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The charm of an Indian outfit is incomplete without ethnic Indian jewelry. The designs crafted with utmost skills and finesse not only make Indian style captivating but also marks the rich heritage of Indian jewelry. Every Indian woman aspires to create a jewelry collection which she can call her own and pass it as a legacy to the coming generation. Pure Elegance takes extreme pride in presenting a regal collection of Indian jewelry online which is traditional and rich in every sense.


If you want to see the elaborate and intricate artistry of Indian jewelry sets, then turn your attention to beautiful Indian necklaces! The maximum amount of detailing and skill goes into creating a necklace which adorns your neck like stars in the galaxy. Whether it is a saree, suit or lehenga Indian necklaces can turn any outfit into a million dollar affair!

We at Pure Elegance have the finest necklace designs on board from Indian luxury jewelry brand Amrapali. Want to feel like a royalty? Feel royal every inch in Amrapali necklaces in most gorgeous of designs and exquisite craftsmanship. We bring you a dreamy collection of Amrapali necklaces from India right here in USA. Browse our extensive collection of Indian necklaces online today and become a part of the timeless tradition of Indian jewelry designs. The designs are crafted in pure silver with gold plating, glass work, kundan, zircon, enamel work and much more which are equally stunning as fine jewelry. If you are looking to buy Indian costume jewelry and can’t compromise on quality, then Pure Elegance is the place for you!


Given our rich heritage of jewelry the variety and types of Indian jewelry are utterly astounding. Indian necklaces are mostly worn as part of jewelry sets which brings galore of charm and glam to your traditional style. But these days the fashion experimenting generation is resorting to wear necklaces as an absolute piece with sarees, suits and even western wear which adds a classy and contemporary twist.

Kundan necklaces add the perfect touch to your traditional look with their alluring and impressive designs. They are a standout choice for weddings and bridal jewelery. The stones are embedded in gold and these days a variety of costume jewelry brings the same level of charm to kundan necklaces. Silver gold plated kundan necklaces at Pure Elegance are available in an array of designs which are not only exquisite but exhibit high-level details.

Our traditional roots lie in Gold jewelry! Indian gold necklaces have long been associated with prosperity and auspicious occasions like weddings and festivals. A bride in India is gifted gold jewellery as her wedding gift by her parents and in-laws. Gold Jewelry is also a means of investment and financial security in India. If you want to buy Indian silver gold plated necklaces in striking and traditional designs, then Amrapali necklaces at Pure Elegance are hands down the best choice!

Silver Gold Plated Amrapali Necklace


The simple and contemporary design of hasli necklaces makes them a hit with young girls. The necklace consists of a hollow tube bent in the form of a necklace and further, it is decorated with simple to elaborate designs. The myriad of designs makes them a versatile pick for sarees as well as western wear.

Hasli Necklace

Want to look like a classy and sophisticated woman from the black and white era? Pearl necklaces will bring out every bit of that vintage charm in your saree look. Chiffon sarees paired with pure pearl strings is a sight to behold and add a surreal old world charm to your style.

Pearl Necklace

For every Indian woman who is forever in love with silver jewelry, antique silver necklaces are a must-have! They add a touch of rustic, ethnic and ethereal charm to Indian look. The antique and handcrafted Indian silver necklaces with their imperfections make a perfect choice for casual outings, dinners, parties, and festivals. Silver necklaces online are a sheer paradise for Indian women who love silver jewelry with all their heart!Amrapali Silver Necklace

Looking to make a bold and stylish statement with your jewelry? Statement necklaces are your go-to choice for occasions when you want to channelize your inner diva. The sharp and unique designs are a great companion to your western as well as Indian wear. For young girls who are fashion-conscious, statement necklaces do justice to their fancies.

Amrapali Statement Necklace

A trend which has made girls crazy with its style is choker necklace! Choker necklace gives a beautiful shape to your neck while decorating it. From pearl to kundan to diamond to gold to statement, choker necklaces are available in eye-popping designs which add a dazzling touch to your style.

Silver Gold Plated Choker Necklace

The traditional jadau necklaces of India are for a royal appeal. Embellished with fine meenakari work on front and backside, kundan polki and other gemstones, jadau necklaces define Indian artistry at a different level. Jadau jewelry is a favorite with the brides for their rich and opulent look.

Beautiful and vibrant glass necklaces are classy, ethnic with a contemporary hint. Glass necklaces are made in a variety of colors like blue, red, green, yellow which makes them a stunning choice for traditional sarees and suit. Amrapali glass necklaces are embedded in silver and make an evergreen piece in your jewelry box!

Amrapali silver glass necklace

The artistry of temple jewelry is one of a kind and belongs to South India. An absolute distinctive craftsmanship makes this jewelry magnificent. Temple jewelry necklace sets are a pivotal part of a bride’s ensemble in South India. They are made in heavy and pure gold with intricate Gods and Goddesses engraving on them. Many classical dancers wear it as a part of their performance attire. They can embellish any simple silk saree with their artwork and design. These days imitation or silver gold plated temple jewelry comes in beautiful and galore of designs which can make a great alternative if you are not willing to invest in heavy gold necklace sets.

The bright color stones in a necklace always perk up the design and add brilliance to your Indian aura. Stones like ruby, emerald, amethyst, sapphire, citrine, turquoise, and zircon add a beautiful pop of colors to the conventional designs. Stone necklaces are available from simple strings to extravagant necklace creations. If you are want to add some color to a neutral outfit like white, black or beige just go for stone necklaces!

Colorful Stone Silver Gold Plated Necklace

The appeal of a Navratna necklace ticks all the boxes of a royalty. Navratna necklace set embedded with diamond, ruby, pearl, sapphire, topaz, emerald, cat’s eye, hyacinth, and coral is a fine masterpiece and makes you feel every bit of a queen. The design is not only distinctive but also elaborate, making them a splendid choice for weddings.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend; there is no denying the fact! Sparkling diamond necklace sets bring glitz and glamor to your style no matter what the occasion is. They are an important part of the bridal trousseau and make bridal collection luxurious. Necklaces in solitaire and crushed diamonds are great picks for cocktails and weddings. Replicas like zircon or glass necklaces online are a good choice if you don’t want to spend a fortune on diamond necklaces.

Amrapali Zircon and glass necklace


Exude Bollywood verve with an opulent collection of Indian Bollywood jewelry online at Pure Elegance. Be occasion ready with beautiful Bollywood necklace sets for a diva like style.

Add traditional brilliance to your silk sarees with silver gold plated necklace in the style of Vidya Balan at a wedding. If you want to go for a bold and regal look in a Kanjivaram saree look up to Rekha and choose a heavy temple jewelry necklace set and style with a bun and gajra; you are sure to leave everyone astounded.

For a bride, her wedding day is special when she wants to look like a royalty! Take inspiration from Aishwarya Rai’s look in Jodha Akbar where she dazzled like an ethereal beauty with heavy choker and kundan polki necklaces. Sudden family occasions call for classy cotton saree paired with a silver glass necklace from Amrapali for an effortless Indian look.

If you are prepping for festivals choose a traditional Ambi design necklace and wear it in the style of Rani Mukherjee with vibrant sarees, bindi and minimal makeup.


By now you know what Pure Elegance has in store for you! Our collection of Pure Elegance jewelry is exclusively curated with the finest quality and designs from Amrapali. Finding traditional Indian necklace sets can be a task in USA but we know the aspirations and taste of an Indian woman and that’s why we bring you beautiful galore of Indian jewelry online in USA.

Necklace sets for every occasion and place are waiting for you at our store in USA. Whether it is a casual occasion like dinner and family get-together or formal occasions like parties or weddings, our Indian Pure Elegance jewelry from Amrapali is a solution to all your styling woes. Indian necklaces for weddings, parties, and festivals are waiting for you on our shelves in jaw-dropping designs which will spoil you for choices. Give us a visit at our store and we will serve you the best designs which you have never seen before!