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8 Best Bollywood Inspired Halloween Looks

Talk about Halloween and chances are that you will stumble upon some of the rogue looks that master the silver screen and have been making rounds time and again with their smashing performances. The scary trick-or-treat festive season dwells upon the dead and remembering the ancestors, all in the mighty spirit. Halloween brings with it many a flavour that will get you hooked and certainly waft the aroma of witchcraft and wizardry.  

Top Bollywood Halloween Costume Ideas

Are you ready to paint the spooky picture of Halloween with our fancy characters? Come and cast your spell this Halloween season:

Mogambo Khush Hua

Image Courtesy: Pintrest

Who doesn’t remember this iconic and magnificent character from the golden hits of Mr. India that brews the villain-like character and gives us great pleasure to take some much-needed inspiration. It ain’t difficult to mimic this great personality but also quite a challenge to portray the bad-guy look perfectly. Donning a doppelganger outfit isn’t sufficing to imitate the legendary Bollywood actor. Suit yourself and slip into the daring yet bewitching role.

Ami Manjulika

Image Courtesy: Rediff

Who doesn’t recall the nerve-wrenching Vidya Balan smitten with a devil and possessed in her spell, and how she breaks the glass ceiling with her exceptional acting skills. Smeared lipstick stains, kohl outspreading her eyes and garishly maintained hair, Vidya rocked her look in the movie Bhul Bhulaiya as Manjulika that quickly escalated to the silver screen and stole our hearts in an instant.

Akshay Kumar

Image Courtesy: FilterCopy

The promising sequel to Robot featuring the polished actors of Bollywood cinema including the likes of Rajnikanth, Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson, we’re quite astounded to see the posters. However, the movie is yet to be released, you can always surprise your friends at the forthcoming Halloween party wearing this interesting Akshay Kumar’s strange and spooky look. Let’s admit it, the carnivore teeth and sapphire hued eyes will capture the eccentricity of Halloween.

The Rockstar

Image Courtesy: Bollywood Reviews

Well, do we need to say more? The guy-next-door look with a guitar in one hand and aggression on face wearing tattered earthy colored shirt with a leather half jacket and funky sling bag. Reminds us of every DU Guy ever, just grow your beard enough because Movember is right here and don’t chop off your gothic hair to achieve Ranbir Kapoor’s perfect Rockstar look.

The Chatterbox Geet

Image Courtesy: The Hauterfly

“Mai apni favorite hun” comes with a fancy look that Geet pulled off with a surmountable charm. Her signature black corset dress with a twirl-worthy red skirt became every girl’s go-to dress for special occasions and Halloween comes, Geet on your mind, anyone? Alia Bhat just recreated the look of her mentor and sister that she calls Kareena and well, we’re already fan girling!


Not your fancy out-of-fairytale kinda princess, she’s just named so but looks quite paradox as her eyes gleam turquoise blue and bleeding scars dominate her face. If you’re a makeup maestro, this look won’t be a challenging feat and all you would need is a simple and old-torn away salwar suits for women to look the part.

80’s Hotness

Image Courtesy: SeenIt

Parveen’s style statement is incomplete without the mention of this iconic look featuring a polka dot knot-down designer saree blouses paired perfectly with a black mini skirt and the nation was oozing sweltering sweat by the time she danced with her co-actor Rishi Kapoor.

Controversial Padamavat

Image Courtesy: Rediff

In the midst of all the hullabaloo and controversies surrounding the beatific Deepika Padukone’s starrer Padmavat, her brilliant performance and foot-tapping Deewani Mastani topped the charts and stole our hearts. We were blown away with her scintillating golden look that comprised of a heavy lehenga and oodles of kilos added in her flared anarkali dress that she twirled in so effortlessly. Of course, you need to add the statement nath and Mughal-inspired cap with a ukulele to complete the star-studded look.


Article By : Ambika Asthana

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