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Fusion Designer Saree- A Quirky Twist to Indian Saree

For all the saree lovers, here comes a style which will elevate your glam quotient to next level. Yes, we are talking about fusion saree, a fashion trend which is a quirky twist to our traditional saree. Though sarees are not subject to trends, but the reinvented fusion saree has brought a unique touch to the elegant Indian saris for women. It is modern, edgy, young yet ethnic in appeal with an interesting change of drape. There are many ways in which sarees can be draped, for instance, we have traditional sari drapes from different states of India, and then there are new-age fusion sarees which have a more modern and youthful look. A fusion saree can be one with a modern-cut blouse, it can be a saree with a belted waist, it can be a dhoti drape saree or any unconventional drape which makes it unique and stylish. Fusion designer sarees have totally changed the scene of traditional sarees and has made sari more acceptable amongst the youth.YELLOW DESIGNER SAREE

Bring a quirky touch to your Indian look like this stunning young girl, who looks a vision of style in a fusion designer sari. The yellow color embroidered saree is draped in dhoti style over leggings instead of a usual underskirt, giving the whole style a more slender and attractive appeal. Further, the cutwork border is adding a spark to the plain sari. A matching black embroidered blouse is taking the whole saree look up a notch. The girl is carrying the saree with absolute panache and has made this look funky with a pair of sunglasses and hoop earrings. An absolutely feminine, chic and unique way of draping a saree perfect to make you a stunner at parties, daytime weddings and any event where you want your sartorial choices to stand out. This outfit can be your elegant fusion saree or a stylish Indowestern dress for any occasion.


Fusion Sarees are a new face of Indian saris, if you love experimenting with different styles and looks then you must try different drapes of sarees. For every modern Indian woman, fusion saris are a way to reflect their love for fashion and style. If you are on a lookout for such designer sarees in USA, then look no further than exclusive Indian clothing store, Pure Elegance. We have an exquisitely curated collection of Indian sarees, designer dresses, Indian clothing and much more under one roof. Come and shop at our store or browse online to have a glimpse of our alluring collection.


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