make you shine like a star. These days lehenga skirt is an in- thing and you can easily flaunt the details of the design perfectly! These traditional attires for women in Rajasthan and Gujarat have become one of the most popular wedding dresses for Indian traditional women. You can invest in glorious Indian dresses online and wear them with pride. Embellished with mirror work and featuring an array of vibrant colors, lehenga cholis are embroidered with patchwork, katha work, brocade work etc. with designs inspired from the royal Mughal architecture. This suggests that the creation of lehenga choli must have been the brainchild of Mughal rulers. Ghagra choli which is an alternative name to lehenga choli in Gujarat is similar in design aesthetics.

Style Tip: There are a wide variety of jewelry options. You can go for fashion jewelry or choose to wear something as precious as polki or kundan or maybe diamonds. Anything will suit the traditional Indian dress. Make sure you keep the color of your Indian long skirt in mind while buying jewelry.


Kashmiri men and women don the comfortable loose fitted woollen woven long pieces of clothing over their traditional attire. This garment is known as pheran and it helps in fighting against the frosty cold. They are worn only during winters and are available largely in earthy and muted tones with plaid design.

Style Tip: Usually, women keep it simple with a necklace and earrings. You may choose to glam it up with contemporary hand-made jewelry like tribal necklace or long chandelier earrings to define your look.


Mizoram’s traditional attire with a tribal skirt and kawrechi, a blouse worn by the women during Bamboo dance processions on festivals and special occasions. This traditional Indian dress for Mizoram women is inspired by the natural surroundings. This is a part of Indian formal dress in the North-Eastern parts.

Style Tip: Tribal jewelry and religious jewels are worn by the women in Mizoram with their traditional attires. Colorful thread-work runs through the jewelry and adds a pop of color.


Inspired by the Gujarati traditional dressing of ghagra, shararas are the ‘it” clothing for Indian women living in parts of Lucknow and Uttar Pradesh. This form of clothing was introduced during the rule of Nawabs who were fond of royal designs and seamless possessions of luxury and opulence. Shararas are therefore quite a popular bridal clothing for Muslim women.

Style Tip: Kundan, meenakari or jadau work jewelry will work best with Shararas and kurta. You can also wear the much-trendy passa in your hair and let it speak volume of your beauty.

 Banarasi Kurta with Long Indian Skirt

Bring the flavor of Banarasi textiles to your style with a Banarasi kurta paired with a long Indian signature skirt. Minimal embroideries on Banarasi silk let the rich fabric do all the talking! Whether it is a guest wedding look or a family wedding, this can be your go-to choice for a graceful Indian style. This is a type of the Indian formal dress.

Style Tip: Pair your royal Indian dress with classic and statement precious stone jewelry. Banarsi is a rich and visually flamboyant fabric, hence choosing an elegant pearl, diamond or gold set will complement your attire.


Changing Trends of Indian Dresses with Time

Indian dresses have undergone significant changes through time and evolved drastically from what it used to be. One major contributing reasons can be the fact that India was ruled by the colonial British government who introduced several modifications in living standards including the clothing norms of our country. Besides the influences from the Greek, Roman, Arab and Chinese, Indian dresses have indeed witnessed a paradigm shift with time. Most of the traditional forms of producing the Indian attires by the craftsmen is dying due to heavy costs incurred in its manufacturing.

The attention to detail and exploitation of artists has led to the downfall of sustainable clothing, however, the Textile Ministry is reviving the old methods of weaving and producing each garment with perfection. Sustainable clothing is the new trend in the block and needless to say, it’s hitting the Indian fashion market as well.

How have Indian Dresses become Westernized?

Earlier, the angrakhas worn by the rural men in the remote areas of Rajasthan and Gujarat were quite a rage due to its comfort and traditional feel. This quintessential clothing for men evolved and gave rise to the royal bandhgalas which are preferred by the elite and politicians for its sophisticated and suave feel. The effortless mandarin collar bandhgalas are also worn at weddings, functions and family gatherings. In the early Gupta period (7th and 8th century) women used to cover their body with rectangular pieces of fabric on their lower and upper half of the body. This brave and bold clothing has made a way for full length kurtas and skirts with the rising insecurity and exploitation of women. Changing trends in Indian clothing for women have raised an alarming situation.

The divided ensemble worn by the Muslim women under their burkha clad overalls lead to the introduction of salwar kameez as the formal ethnic attire for Indian women. Basking in effortless style and comfort, salwar kameez became the staple for every traditional Indian women besides sari which is still one of the most worn clothing.

Women in Gujarat and Rajasthan largely wore lehengas, Indian long skirts called as ghagra choli with an odhni and dupatta. This practice is still prevalent in many towns and villages of Western India. Mostly, vibrant colored printed and embroidered lehenga choli with mirror work are worn by the women in Rajasthan, however, ghagra choli is regarded as the auspicious attire for Indian women in Gujarat. Ghagras further evolved into the modern-day Pakistani shararas and kurti that are worn by the Muslim brides on their D-Day. Lehengas with shirts is the new trends for modern-day Indian brides on their Mehendi or Sangeet function to strike a stylish affair.

Contemporary designs in Indian dresses have been introduced by the new-age modern fashion designers with the foray of change in fashion tastes and likes. Earlier in the 1500 BC, the royalty followed the norms and wore the traditional ethnic attires that was permissible to the society and in order to prevent any social scrutiny. However, with time, influence from the western world has led to evolution of the Indian dresses for women. Bollywood clothing also plays a key role in bringing the Indian fashion trends to foray like in 1960’s women bedecked themselves with heavy jewelry and clothing. 1970’s saw a rise in polka dots, bright colors and bell bottoms. Followed by the jazzy 1980’s where women did not shy away to experiment and channel their “disco diva”. Shimmery apparel, leather and denim biker jackets gained popularity and women moved on with the lightweight chiffon sarees. Women garnered much independence since then and 1990’s was the time to turn savage with floral dresses, bell sleeves and bold gothic fashion trends flooding the market. Inarguably, women in 2000’s sought for empowerment and embraced their western thoughts to everything Indian.

Designers are of a belief that Indian dresses have undergone modernization and there is a rise in demand for contemporary Indian dresses in the market like never before. This is a positive sign for the fashion brands dealing with traditional and Indo-western couture for women because according to the reports generated by the Indian Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF) India is the largest exporter of textiles and clothing in the world. It is believed that the revenue will increase to $141 in 2020 from $67 in 2014.

How to Identify the Authentic Indian Dresses?

With the burgeoning of machine-made cheap quality clothes for the masses, the market is flooded with a plethora of duplicate handloom weaves and entice the customers to shop for the same in the name of authentic textiles at reasonable prices. Online shopping is the major reason to be blamed. Women have increasingly started to order and shop online for their everyday and occasional wear irrespective of the quality of the fabric. Here are some key pointers to keep in mind before shopping authentic handloom Indian weaves and investing in Indian dresses online.

Check the print and assess its quality. For example: Kalamkari is a handmade block printed work which is inconsistent and often shows blots of ink at several places. However, a machine-made Kalamkari and Ajrakh clothes will exhibit the consistency in print and design throughout with uniformity.

Banarsi silk can be identified by reversing the fabric, if the design is the same on the reverse side, it’s handmade. Also check for handloom designs like amri, amrukh and modak etc. which are inspired by the royal artworks of Mughal era.

Look for the certifications like Craft Mark or Indian Handloom Association of India to ensure that the fabric is authentic and not fake.

Real Chikankari embroidery has French knots, criss cross embroidery and shadow stitch while it is not there in the machine made chikankari clothing.

Bollywood Celebrities Spotted in Indian Dresses

Indian dresses are an ever-favourite clothing for Bollywood celebrities and it’s quite a popular buzzing trend amongst the experimental female fashion icons in India. The traditional with a mix of modernity reflected through the Indian dresses serve as the perfect Indian couture for these young and dynamic Indian women. Leading by example, these leading ladies have launched their line of edgy clothing and giving us major fashion goals. Here are some of our sought-after Bollywood divas wearing the Indian dresses and slaying in them. You can re-create the look by shopping Indian Bollywood designer dresses online through Pure Elegance.

Deepika Padukone

The Piku actress designed her own line curating an exclusive collection for modern Indian women with a twist of bohemian mix. Wearing the blush pink floral kurta paired with soft palazzo pants for the simple girl-next-door feel. Bollywood outfits are often the epitome of ongoing trend for women.

Alia Bhatt

This effervescent and charming young bundle of energy has recently aced with her dynamic roles in movies, and breaking away the fashion rules, one at a time. This time, she wore a pristine white embellished linen and silk mix asymmetrical tunic dress and paired it with soft grey Afghani pants embroidered at the hem.

Diana Penty

This leggy lass goes Indian and stays rooted in this uber-glam coordinate with an earthy appeal and traditional touch of embroidery. Donning a long silk ethnic cape for that Indo western look, she further added depth and meaning to the look with the cape that screamed youthful and edgy. The sensible Indian woman’s guide to dressing up is perfectly portrayed by this newbie in B-Town. Fresh and fierce, we love everything about this look. Bollywood clothes have undergone a huge transition and now, it’s all about the contemporary style.

Konkona Sen

Advocate of all things traditional and earthy, Konkona is an epitome of artistic ammunitions. She makes a killer appearance in a long contemporary denim Indian dress and added her desi punch with a pair of traditional silver jhumkas. The contemporary aesthetics of this ethnic ensemble tricks you down at the first glance. Letting her hair down, she graces and personifies Indian beauty as always.

Sonam Kapoor

Our flag-bearer of Indian dresses and experimenting with bohemian fashion, Sonam slays in an effervescent Indo-western clothing. Featuring patchwork with beaded detailing, she smartly sports the couture with panache as she walks in like a true-blue fashionista. We love how she created this fun fusion and justified it with her own signature charm.

Neha Dhupia

The Roadies jury member is known for her bold and bewitching sartorial fashion choices. The chicest of contemporary Indian dresses worn by this Delhi based Bollywood actress are sure to compel us everytime we seek some inspiration on Indo fusion. We love how she playfully struts the streets in this polka dot printed slit tunic dress with slim fitted trousers. Indeed, casual and contemporary Indian dresses flatter any body type and goes well at most of the events.

How to wear Indian Dresses at Different Occasions?

Indian dresses can be worn at work or social gatherings, day out or even festivals and weddings. However, it is important to differentiate your clothing for different occasions and be the elegant self in Indian dresses suited for special events.

For Weddings

Embrace the heavy embroidered anarkali suits and lehenga cholis to complement your dazzling look and steal the show. Indian weddings are a pompous event and calls for fancy designer couture. Go for long gowns embroidered with traditional technique or don the floor-sweeping anarkali suits for the effortless elegance.

For Parties

Party is a time when you want to keep it chic and sophisticated with your style flair. Choose a stylish monochrome appliqué work dress for a guest party look and pair with chandelier earrings for a jaw-dropping statement.

For Festivals

Indian is a land of cultures and festivals. We celebrate a plethora of festivities from different ethnicities as a part of cherishing brotherhood and unity of religions. Go for salwar kameez, indo-fusion palazzo pants and long kurta to strike a stylish spin. You can also choose to wear anarkali suits with longs skirts underneath for an edgy yet eclectic look. Go for vibrant colors with a hint of embroideries on occasions like festivals. Light gotta patti embroidery dresses make a gleaming statement filled with happiness!

For Work

Keep it simple yet casual with salwar kurta. You can go for tailored fit kurtas with pants. Or may also opt for something much bolder yet comfortable like a sharara with kurta. Pair your kurta with a denim and strut in style.

For Casual Outings

When you are casually dining or lunching with your friends or family a roomy Indian kurta dress in cotton is a perfect fit for the day. It adds a perfect ethnic touch with a hint of modernism, and comfort keeps you happy all day. Pair with a jooti and put on some silver bangles and earrings to perk up your casual day look. You can also pair these dresses with a jeans, culottes or churidaar to add more layers to your style.

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