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Kalamkari Sarees

What is Kalamkari Saree: Painted with Art – Kalamkari Sarees

An art, a painting, a story, a tradition; we are talking about an ancient form of craftsmanship called Kalamkari. This art can leave anyone astounded with its details and intricacies, every piece tells a story! Natural or vegetable dyes are used for painting with a special bamboo or date palm stick. The fabric is hand or block printed cotton textile mostly, making it one of the most loved summer styles by ethnic wearers. Though this art has now extended to other types of fabrics including Chanderi, Tussar silk, Silk cotton to name a few; it is cotton which rules Kalamkari! It is not just restrained to clothing; beautiful wall paintings, home furnishings, accessories and home decors are other brackets where Kalamkari can be seen in full bloom.

History of Kalamkari Prints and Kalamkari Saree in India

The word Kalamkari is derived from two words kalam means pen and kari means craftsmanship; a form of craftsmanship with a pen. It was a medium for narrating stories of Hindu Mythology during the ancient times; singers, musicians, and painters used Kalamkari to bring these stories to life. Simple means like plant dyes were used to paint and depict historical events. Kalamkari was found in one of the Hindu temples illustrating the stories of Indian mythology. Ramayana and Mahabharata are still a source of inspiration for many Kalamkari paintings.

The art reached a pinnacle during Golconda Sultanate, Hyderabad, during the Middle Ages. The Mughals in Coromandel and Golconda Province patronized Kalamkari and called the artisans “qualamkars”, the word Kalamkari evolved from it.

For generations, Kalamkari has been practiced by many families in Andhra Pradesh. After its decline, the art was reinstated to its former glory in India and abroad for its beautiful craftsmanship. Kalamkari facilitated trade and commerce in India during ancient times. It was also used as a currency for the spice trade.

How the Ancient Art of Kalamkari Prints Made its Way into Modern Indian Women's Wardrobe

In India Kalamkari is a well-known form of art in textiles and clothing. Women fashion is immensely inspired by Kalamkari and has found a place in sarees, suits, anarkalis, palazzos, dresses and tops. Women who swear by ethnic Indian fashion are an ardent admirer of this art. There are two most popular styles of Kalamkari in India – the Srikalahasti style and the Machilipatnam style. In Srikalahasti, a kalam or pen is used for drawing and filling the colors with a free hand, it is totally a hand creation. Machilipatnam style involves block painting of a fabric with vegetable dyes. Organic colors used are fast and is one of the signature characteristics of Kalamkari textiles. Intricate motifs and prints painted with vibrant colors on earthy hues are absolutely picturesque!

In modern times, Indian designers have embarked on a journey to glorify Indian arts and textiles. With an escalating focus of the Textiles Ministry on Indian handlooms, crafts like Kalamkari are becoming a mainstream fashion statement. Ethnic fusion is one of the styles where Kalamkari has been reinvented to fit the needs of modern fashion while keeping the essence of the art intact.

Where to Buy the Latest Designer Kalamkari Saree in the USA

Explore Kalamkari sarees at Pure Elegance : One form of Kalamkari which every Indian woman loves to wear is a saree! At Pure Elegance we understand what an art like Kalamkari means to a woman, so we bring a collection which will spoil you with choices. Pure cotton sarees dipped in artistic block printed Kalamkari for every cotton connoisseur; wear these easy to carry and breathing sarees on a summer day to radiate a classy style.

Sarees with motif designs like trees, plants, flowers, creepers, birds and animals are available in vibrant and winning styles at Pure Elegance. Taking care of the weather and your choices we bring an entire range of sarees in fabrics like silk cotton, silks, and cotton; printed with ethereal Kalamkari designs. For an Indian woman living in USA, our Kalamkari sarees can be breath of fresh air and a reminder of her roots.

If you are an avid Kalamkari fan then Pure Elegance is the place for you, with our saree collection you will never have a dull moment!

How to Make a Fashion Statement in Kalamkari Saree

Kalamkari saree is like no other saree! The simple and not so simple design of the saree imparts a feminine grace to your personality. The eye-catching color play on a variety of fabrics is a piece of art. Kalamkari sarees make a graceful choice for casual and semi-formal occasions like lunches, dining, a house warming puja and even a family get-together. Kalamkari blouses add a visual interest to the overall look.

For a casual outing choose a cotton saree with Kalamkari border and pallu with a boat neck blouse; a look which adheres to ethnicity and yet is stylish. If you are in for a family get-together or a house warming puja channelize your traditional side with a silk Kalamkari saree, pair with a solid blouse with Kalamkari sleeves. One of the most tricky and playful styles is an overall printed Kalamkari saree, carry it with ease by teaming up with a brocade or ikat blouse; the mix of patterns will look nothing less than an art in motion!

Bring a twist to your simple saree by wearing it with a cold shoulder Kalamkari blouse; this is a chic and aesthetically interesting style. There are so many ways in which you can play with Kalamkari sarees and this art will never go out of fashion!

If you are thinking of buying Kalamkari sarees online in USA and style is something you don’t compromise on then Pure Elegance brings some really enchanting Kalamkari sarees to your doorsteps.

Natural, sustainable and organic; Kalamkari is a craft which people with a flair for unique and classic taste cherish. Paint yourself with this art and be a part of a thrilling shopping experience with Kalamkari sarees at Pure Elegance!