Crepe Sarees

A must-have for every wardrobe – Crepe Saree

Crepe is one of the finest fabrics with a gorgeous fall. Any silhouette stitched out of a crepe fabric is grace personified. The sheen, softness, light weight and an endless array of crepe fabrics make them a must-have in every wardrobe. Its characteristic lustrous and rich appearance can make any woman look like a star herself. The comfort and versatility of crepe makes it all year round favorite! With a variety of enchanting styles, crepe outfits give poise to your style at every occasion. Let us explore more about this much talked about textile in detail!

History and characteristics

Historically crepe is known as crespe or crisp. With a distinct crisp and crimped appearance, crepe or crape is made of silk, wool or synthetic fibers. The word crape usually refers to fabrics, particularly associated with mourning. Woman’s morning bonnet was made in hard crape during 19th Century, in 1880.

A lightweight crepe of 19th century was introduced in 1820 and as crepe aeroplane in 1861.The variety of crepe has evolved over centuries, thus bringing a wide spectrum of crepe to the world.

Crepe is really popular fabric amongst designers and consumers. It is created from a variety of fibers including silk, polyester, wool and cotton. The weaving of crepe fabric is tight and the fibers are twisted prior to weaving which gives it a crinkled texture. The garment industry is extensively using crepe made of polyester fibers since it is wrinkle free and congenial to the consumers.

But for people who love pure and luxurious fabrics, crepe silk is the best choice; it is the most expensive form of crepe and a true definition of luxury. Another variety of crepe which is well-admired is crepe georgette which is a flexible and stretchable fabric. Crepe georgette is also known as chiffon; yes, our very own summer-friendly chiffon which you know now has another name! Wool crepe is a variety used by fashion houses across the globe for creating stunning dresses.

Cotton crepe is another fabric which is a popular choice in summers. The light and airy feel of this fabric makes it an absolutely comfortable summer wear.

Well, we will get tired and the varieties of crepe will never end!

Why crepe is a must-have!

After reciting the whats and hows of crepe, time to know why you should own a crepe outfit. Gorgeous fall, lightweight, comfortable, flexible, luxurious and a favorite for every occasion, these are enough reasons why you need to add crepe to your wardrobe now! It is a summer-friendly fabric as it is heat resistant and in winters you can choose wool crepe. This fabric can be worn year round with utmost ease.

Crepe can be tailored to stupendous styles and designs. It fits every body type well due to its flexibility. For Indian wear, it is a great choice for creating various ethnic outfits and styles. Markets are flooded with printed crepes, silk crepes, plain crepes and varieties to leave you confused!

But can any other silhouette do more justice to crepe than a saree! A crepe saree is utterly alluring and classy and matches the grace of an Indian woman.

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Style and crepe sarees

Though crepe is not a traditional Indian woven textile; it is one of those fabrics which Indian designers prefer to create spectacular ethnic pieces. Lehengas, skirts, anarkalis, suits, gowns in traditional, contemporary and ethnic fusion designs; crepe knows every silhouette fittingly.

But for any style to be a stand-out, styling must be on point. Even the simplest outfit can look breathtaking if styling is right! Styling is as important as choosing a fine quality outfit.

The versatility of crepe sarees makes them a choice for several occasions. Crepe sarees have an innate effortless and a modish vibe to them. Add a punch to your effortless style by pairing printed crepe saree with a sleeveless blouse and some silver jewelry.

Crepe silk sarees are a befitting choice for that weekly adventure called brunch. The comfort of these sarees lets you walk around and spend hours with your friends without any hassles. Wear it with a boat neck blouse and put on a comfortable pair of wedges.

When it comes to occasions like a cocktail or a family party, a crepe saree can create a sassy and chic style. A solid satin crepe saree with beautiful appliqués makes a unique choice. Pair it with a printed blouse to create a contrasting effect. The right way to flaunt your curves at a party is to wear the saree with a pleated pallu. Put your hair in a low knot and carry an embellished clutch; you are ready to dazzle through!

How can we forget crepe sarees for weddings! A fabric as luxurious as crepe silk makes an amazing choice for a wedding. At Pure Elegance we put deliberate efforts to bring fine crepe sarees for special occasions like weddings in a variety of colors, patterns, hues and styles. Choose our crepe satin silk saree with embroidered border and compliment with an embroidered blouse.

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