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12 Different Types of Salwar Suits

The plethora of styles and designs in Salwar suits is beyond comprehension. You can wear them in a traditional style, modern, or Indo-western style. Ace Indian designers like Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Rohit Bal, Tarun Tahiliani, and Anju Modi to name a few, have extracted all their creative juices over the years to create some spectacular and bespoke designer salwar kameez with fine craftsmanship and designs which have become rage in Indian fashion. Let us shed some light on some popular salwar kameez styles! Different Types of Salwar Kameez  Let us take a look at some of the different types of salwar kameez preferred by Indian women. ANARKALI SUITS The Anarkali suit is one of the most popular styles of the ethnic...

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12 Latest Indian Earring Designs For Women

Indian women value their jewelry box as a precious treasure which contains some vintage, some ancestral and some contemporary jewelry pieces. They take pride in their jewelry collection which is an abode of their culture and tradition. Women keep updating their jewelry boxes from time to time to make a tasteful collection. Here are some of the latest Indian earrings designs for women. Traditional Indian Earrings Designs For Indian Women Here are some must-have Indian earrings designs which every Indian woman should keep with her! CLASSIC JHUMKAS                   When we're talking about earring designs, we must talk about Indian jhumka earrings first. Evergreen and pretty, this style of earrings are as classic...

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Different Types of Indian Dresses

India is a land of secular states and houses people from different sects and ethnicities. Cultures beyond borders have inspired the traditional outfits and interests of the people inhabiting the place. Indian dresses for women can be classified into several types, since fashion for women has played a key role in defining the status quo in our society. There are different cuts, styles, designs, and looks associated with each Indian dress. Traditionally, women generally wear these popular Indian dresses that are easily available online. Indian dresses are quite popular in the USA like Indian gowns, Indian long skirts, Bollywood clothing that is a rage amongst the young women. Today, women want a flawless look from head to toe; starting from...

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19 Latest Saree Blouse Designs and Patterns

Let us step onto a more creative and experimental horizon of saree blouses. This is where designers put in their creative juices to set some new blouse patterns and styles. Playing with patterns is playing with cuts or overall design or following fashion trends. 19 Most Popular Saree Blouse Designs and Patterns The patterns of Indian saree blouses are known for their intricate designs and unique styles that vary from region to region in India. Time to round off some blouse designs popular in the Indian blouse circuit! Shirt Style Blouses These blouse designs differ from shirt collar blouses; they are an adaptation of Haryanvi shirt-blouses and have a shirt length and style. Indian designers have made them more chic...

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How To Accessorize Lehenga?

Resonating with the voice of women and glorifying their true self, lehnga as the traditional Indian attire has draped generations. Well-known fame across such a diversely cultured country, the exquisite dress piece has been a premium quality product suited to all significant occasions. Aligning with the fashionable ethos, the gorgeous lehenga pieces have been stylish yet affordable options for ages. The same legacy has been carried forward by the new age women who are super-crazy about finding trendy and colorful choices cool enough to showcase their versatility with their voguish ensemble.  Find the right mix of nail-biting accessories! The most defining variants of traditional Indian attire have always demanded a palette of elegant accessories to mix them up nicely for...

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