Geek Chic Redefined with Indian Saree and Nerdy Glasses

The geek fashion has been around for a while now; with nerdy glasses and minimalistic style approach one can really set a fashion statement with this trend! The geek chic term is quite popular with the western fashion where glasses make a chic touch-up to a basic look. While westerners make this fashion look always effortless and crisp in their western ensembles, Indian sarees are no less! It is a unique and classic combination of a traditional sari and chic fashion elements. Saris are the perfect way to redefine geek chic with an Indian touch. For saree wearers, a geeky look is a way to add some quirkiness and fun to their everyday style. Pairing handloom sarees with cat eye glasses or some western fashion accessories like brogues and backpacks can instantly give a nerdy yet fashionable look. One can always play with accessories to add an edge to a geek chic saree look. It is also essential to go minimal on jewelry and makeup while trying a geeky style with saris.

Peach Designer Saree

A woman who wears spectacles on a daily basis, this trend is the best way to keep her style on point! Take some style inspiration from this geeky diva who is slaying her Indian designer saree with absolute ease. The minimalistic sari in peach color is a perfect pick for her geek look and pairing with a sheer saree blouse makes it all the more stylish. The square glasses make a modish add-on to this effortless saree look. A no-jewelry look and minimal makeup make her ready to take on the day with elan. This look is a perfect choice for a brunch with friends, an outing with your partner or running daily errands. Simple yet captivating geek sari look, for women who love to redefine fashion in their own way! You can also opt for handloom cotton sarees and pair with brogues or wear with a shirt style blouse for an edgy geek look.

Peach Designer Saree with Sheer Saree Blouse

It’s time to make your geek look a style statement with traditional Indian sarees. Redefine trends on your own terms in Indian style! For all the Indian fashion lovers in USA, Pure Elegance clothing store in USA brings a splendid range of Indian designer saris, woven sarees, Indian clothing, and much more for an absolutely enchanting Indian style. Visit our fashion store in USA for an exciting shopping experience with us or browse through our website to have a glimpse of our collection and order at the convenience of your home.



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