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How Fashion Can Empower Women

Women are strong and independent, that's obvious, especially in this day and age. But some of us need something that will help us realize and demonstrate that to the world.   There's one thing that can do that job perfectly. Fashion. Clothes aren't here just to keep you warm or decent. Fashion helps us be more confident, unique, and self-sufficient. It also presents a doorway to the world's trends, no matter where you're living. So, if you want to empower yourself as a woman, let me show you how fashion can do that for you. Fashion can show your personality Your style tells a lot about you. If you wear a formal outfit, people will consider you as a serious...

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Remembering those who nurtured us when our mother couldn't be there.

It is said that in the moment a child is born, a mother is also born. Before the child comes into being, she exists as a woman. With the birth of her child she assumes a new role – that of the mother... But it is also true that to raise that child it takes an entire village...let us also remember and be grateful for all those people who were mothers to us in moments and places where our own mothers could not be with us.  

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10 Hollywood Celebrities Slaying in Indian Ethnic Wear

India, the land of diverse cultures and rich heritage offers women all throughout a wide array of clothing ensembles to try and experiment with. From vibrant and embellished lehengas to detailed saris, opulent salwar kameez to fancy anarkali suits et al, read more about Hollywood celebrities donning Indian ethnic wear.

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Meet the Women Leaders Breaking the Stereotype, One at a Time

While penning this down on the occasion of Women’s Day, I often feel in a dilemma. The dilemma that makes a transition from a damsel in distress to an empowered evolved woman with a mind of her own in the present era. Read more to know about the revolutionary and most powerful women in the world.

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