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A Potpourri of Handicraft Ikkats

The brilliant skill of Ikat weaves which is passed on through several generations has garnered prominent attention all across the world. Pochampalli Ikat which is quite popular amongst the women clan for their exquisite Ikat printed cotton and silk weaves has derived its name from a small town of Pochampally near Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh. The art of weaving cotton and silk silhouettes with peculiar dyes of Ikat is believed to have been brought from the Chirala town to Pochampally. It was earlier called as “chit-ku” in Chirala. While there are innumerable speculations regarding the origin of fabric which is believed to have been introduced by Dutch traders to Europe at the same time when the Spanish and Hispanics adopted...

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The royal juttis: step up with the ethnic footwear

   Source: Pinterest Jutti is the expression of Indian heritage as well as modernity. The traditional footwear in India which have their history since 200BC. Have their origin from the Mughal era. Jutti's has been transformed from a traditional Footwears to a tailored ethical must have They are round or M-shaped covering the front part of the feet. During the Buddhist period, strapped sandals were quite prevalent. Later, these ethical shoes became popular in north India, especially Punjab and Rajasthan.   Juttis of Rajasthan: Rajasthan is one of the most prominent tourist places, as the colors and culture fascinate the visitors. No tourist can return from Rajasthan without buying a pair of these ethical footwear called juttis and a leheriya suit....

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Five styles of Contemporary Salwar Kameez for 2020: The history reloaded.

India is known for its culture, and clothing is the essence, of which, one of the decent evergreen outfits is Salwar Kameez. No matter what the occasion is, salwar Kameez is the sign of pure elegance in Indian ethnic wear for all ages. It is originated from the Mughal era with a classy combination of salwar(bottoms/ long loose pants) and the Kameez( tunic/ top). The regalia is a prominent part of every Indian woman’s wardrobe. With time various styles have evolved customizing the original genre.

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Bound by a sacred thread : A unique Indian Wedding Jewelry piece - The Mangalsutra

  Preparing for her wedding is the most joyous time in the life of a woman. It is the culmination of many cherished dreams nurtured since her earliest years and a springboard for her anticipation of a blissful union with the man of her dreams.  In fact it is a dream come true for every girl to be a bride and begin a new chapter of her life with a man who understands, respects and cherishes her for exactly who she is. And especially if they are an Indian couple their sacred union is sealed not just with a kiss, but sanctified with a Mangalsutra. No Indian wedding is complete without a Mangalsutra ceremony. Most Indian communities cherish the tradition...

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History of The Saree Blouse: The Incredible Evolution of The Must Have Companion To Indian Sarees

The saree blouse - whichever way it is styled and cut.... And though we do give equal attention when picking its ever faithful companion, the saree blouse, little do we know of how this inseparable raiment came to acquire its place of pride and present form as today. Let us take you on this interesting journey.   Image credit: 1. Pintrest  2. Pintrest  3.BBC  4.Wiki  5.    6. Instagram

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