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Remembering Madhubala: Iconic Woman of the Yesteryears

Just a beat to the tunes of the bygone music like “Jab pyar kiya to darna kya” and our goosebumps know one thing, the everlasting beauty of Madhubala and her effervescent aura blooming our hearts with joy. Such was the elegance and surreal persona of the dynamic and magnanimous Madhubala who fought against the odds, maintained peace, serenity and most importantly stayed grounded despite her rich stature. Standing tall in her glorious curvaceous figure line, she slayed with her pretty wavy locks and talking eyes that had depth and emotions. Recalling and remembering this stunning lady today, we will share some of her unseen pictures with all you Madhubala fans!

Naughty & Nice

Definitely one of the most adorable shots of this wonder woman who knows how to pose, act and embrace her inner quirks with such effortless charm. The checkered flannel shirt furthers her fashion quotient that she tucks so neatly in her khaki trouser pants with a statement belt to cinch her waist. Everything about this look is drool-worthy and don’t miss out on her wavy locks romantically falling on her forehead. That expression though steals our hearts naturally, because Madhubala has the ability to make anyone fall in love with her.

Enchanting Diva

Lights, camera and action… there she smiles with her eyes and lets her strong demeanor speak for herself. Dolled up in a solid white chiffon saree with delicate detailed embellished stones on the border, she paired a stunning satin blouse to amplify her look and we are gleaming with ecstasy. Such manoeuvred hairdo and pucker lips to enhance her beauty, Madhubala is indeed a woman of every man’s dreams come true. Just a glance at her pristine beauty and we’re almost falling.

Classic Chic

Timeless and elegant like never before, Madhubala poses for the Life Magazine in her glamourous avatar. Donning a modish crisp white shirt with a pair of smart workwear pants, she was bossing around her home in unfurled wavy locks and au naturale makeup. We love how she seamlessly blend in her outfit with the creaseless covers on the bedding and the effortless pose she does for the shutterbugs almost making our heart beat a lot faster. This unseen picture of this beauty embarked a significant chapter in the golden era. 

Flamboyant Belle

Just a glance at her elegant and royal look shall be enough to transport you into a dreamy state of mind. Her gorgeous stature, stylish demeanour and flattering smile took our breath away. Pink flushed cheeks with rose tinted lips and don’t forget to take notes of her detailed off-shoulder dress that she layered with a sartorial handbag so effortlessly. Advocate of “less is more” theory, Madhubala shines so bright in this cream dress with floral details and off shoulder look to melt her fans away.

Gold Lady

Perhaps one of the most distinguished and rare pictures of this Bollywood sensational shot at her home. Draping a simpleton floral breezy chiffon saree on a sunny summer afternoon to feel the exotic concoction of her beauty. Messy, uncombed wavy hair falling ceaselessly on her kohl-laden eyes and glossy lips, Madhubala stole our heart the moment she smiled and flattered the shutterbugs with her astounding persona.

Royal Highness

Elaborately decked up in a stellar anarkali suit layered with heavily embellished jewelry pieces, Madhubala was a vision in traditional attire during her role at Mughal-E-Azam as a lost lover. Talk about her flamboyant expressions, to breath-taking dance moves and a passion with which she stood apart as a character played so well, Madhubala surely deserves a huge round of applause for her gorgeous looks combined with a natural flair of acting skills.

Skimming over Madhubala’s best looks over the years, her enchanting beauty and exotic aura pleased our souls and we’re sure you’d remember this gorgeous face all the time. Tell us in the comments below which one is your favorite look!

Article By : Ambika Asthana

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