“Shame On You” If You Can’t Drape a Saree?

Recently, a very popular Indian fashion designer was lambasted on social media for his utterly chauvinist comments on the traditional clothing of India. His sharp comments on Indian women to embrace western attires was quite pinching followed by a remark "shame on you if you don't know how to drape a saree"

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To Saree Shame or Not!

Over the decades, Indian culture and tradition stand tall with a rich historical prerogative that advocates everything from mere ethics, morals to duties and rights of both men and women. Talking of clothing, saree has bee immortalized in the Indian history and has long been worn by the Indian women. Read more to know the debate.

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The Real Pad Man's Revolutionary Rebel Against the Stigma of Periods

The revolutionary efforts of Arunachalam Muruganantham to break the stigma in our society about bleeding women and restore the dignity by producing cost-effective sanitary napkins through a simple machine. Not only is he helping women to empower and enlighten but also generating employment in rural areas amongst women. Head over to read his full story and know the real inspiration behind Akshay Kumar starrer Pad Man.

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