Matka Silk Sarees

Matka saree- A versatile drape!

The grace of an Indian saree is unmatched; a woman draped in nine yards is a vision to behold. As much as Indian woman takes pride in wearing her saree, so she does in narrating the legacy and the story behind each piece she owns. Every woman has inherited at least one saree from her mother or grandmother which she preserves like a treasure. The joy of wearing a silk saree takes her to a different realm.  With a saree draped to accentuate her ethnicity, she transforms into an epitome of elegance and tradition.

The rich colors, textures, sheen, embroideries and weaving on silk sarees are nothing less than a masterpiece. Silk making requires a great deal of precision and an eye for finesse, it marks the degree of detailing that has gone into creating this textile. The variety is unimaginable but mainly four types of silk create the foundation for other silks: Mulberry silk, Tassar silk, Muga silk and Eri silk. One such traditional silk derived from them is Matka silk.
Matka silk saree with kalamkari full sleeve blouse

Background and characteristics

Let us unveil some facts about this fabric! In India, Matka silk is mostly sourced from Karnataka and Kashmir and the spinning process takes places in Malda and Murshidabad districts of West Bengal. Other states of the country where it is made includes Uttar Pradesh, Chattisgarh and Gujarat.

Matka is known as rough handloom silk fabric since it comes from a thick yarn spun from a silk worm called Mulberry (Bombyx Mori), which creates a raw texture and adds a hand woven feel to it. It looks similar to tweed except that fibers are of the same color. The fabric sews with ease and can be tailored to different styles like suits, kurtas, anarkalis, jackets and even home furnishing.  

Light and comfortable, Matka silk can be worn effortlessly for any occasion or time!

 Matka Saree with Embroidered Blouse

Matka silk sarees online

For Indian women in USA who love their traditional silk, Pure Elegance is a one-stop solution. We strive to bring exquisite design in silk sarees, dresses, designer blouses, suits and jewelry to you online.

Buying silk online can be a risky investment, with so many replica fabrics available it can be a waste of money. If you are apprehensive about shopping sarees online and quality is your foremost priority, then we are here for you! Indulge yourself in a range of beautiful colors, different hues, printed designs and classic Matka sarees online at Pure Elegance. Traditional and designer Matka sarees with Banarasi silk, jute, linen, paithani, zari and satin borders; floral prints, checkered and striped patterns, tie and dye; you name we have it. The designs will elate all your senses with our online saree collection!

 Matka Banarasi Saree With Off-Shoulder Lucknowi Chicken Blouse

Fashion and Matka sarees

Though the versatility of Matka silk makes it suitable for any ethnic silhouette, it is saree that outshines all. When we talk about fashion, Bollywood comes first to our mind, right!. Our style inspirations rest blindly on what Bollywood actresses bring to the fashion platter. Albeit silk sarees of any kind are not fashion bound, they are evergreen and timeless no matter what trend brings in.  Some of the actresses who embrace saree like no one include Rekha for her ever gold and graceful style, Dimple Kapadia for her glamorous saree style, Vidya Balan for daring to be in saree everywhere and Mini Mathur who always adds a new element to her saree look. Pure elegance caters to all your style needs and brings exclusive Matka sarees online.

Sustainable clothing is a word creating waves in the fashion industry everywhere; designers are laying a lot of emphasis on bringing this vision to the forefront. Matka silk does absolute justice to this concept as it is biodegradable. In every way, this silk is fashion forward and environment-friendly!

 Matka Saree With Banarasi Blouse

Matka sarees for all occasions

A little experimentation never killed anyone! To add some zing to your saree style you can try different blouse styles, depending on the occasion you plan to attend. Yes, a well fitted and designed blouse does all the tricks. Pure Elegance brings stylish designer blouses online which are tailored to the T.

Not all types of silk sarees make a fit for every occasion, Matka sarees due to their versatility can be styled for any occasion. Be it casual dining, a family function, kitty party, marriage or festivals, these sarees make you a standout every time. If you are going to a kitty party, wear a plain Matka Silk Saree and pair with a flared sleeved blouse for a casual yet fashionable statement. Sweep everyone off their feet at a marriage with our Half Jute –Half Matka Saree paired with an embroidered sleeve blouse and statement earrings.

A traditional look for festivals is absolutely eye-catching; pair our Red Matka Silk Saree with a black Banarasi silk blouse, don’t forget to add a bindi to round off your look. These sarees also make a great choice for a casual dining with your family; choose a striped Matka saree and pair with a boxy blouse to amp up your dining style.

A style for every occasion, a design for every taste; this drape of tradition is a delight for every woman.

Make these sarees a wardrobe staple by shopping Matka silk sarees online at Pure Elegance.