What to wear to a winter Indian wedding: Best Indian Ethnic Outfits for attending a winter wedding 2019


Winter is here. Inevitably, so is the festive season and the holidays. And then there are the winter weddings lining up with you invited as a guest. Crazy schedules and there you go rolling your eyes, thinking what to possibly wear to a winter wedding. After all, it is not the easiest thing in the world to match Indian Ethnic festive wear with suitable warm layers? And even if the option is there… who wants to layer up – when the occasion is all about dressing up ?

At Pure Elegance we have just the look you need for balancing the cool temperatures with your need to sizzle the guest list.

White lehenga: A white lehenga may sound unusual for a winter wedding but just look at the resplendence of Aishwarya Rai’s white lehenga ensemble and you will be tempted to don the look too. The pristine white of the lehenga is beautifully set of by the rich crystal and silver embellishments. No more is wearing white to a wedding festivity a taboo.


Sequin metallic saree: Nothing beats the glamour of a sequin saree in gold. And when it is worn by the ultimate glamour goddess Madhuri Dixit Nene, how can you not desire the look for yourself? A sequin saree in gold or any other muted metallic is ideal wear to a winter Indian wedding.

The metallic color and the sequins add pizzas to your look and turn the heat up even on a cool night. The key to this look is keeping it clean and simple with minimal jewellery and fresh faced make up. Filled in brows, and a bold red lip add the necessary pop of color to this otherwise monochrome Indian Ethnic wear look.

Wine lehenga with poncho top: Sometimes a winter Indian wedding can find you reaching for your warm clothing but too often it takes away from the dressiness of the look. Who wants to layer up in boring woolens when all you want to do is to play dress up and enjoy the party?

Well – take a page from Kriti Sanon’s two recent Indian Ethnic wear looks. This one has her wearing a wine lehenga ensemble with beautifully embroidered poncho style top. So, if you want to raise the temperatures both inside and out, pick a poncho style top with a lehenga to keep your style quotient high in the falling temperatures.

Black bandh gala: Kriti Sanon’s next look is a bit stark but ideal if you want to attend a wedding in winter. The black bandh gala Anarkali is paired well with a floor length sequin skirt. As we said the look is a bit casual, but add a bright embroidered skirt to this with shoulder duster earrings and voila! You are set to look cool while you stay warm.

Embroidered saree with matching wrap: Katrina Kaif is a stunner on and off screen and this is no secret. Just look at her in this beautifully detailed peach saree with a matching wrap. Just the look when you really want to beat the evening chill without compromising on your style quotient.

You can opt for this look on a slightly chilly evening and choose to drape the wrap or remove it depending on your comfort. Either way your wedding look will not suffer. This Indian Ethnic styling is both classy and comfy – Just what you need for a winter Indian wedding.

So, this winter, when you are invited to a winter wedding there is no need to sweat. Just keep your cool and look hot with these warm ensembles that keep you looking dressy and decked up.



 Images Courtesy- Pintrest

Article By : Bhavna R

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