Tissue Saree


The charm of tissue sarees is unparalleled and evergreen. They bring grace with a touch of femininity transforming a woman into a beautiful vision. Tissue saris are stunning drapes and work perfectly for many occasions and celebrations.  Pure Elegance is proud to bring this sheer and graceful drape to you online, our collection of tissue sarees online will leave you spoilt for choices. With an uncompromising quality, we strive to bring best of the best designs to you in USA!


The base of these elegant sarees, tissue, is what we need to know about first! This is a fabric which is used widely in a number silhouettes and outfits like lehengas, suits, sarees as well as home furnishing industry. Tissue is known for its transparent look, metallic shine and shot effect. The fine sheer silk fabric is woven with silver and gold threads and is sometimes even embossed with intricate figures. Tissue silk fabric has an open weave and the metallic threads are woven in one direction while the colored silk threads are woven in opposite direction which gives it a stunning shot effect. Tissue fabric also gets crinkled very easily. These days, a wide variety of mixed tissue fabrics are made to add variety and durability to this delicate fabric.


The stunning nine-yard drapes created with tissue fabric give you tissue sarees. Tissue sarees drape beautifully and are perfect to add body to a petite frame.  With a fine blend of fabric and design Tissue silk sarees are a must-have in every ethnic wardrobe! Usually, plain tissue sarees, Maheshwari, organza, chanderi tissue silk sarees are lightweight but they can be heavy depending on design and variety example Tissue Banarasi sarees. But in general, the fabric has a light appeal and is perfect for summer weddings and celebrations.


Plain tissue sarees: A classic and evergreen style of tissue saree is simple solid tissue sari. Women who love to keep elegant and understated with rich fabrics a beautiful plain tissue saree made of pure silk is a flawless choice.

Tissue Banarasi Saree: One of the most famous varieties of a tissue saree is a Tissue Banarasi saree. The sarees are made in Banaras and are designed impeccably and bring durability to the delicate tissue fabric. Tissue Banarasi saris incorporate silver or gold brocade in their design and are indeed one of the most expensive saris.

Banarasi Tissue Saree

Kota Tissue Saris: They are also known as Kota Doria. Kota sarees are from Kota, Rajasthan and have a characteristic design called khat on the fabric which makes them one of a kind and aesthetically beautiful. Khat design includes small squares which are sometimes embellished and embroidered.

Uppada Tissue Sarees: Uppada sarees come from the state of Andhra Pradesh and are a fine blend of woven silk with pattu zari. Uppada sarees are made from silver and gold threads which are woven into the fabric to create a scintillating shining effect on the sarees. They are a perfect choice for weddings and celebratory occasions.

Green Uppada Silk Saree

Dhakai Jamdani with Tissue Border: Dhakai Jamdani sarees are one of the most exquisite types of saree in India and when they are blended with tissue, it further elevates the beauty of these sarees. The designs on a Jamdani saree involve intricate floral designs and motifs. The Jamdani fabric is also called as muslin cloth and has a characteristic grey and white weaving and sometimes it also includes a blend of gold and cotton threads.  Jamdani art is practiced in Bengal and Uttar Pradesh. Jamdani Tissue sarees are one of the classy variants of the Jamdani sarees where the border is made from pure tissue fabric adding a stunning texture to the saree.

Maheshwari Tissue Silk Saree: The quintessential Maheshwari sarees is undeniably a pride of India. The beautiful Maheshwari silk sarees are made in pure silk or sometimes silk blend and are lightweight. Sarees are decorated with zari brocade and floral designs and tissue silk adds galore of shine and shimmer to the saree. They are available in a variety of designs for every occasion be it festivals or weddings.

Maheshwari Tissue Silk Saree

Tissue Georgette Saree: They are extremely flexible and drape like a dream. Tissue georgette sarees are perfect to flaunt your curves. Beautiful georgette fabric is highlighted with tissue zari design which makes them elegant and classy. These sarees are a stunning pick for parties and look extremely sassy!

Pink Tissue Georgette Sari

Tissue Chanderi sarees: These sarees are a sturdy and durable variant of tissue sarees and are made from pure silk, silk cotton, and cotton and are beautifully decorated with butas, zari borders and floral designs.

Chanderi Silk Saree


Tissue saris are not only elegant but also easy to style! They do not require too much of styling and jewelry as the fabric in itself is so lustrous and shiny that it would do all the tricks for you! They are beautiful drapes for many formal and informal occasions. Keep your accessories low-key to let that rich fabric do all the talking!

Tissue sarees for festivals and puja: Wondering what to wear on a festival? Well, a bright yellow Maheshwari Tissue Silk saree with embroidery is perfect to keep your festive spirits up. Just pair with traditional jhumkis and put a bindi, tie your hair into a low knot bun, you are sure to stun everyone with your traditional charm.

Yellow Maheshwari Tissue Silk Saree

If it is a family puja that you are planning for, then a red silk saree with tissue border is perfect to bring your ethnic charm up with galore of brightness.

Red Silk Saree with Tissue Border

Tissue sarees for party: Time for a party and you are confused on what to pick for a head-turning statement! Well, a stylish and flaunting Tissue georgette sari will not only flaunt your curves but will garner you plenty of compliments. Pair with a halter neck blouse and statement earrings!

Blue Tissue Georgette Saree

Tissue sarees for wedding: When it is the time of weddings in the family, everyone wants to look their best. A beautiful gold Tissue Banarasi Saree will not only make you look gorgeous but will also set you apart from the rest. Pair with an embroidered blouse and chandbaali earrings and round off your look with a clutch!

Gold Tissue Banarasi Saree


The delicate tissue sarees require good maintenance since a little mishandling and carelessness can tear your tissue saree easily! Here are some tips to help your sarees with live longer.

  • Avoid staining them as much as possible.
  • If stained, go only for dry cleaning, machine washing will destroy your tissue saree.
  • Keep changing the folds of your saree frequently to prevent tearing from corners.
  • Avoid hanging them for a long period of time.
  • Keep them in a muslin bag and not a plastic bag.
  • Do not iron on high heat, use low heat to iron tissue sarees, they can burn easily at high heat.


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