Chiffon Sarees

A class of its own – Chiffon Saree

Delicate, chic, sophisticated, cool and breezy, well Chiffon definitely has a class of its own! This fabric is a summer favorite due to its lightweight and sheer effect. Chiffon is used to make gowns, dresses, overlays, scarves, blouses, lingerie and a variety of other silhouettes. Chiffon carries an effortless and feminine vibe with it, which adds a subtle glam to a woman’s verve. It is a luxurious fabric for people with taste and class. Talking of Indian fashion, Chiffon sarees are a massive hit with women. The wavy and soft look of an Indian chiffon saree makes a woman a pure vision!

History and characteristics of chiffon saree

During the early days, chiffon was only made of pure silk. New varieties evolved with invention; Nylon chiffon came in 1938 and in 1958 polyester chiffon came into being. Polyester chiffon gained popularity because of its flexibility and low-price.

Chiffon is a woven fabric with alternate S- and Z-twist yarns. These are high twists yarns which make the fabric stretchable and faintly rough in feel. The fabric parallels to a fine net or a mesh if observed under a magnifying glass.

It has a sheer, lightweight and slippery texture. While tailoring, chiffon is carefully worked with, due to its delicate and slippery nature. Chiffon is similar to Georgette but is more lustrous and smooth. The fabric is gently hand washed due to its fragile characteristic. It also frays easily due to its lightweight; hence French seams are used to keep chiffon away from fraying.  

Premium chiffon sarees at Pure Elegance

A pure chiffon saree is made of silk. A chiffon silk saree is absolutely alluring due to that scintillating effect of silk fibers. The synthetic chiffon sarees are made of nylon or polyester fibers which are inexpensive as compared to chiffon silk sarees.

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Style and Chiffon sarees

Across the globe, Chiffon is used religiously by designer houses to create luxurious silhouettes. Fashion weeks witness a high influx of chiffon outfits which define splendor and class at a different level. For red carpet fashion also, celebrities adorned in elegant chiffon gowns make an attractive statement.

Back home in India, our chiffon sarees are a stunner! Though in India the trend of evening gowns has already penetrated the fashion industry, nothing comes near to our beloved Indian saree. Talking of chiffon sarees, they are deeply connected with Bollywood. Yash Chopra was known for projecting his actresses in the most divine and surreal style in chiffon sarees amidst the spectacular scenery of Switzerland. Actresses including Rekha, Sridevi, Juhi Chawla, Madhuri Dixit have been his saree muse.

Indian chiffon sarees are absolutely classy and versatile. For women who can’t compromise on their sophisticated style, no matter what the occasion is, chiffon saris are a great choice! Chiffon saris are more summer appropriate due to their light and sheer look. Being flexible, chiffon sarees give a well-sculpted look to your body.

For a professional woman, a plain chiffon sari with an understated contrasting blouse makes an appropriate work wear. A floral print chiffon saree paired with a plain sleeveless blouse is a comfortable style for a summer brunch with friends.

The fluidity of a chiffon silk saree looks stunningly striking for a cocktail party. Choose a sari with scalloped lace or trimmings and pair with a halter neck blouse. Grab an embellished clutch and you are ready to make a statement at any cocktail or an intimate party!

Wear chiffon saree to a summer wedding because no other fabric can be so light and stylish at the same time. For every minimal style lover, chiffon sari is a friend!  Pair that delicately embroidered chiffon silk saree with a designer blouse. Get ready to make some eyes pop!

A striped chiffon saree is for every vibrant woman. Channelize your inner style by pairing it with a Kutchi blouse and silver earrings. This is a seamless blend of culture and color.

For free-spirited, classy yet traditional women a chiffon silk saree will always be a winner.

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