Tussar Silk Sarees

Wonderfully vast, Indian clothing and fashion is a sea of beauty that oozes grace, charm, and gorgeousness. Flattering silhouettes meet dreamy drapes and gorgeous color combinations to form a garment hard to take your eyes off from. A high level of craftsmanship goes into crafting each Indian wear piece that results from intense labor and sweat, inspired by hundreds of years of history and culture.

When it comes to ethnic Indian wear, the options one has are plenty, with each garment being as beautiful as the previous and next one. From suits that blend functionality with style to lehenga cholis that twirl with a mesmerizing fluidity - there's a wide fleet to stock your wardrobe from.

Another super popular garment of the Indian clothing is the ever-so-loved saree. The nine-yard beauties are an integral part of ethnic fashion. With several regions having their own take on this beautiful garment, sarees come in very many designs and styles are sure to cater to every style palette. Especially, modern silk sarees are adored by Indian women, they love to collect and preserve different kinds of silk saris which they cherish like a legacy. Though the variety of silk in India is beyond one’s imagination, one such evergreen and most loved silk saree is a Tussar silk saree. Made from fine and luxurious Tussar silk these sarees take the grace of an Indian woman to a different level. Tussar sarees are one such style of modern silk sarees loved by women across the globe. Exuding royal and sophisticated vibes, it’s not hard to see why they're a staple in Indian women's wardrobes. Pure Elegance is proud to present a range of divine pure Tussar silk sarees online which will leave you in its awe!


Also known as Tussur, Tussah, Tushar, Tassar, Tuser, Tusser and Kosa silk, the tussar silk fabric has a rich and regal texture and a natural deep gold hue. The fabric has a textured appeal and is made of short threads which make it less durable than Mulberry Silk. To produce this lovely fabric, the larvae of many silkworms from the Antherraea moth genus are taken. With wild forests as their homes, these silkworms eat plants like oak and jamun. 

Tussar silk is extremely popular in India with the country being the second largest producer of it. The tussar silk produced in India is also known as Indian tussar or Tropical tussar. Tussar silk from Bhagalpur (also known as Bhagalpuri silk) is one of the most popular Indian tussar silks. In fact, the weaving industry for tussar silk in this area is more than a century old with over 24,000 handlooms in the area. In recent years, Jharkhand has taken the spot of the biggest producer of tussar silk in India. West Bengal Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh too, produce tussar silk in India. Tussar silk is extensively used to make modern silk sarees all across India.

Kosa silk is another variety of Tussar silk from Chattisgarh made from Antheraea mylitta, a silk worm. It is famous for its soft feel and purity and the fabric is sturdy. Kosa silk saree is a very popular form of garment made from this variety silk.


Tussar silk sarees are highly preferred by Indian women across the globe because of their resplendent nature. Created with finesse from Tussar silk, these sarees are worth every penny! They are available in a myriad of stunning designs, from simple tussar sarees to embroidered tussar silk saris to printed tussar silk sarees, the styles are versatile and suitable for various occasions. Since the fabric of the saree is porous in nature, this makes them a comfortable drape for summers.

Simple Tussar Sarees

The most adored style of Tussar sarees is a simple tussar silk saree! Simple tussar sarees are popular picks for Indian women and a staple in most ethnic clothing closets. The tussar silk fabric in itself is hugely rich that more often than not, women love to flaunt it without any added bling or very minimal of it. Not only does it show off the fabric in the best way possible, it also keeps the garment light and versatile, making it open to any kind of styling.

Purple Simple Tussar Silk Saree

Embroidered Tussar Silk Saris

For a celebratory touch and more festive appeal, embroidered tussar sarees are a perfect pick! Tussar silk sarees decorated with alluring thread work embroideries can elevate a simple ethnic look.  Tussar sarees with kantha work are one of the most popular kinds of embroidered tussar saris which are a perfect blend of rich silk and exquisite regional embroidery from India. Tussar sarees with zari border are also another type of decorative variety which look equally elegant on festive occasions. They are a must-have for your ethnic wardrobe when you don’t want to overdo yet make a beautiful ethnic statement!

Beige Embroidered Tussar Silk Saree

Printed Tussar Silk Sarees

Keep it elegant and classy with gorgeous printed tussar sarees. An absolutely versatile and wearable style of tussar sari, perfect to bring a touch of art to your Indian style! Tussar sarees with colorful Kalamkari prints look absolutely divine; keep your accessories minimal to let your beautiful saree do all the talking.

Black Kalamkari Print Tussar Saree


Bring galore of charm to your Indian ethnic look with classy and timeless Tussar silk saris. Style them perfectly to make everyone heads turn on every occasion!

Tussar silk sarees for festivals and puja: Choose a red and green plain tussar silk sari for a puja or a religious festive occasion. Top it with a classic bun and accentuate the look with simple gold earrings and bangles and you've got yourself a simple, traditional look you just cannot err in.

Red and green Tussar Silk Sari

Tussar silk saris for party: A simple purple tussar silk sari paired with a statement zircon stone necklace makes for the perfect party-wear look while a red tussar silk saree topped with traditional golden jewelry makes for a timeless ethnic look.

Purple Tussar Silk Saree

For get-togethers and family dinners, nothing works better than a beige embroidered tussar silk saree that's sure to charm anyone who lays their eyes on you. Finish your look with side-swept hair, stud earrings and minimal accessories. 

Beige Embroidered Tussar Saree

Tussar silk saree for wedding: Opt for a blue designer Banarasi tussar silk saree for when the wedding season rolls around and make sure to team it with statement kundan jewelry and open hair with loose curls. Put on a matching pair of golden heels and you're good to go with a ravishing look.

Blue Banarasi Tussar Silk Saree

For days when you want to keep it simple, go easy on the jewelry and opt for something simple like two bangles on either hand and that should do the trick with ease. 


Since Tussar silk is a less durable fabric, it is important to take extra care of Tussar silk sarees, so they last longer.

  • To keep your tussar sarees crisp and clean, it is best to get them dry clean.
  • The fabric of tussar saris must breathe, hence one should not wrap them in a plastic bag instead wrap them in a muslin cloth or keep in a muslin bag.
  • For hand washing Tussar sarees, use only cold water and wash with mild detergent or liquid.
  • Dry the sarees in the shade as the sun can fade away the color of saree.
  • Do not use chemical bleach to clean stains, always dry clean.
  • Always iron Tussar sarees on medium heat or as per the setting for silk.
  • Keep changing the folds of the saree, once in a while or once in a month.

These simple tips can help preserve the shine and luster of your Tussar sarees for a longer time.

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