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How To Look Slim in a Saree?

The traditional Indian signature women ethnic outfit is a saree and while there are women who love to drape sarees every day, there are some who keep it for special occasions. But we bet, every Indian woman has a treasure trove of sarees and there is one special sari that she has the fond memories with. Seamlessly elegant, spectacular designs and flattering figure, a sari can bring back a thousand happy memories and also make you look great in an instant.

How To Wear Saree to Look Slim

However, picking a saree that perfectly complements your body types and suits your shape is very important. Here are some of the essential tricks that can help you look slim and tall in a saree.


When it comes to saree, everything that is evergreen and goes throughout the season is indeed a match made in heaven. However, opting for chiffon, georgette and crepe silk works best for those with a dollop of midriff bulk. The beauty of these soft and creaseless fabrics allows you to manoeuvre dainty pleats without causing much bulk on your midriff area. Also, while pleating the pallu, it falls so light on your shoulder that it gives an illusion of a taller and slimmer shape.

What to avoid- Steer clear from heavier fabrics like banarsi silk, kanjeevaram silk or cotton. They will only accentuate your bulging belly fat.

Color Case

Considering the weather and favorites, women with protruding belly fat should invest in brighter dark shades. Dark hues have a potential to make you look slim, tall and younger. Black is a universal favorite for a reason, ladies and we bet you can’t go wrong with opaque colors. Dark colored cotton, silk sarees will surely complement your body type and distract you from the problem areas.

What to avoid: Pastels and lighter colors, a straight no-no. However, you can go for ombre shades preferably with a darker shade.

Border Bae

The finest beauty of any saree irrevocably enhances through its beautiful borders. Embroidered or handwoven, applique or printed, they all look lovely in their own sweet ways. However, opting for a saree with a lean and clean thin border is the trick to follow. Broad and fuller borders can make you look plump and bulky.

What to avoid: Broad and bigger borders, no nada, nope

Design Matters

No matter how beautiful a saree looks with garish eye-catching bold prints, ditch them. Always go for the small and elongated prints that will always distract the attention from problem areas and help you look slim and tall. Smaller prints all-over the saree will not only enhance your body shape but also lend an elegant touch to your personality.

What to avoid: Bold and huge prints on opaque sarees.

Drape it Right

What if you have selected a perfect saree that totally suits your frame and makes you look nothing less than a diva, there’s still a bit of work left to give you a gorgeous makeover. The way you drape nine yards of Indian beauty makes all the difference. Here are some of the saree drapes you should try, approved by our chief designer!

Loose Pallu Drape

Basic and graceful, the loose pallu drape is an eternal form of saree drape that our mothers, and relatives often carry around with panache. Keep your pallu open and do not pin it on the shoulder, leave it easy while holding the fall on your hand for a feminine look. Such kind of pallu drape will conceal your bulging fat and put forth a professional yet elegant persona.

Mermaid Drape

Yet another unique way of creating a fun illusion of slim and curvaceous figure is to embrace the mermaid drape. The one quite popular amongst the celebrities is indeed very chic, fashionable and soft. All you need to do is to create pleats and tuck them on the sides and the back instead of making them fall in the front. This way, your upper torso and the hips are in safe zone. Also, the pallu that goes diagonally must be worn additionally so that the extra part may fall in the front. This is generally done by stitching an extra stretch of fabric to the saree.

Front Loop Drape

Often times, women who admired Maharanis usually try this drape style which is flamboyant, elite and quite coquettish. The length of the pallu certainly matters here for you need at least two metres of extra saree fabric to wear this drape. The pallu is worn as a crisscross pattern falling from the back and then draping it in the cowl U-Shape form for a feminine elegant look. This may look shabby with heavier and rich sarees, hence, chanderi or tissue with gossamer light finish silhouette will work well for this.

Rajrani Style

Here’s what the eloquent princesses wore back in the royal times. The easy-to-do Gujarati style pallu falls in the front. It can be left loose or tucked across on the left side of the waist. This helps your upper body to look in synergy with the lower part. Also, ensure that the fabric is not too loaded with embroidery or else the purpose of this drape is defeated.

Double Pallu Drape

Ever since our fashionista Sonam Kapoor has tried and tested this optical illusion way of draping her saree using double pallu, modern women are largely trying this trend and embracing their curves like never before. Wear your saree in a regular way and just layer another complementing dupatta or drape on the other side of the shoulder letting it fall loose, you may tuck it from the back on the other side for a better fit and flow. This will surely give an illusion as the lower torso is divided into three parts which will enhance your curves in a better way.

The Jacket Drape

For professional and working women, this hack will come easy and help you sort your saree woes effortlessly. Just don’t drop down your saree pallu, instead wear a well-fitting jacket or blazer, whichever looks smarter and suave. Now, roll your pallu around your neck and style it as a cool scarf hanging around smartly. This is one of the best ways to let you look slimmer and taller.

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Article By : Ambika Asthana

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    There is no other garment which can be draped in as many styles as the saree and with each style comes a look that is unique. It’s an incredibly flexible piece of clothing that you can style however you want.
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