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Kanjivaram Sarees

India is a country that comes with a vast and culturally rich fashion industry. Deeply rooted in its culture and history, almost each region in India has its own distinct style, be it a particular fabric, pattern designs or the kind of work the garments carry. Our ethnic clothing store in USA, Pure Elegance, strives to bring to you Indian wear from all parts of the country. We work towards putting on board a collection that is culturally diverse, modish and of premium quality. Whether it's a simple anarkali suit you're looking to buy for the upcoming puja or an ornate saree for your next dinner party, we aim to be a one-stop-shop when you are looking to buy Indian wear online in USA.


When it comes to saris, one of the most popular types is the ever-so-classic Kanchipuram saree. Made in the Kanchipuram region in the state of Tamil Nadu in India, these ravishing woven sarees are also known as Kanjivaram sarees. They are often referred to as South India's answer to the equally lovely Banarasi sarees. There's a royal charm that Kanchipuram saris effortlessly possess and it's one of the several reasons that makes them so loved.


As per Hindu Mythology, Sage Markanda, a master weaver of Gods who is believed to have woven tissue fabric from lotus fiber. Kanchi silk weavers are his descendants. Silk was a favorite or preferred fabric by Lord Vishnu.

Kanchipuram sarees are woven from pure mulberry silk threads. The mulberry silk in the saree comes from South India and the zari used for creating beautiful borders and designs comes from Gujarat. A unique feature of Kanjivaram silk saree is that the body and the border of the saree are not woven together but interlocked later by the weavers. This joint is known to be extremely strong and a feature that sets Kanchipuram silk saris apart from other ones and one of the ways to identify a Kanjeevaram silk saree.

Kanchipuram saris are incredibly light by weight because of the high quality of silk used. depending on the amount of work on them. Kanjivaram sarees with zari work are often used for big celebratory occasions. Most South Indian brides adorn Kanchipuram silk saris with extensive gold zari work.

In the recent times, Indian designer Gaurang Shah also known as a master of weaves has created some spectacular designs and fine woven Kanjeevaram sarees bringing more glory to its beautiful craftsmanship!


The variety of Kanjeevaram sarees is beyond our imagination. The vast heterogeneity in the styles, designs, and patterns is absolutely mind boggling. Kanjeevaram silk sarees can be classified on the basis of different designs, colors, and patterns! Pure Elegance brings Kanjivaram sarees online in every possible style and design you can dream of from India!

1. Classic gold and red Kanchipuram saree: A plain, gold and red Kanchipuram silk saree is a must-have in every Indian woman's wardrobe. Incredibly versatile; it can be worn on several occasions based on how one styles it. This saree has high shine and opulence with gold and red color palette. What more? It's an evergreen saree that is sure to never go out of style.

Classic Gold and Red Kanjivaram Silk Saree
2. Multicolored Kanjeevaram sari: A multicolored Kanjeevaram silk saree is a vibrant canvas of striking colors combined to create a spectacular saree. The saree is available with or without zari designs.

Multicolored Kanjeevaram Saree
3. Kanjeevaram saris with zari: The design that comes first to our mind when we think of a Kanjivaram saree is luxurious zari work.  The zari work on a kanjeevaram saree is done with silver or gold threads. It adds that opulence to the saree it is known for!

Kanjivaram Saree with Zari
4. Kanjeevaram Sarees with border: One of the key designs of Kanjivaram saris are their elaborate borders which make them one of a kind. The border designs can be plain or intricate with flower bel, bird or animal motifs. The saree is beautifully decorated with heavy zari borders which give them a celebratory touch.

Kanjeevaram Saree with Border
5. Kanjivaram saris without border: Yes, there are Kanjeevrams without borders! This saree looks relatively simple but is a stunning variation of traditional Kanjivaram silk saree. The saree many be plain or decorated with buta designs.

Kanjeevaram Sari without Border

6. Kanchipuram sarees with buta or motifs designs: Buta adds a beautiful and intricate detail to a Kanjivaram saree. The buta are usually created with zari threads and the designs can be simple or heavy including floral buta, paisley, instruments or leaf; the designs are eye-catching and so is the saree!

Kanjivaram Silk Saree with Zari Buta
7. Kanjeevaram silk saree with embroidery: The embroideries on Kanjeevaram saree make it a choice for brides. They can be zardozi, dabka, sequins or pearl embroideries which make the saree design grand!
8. Simple woven Kanjeevaram sarees: You heard you us right! There are Kanjivaram sarees which are simple and can be worn casually. They are woven sarees with stylish designs and without zari work or embroideries.

Simple woven Kanjeevaram Saree
9. Kanjeevaram sari with double patterns: These types of sarees have double patterns in their design and look absolutely ravishing. The seamless blending of different patterns shows the amount of creativity and fine craftsmanship that goes into creating such designs. They have opened a new realm in the world of Kanjivaram sari designs!

Kanchipuram Sari with Double Pattern
10. Kanjeevaram saree with ikkat design: These sarees are decorated with stunning and colorful ikkat designs on border and pallu. The design is unique and is a stand out amongst other sarees!

Kanjivaram Sari with Ikkat Border
11. Kanjivaram sari with checker design: A popular design or pattern which is seen in Kanjeevaram saree is a checker design.  The saree has an overall checker patterns with or without a zari border which makes it extraordinary!

Black Kanjeevaram Saree with Checker Pattern



The richness of a Kanjivaram silk saree makes it an ultimate choice for weddings and festive occasions. But with new designs and a little styling, we can make it a pick for various occasions. Our stunning collection of Kanchipuram sarees online knows what an occasion needs!

Kanchipuram saree for festivals: A simple orange Kanchipuram saree is a great pick for pujas and ethnic festivals.

Orange Kanjeevam Sari for Puja and Festivals

Go for our white and red Kanjivaram saree with zari border on festivals like Durga Puja, wear some bangles and traditional gold jewelry. Finish off with a round bindi, you are to take on the festival with your ethnic look!

White and Red Kanjeevaram Saree for Durga Puja

Kanchipuram saree for family get-togethers: A plain pink one with a floral pattern on the pallu works well for family get-togethers and celebratory occasions when you want to keep it simple, yet festive. For casual dinners pick our purple and green plain Kanchipuram saree, make it stylish with silver earrings and a wrist watch!

Purple and Green Kanjivaram Saree for Get-Togethers

Kanjeevaram saree for engagement: It is your engagement and you plan to wear a saree, well a Kanjivaram silk saree is a stunning pick for your special day. Choose our rich pink Kanjivaram sari with a stylish zari border design. Wear your hair down and put on traditional jhumka earrings, finish off your look with soft makeup and some bangles. You soft and striking look will leave everyone awestruck!

Pink Kanjeevaram Saree for Engagement

Kanjeevaram silk saree for wedding and receptions: Kanchipuram silk sarees with heavy golden patterns and designs are popular and fabulous picks for Indian weddings and receptions. Wear them with traditional jewelry and carry a potli bag for rounding off your rich ethnic style!

Purple Kanchipuram Silk Saree for Wedding and Reception

Kanjeevaram saree for bride: A bride in a South Indian Kanjivaram sari is a vision to behold! The rich woven saree with a fantastic palette of vibrant colors add every bit of spark to a bride’s look. For a Kerala Bride, our simple white and gold Kanchipuram sari online is a perfect pick for her wedding day. Wear with traditional South Indian jewelry and put gajra in your hair and a simplistically ethnic bridal look is ready!

White and Gold Kanjeevaram Saree for Kerala Bride

Let that bridal radiance stand out with our exquisite pink and golden Kanjivaram silk saree! If you are a bride from Tamil Nadu, wear this beautiful saree will make your bridal look absolutely mesmerizing.

Heavy Pink Kanchipuram Silk Saree for Tamilian Bride



Look up to Bollywood actresses for taking some style tips on how to wear your Kanjeevaram silk sarees! The yesteryear legendary actress Rekha is hands down the first name the strikes our minds thinking of a regal gold Kanchipuram saree. It is her signature style and she keeps her style always on point with traditional South Indian jewelry, bangles, gajra, a potli bag and of course a red lip shade. It is a style that defines her perfectly.

Kiran Kher is another veteran actress who makes a Kanjivaram sari a stunning vision. She wears her sarees with heavy kundan polki or jadau jewelry with a statement hair bun and gajra.

Vidya Balan is the name from the present generation who takes stride in her elegant Kanjivaram sari. She usually keeps her jewelry minimal by wearing either heavy earrings or a heavy necklace and her makeup is often soft and radiant.

Pure Elegance brings designer Kanjeevaram sarees online to make your style as close to your favorite Bollywood diva as possible!


Kanjeevaram sarees are a legacy and not just an ordinary drape! The Kanchipuram sarees need special care and attention when it comes to their maintenance. The sarees are expensive and can last long if few things are taken care off.

  • Kanjeevaram saris should be dry cleaned only.
  • For washing at home, use cold water only and by no chance use hot water or washing machine.
  • Wash the sarees using a protein shampoo or mild detergents. Using a drop of conditioner can help to maintain the shine of the sarees for long.
  • Do not use a brush as it will take out the threads of the fine zari work on the saree.
  • Do not wring or twist the sarees to squeeze out the water as it can lose its shine.
  • Do not dry the sarees in the direct sunlight, always leave to dry out in shade.
  • For stain removal, the best way is to give them for dry cleaning.
  • Iron the sarees on low heat or as per setting for silk on the iron.
  • The sarees must be kept in a muslin cloth while storing.
  • Store in dark place to avoid color fading.
  • For hanging the sarees in wardrobe use a hangar and keep changing the folds frequently.


When you shop for Kanjivaram silk sarees online in USA, the aisles of Pure Elegance are just where you should be at. From lovely simple sarees to ones that are adorned with intricate patterns and designs - we have it all. Sarees with traditional golden butas are widely popular and at Pure Elegance, we've put together a gorgeous collection of them. Paisley designs too, are classic and equally popular on Kanchipuram sarees. Loving the wide variety? Well, we're just getting started!

Checked Kanjivaram sarees beautifully blend ethnic aesthetics with contemporary design pops. Simple, yet striking, they always make for an eye-catching look. In a fix about what to wear? Look no further than a floral Kanjivaram saree for it's a versatile and an error-free choice. Plain half and half Kanjivaram saris and color-block Kanchipuram sarees have bold and beautiful vibes. The presence of vivid colors makes up for the absence of butas and patterns. Such Kanchipuram saris are stellar choices for ethnic Indian party wear.

Kanchipuram saris are known to play wonderfully well with colors. Vibrant shades and regal rich hues are commonly seen on these saris from the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. When you stop by at our ethnic clothing store to buy Kanchipuram saris online in USA, be prepared to meet with a color palette that will take your breath away. 

When you shop for Kanjivaram silk sarees online at Pure Elegance, we not only ensure we bring to you a fleet that ticks all the right styles boxes but also work towards keeping the order and shipping process smooth, easy and timely. So hold on to those mouses and keep the fingers ready for this one's going to be a delightful shopping experience that's going to make you fill up your carts faster than ever!