How to Choose a Perfect Saree for your Body Type?

Sarees are one of the most sartorial ethnic ensembles that every Indian lady loves to drape for special occasions like festivals, weddings, and fancy events. The elegant nine yards of beauty accompanied with a wide range of fabric aesthetics like silk, chiffon, georgette, cotton, tussar etc. along with the attractive designer prints and an array of colors to choose from, you can totally experiment with the signature ethnic look and up your glam effortlessly. Just add a touch of the personalized look by donning those kohl rimmed eyes, bindi, slide away that red lipper and flaunt your Indian look in the best possible way.

How To Choose The Perfect Saree According To Your Body Type

Here are some of the tips for all your ladies out there who love to dress up in sarees and get things done.

Pear Shaped Body

You have the perfect Indian figure with a heavy bottom and curvaceous figure. You must always stick to linens and georgettes for they are easy, effortless and breathable fabrics which shall create a balance of your upper and lower halves. Mermaid or lehenga sarees will prove to be disastrous for you, so stay away from these and embrace seedha pallu or front pallu look to accentuate your graceful look. Look out for bold bright and abstract designs with cascading border, heavy embroidery and delicate prints. Benarsi silk sarees with long sleeve blouses will look equally elegant on your body type. 

Apple Shaped Body

A majority of women are blessed with voluptuous curves which implies that a woman is heavier on her upper part. Her breasts and waist are not in proportion to the lower half which might create difference while draping saree for functions. You should go for heavy embroidery work, big and bold prints, opt for heavy statement sarees and drape them a little higher. Women in their mid age generally face this kind of figure and are quite a common phenomenon for Indian women. You can try a plethora of saree drapes like ulta pallu or double pallu or even go unconventional with contrasting designer saree blouses that will exude dramatic appeal to your look. Let them turn heads as you gracefully put the spring in your step and go avant garde with edgy and bold ensembles. Also, try to go for long blouses to distract people from your problem areas and instead bring their focus to your ethereal beauty. Silk sarees are your best friends, so get your hands on them and flaunt your signature silk with a twist.

Overweight Women

Women who are a bit on the heavier side often face a lot of problem adjusting to the social norms and keep comparing themselves. However, let us first remind you that you’re beautiful just the way you’re and no matter what your shape or size is, true beauty beholds in the soul, not in the looks. So, focus on positivity and channel your inner Adele as you wisely pick up silhouettes that shall compliment you. Go for chiffon, silk and handloom sarees that will accentuate your curves and won’t make you look blasé. Dark colors will look great on you when accompanied with long sleeve blouses that will help make you look suave and poise. Take inspiration from the Bollywood queen Vidya Balan who slays her saree look every time or take cues from Aishwarya’s stellar appearance at the Cannes 2012.

Voluptuous Women

You are the most sumptuous woman since your hourglass figure is what every lady aspires for. You are blessed with wonderful curves, so why not flaunt them? Do that right and do that gracefully with chiffons and georgettes as they will help accentuate your curves. You can go for minimal brocade and beadwork with underlying prints covering the entire length and breadth of the nine yards. Go for dark colors and always make up for a good fall. Opt for designer fuller long sleeve blouses for that oomph factor and that will instantly make you feel slimmer and sexier.

Tall and Slim Body

For women with a slim waist and tall stature, you’re lucky enough to flaunt a zillion style effortlessly. Embrace cotton, raw silk, tussar, georgette, chiffon, linen with equal ease and you shoud go for big and bold prints to attract more eyeballs on your overall persona rather than making you appear skinny and super slim. Sarees with broad borders and sheet net silhouette with lacework and embellishments is also an ideal choice.

Petite Body

A majority of Indian women are short and slim, so be very careful while choosing a perfect pair of saree for yourself. Create an apparition of length by going for vertical prints and go for thin border with plain saree. Avoid big and loud prints that for will only make you appear shorter. Heavy cotton sarees, heavy silk and designer sarees will work perfectly on your body type and compliment your personality by making you look fuller and taller. Pastels will work really well, and you can further try organza sarees, lehenga style drape sarees, tissue and tussar sarees.

Quick Tips To Keep In Mind

  • While draping your saree, be very careful about your pleats. They must be created neatly and tucked in properly. Always wear your heels before draping the saree. This way, your saree will never go out of place and shall always stay organized throughout.
  • Make sure you iron your saree before wearing. Women don’t do this, and they turn up looking terrible because it creates an ill impression.

  • Your accessories define the woman you are. So, while selecting that perfect jewelry, clutch, heels to pair with the saree, make sure it’s on point for it can make or break your look.
  • Go for light colors or pastel shades in saree when heading for a daytime event.Keep your saree minimal with embroidery, look for lace work or more feminine look. At night, you can easily don dark and heavily embellished hues.
  • Follow a simple rule when choosing the perfect blouse. Go for light colors with heavily embellished designer sarees and vice versa.
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