How to Nail Ethnic Wear at a Job Interview?

Applying and searching for a perfect job takes weeks, months and sometimes years. The process is extremely taxing and leaves any professional candidate in a state of complex. While women have an array of formal dresses to rock their job interview, Indian traditional dresses reflect the deep-rooted values and enhance the true patriot in any Indian woman. Therefore, settling for an Indian ethnic dress for your most important interview day can definitely be a game-changer. Generally, people associate ethnic clothing for women as old-fashioned, passé and monotonous because of the high conflux of western influence in Indian society.

Well, here’s a chance to prove the idiosyncrasy of stereotypical interview dressing wrong by following the designer pieces. Here are some tips to keep in mind before choosing the right Indian ethnic dress for the job interview:

Proper Fit

Interviews assess the personality of the candidate and your dress plays a key role. If you’re dressed in slouchy, loose and baggy clothes, you will resonate quite an unlikely lousy character. However, if you’re dressed well in spic and span clothing with a proper fit and confident attitude, you’re most likely be the ideal suitable candidate for the company. Do not go for the tight fitted clothes.

Smart Pants

Trousers or pants are a vital clothing item that should be stocked in every person’s wardrobe. Your smart formals can be replaced by cigarette pants or palazzo pants for a sharp look. Recreate the formal wear with well-fitted trousers to enhance your work image well.

Go Indo Fusion

There’s nothing wrong with trying varied styles and cuts for your formal ethnic wear. Embrace Indo Western style as you doll up smartly in a winged sleeve or flared sleeve blouse. A touch of contemporary never hurts anyone, especially if you’re applying for a creative field.

Suit Up

If you’re exhausted with umpteen options, there’s nothing that spells comfort with elegance like a salwar kameez completed with a dupatta. So, get dressed up in this Indian couture and reflect the traditional vibe of this ethnic clothing.

Suave Saree

Women like Chanada Kocchar, Indira Nooyi, Anavila, Chinna Dua etc. are always seen wearing nine yards of joy. A saree is the quintessential Indian piece of clothing that exudes a flair of effortless elegance and puts forth the gorgeous beauty of Indian beauty. When choosing the saree, make sure you go for lightweight and delicately printed sarees like cotton, ikkat, kalamkari or linen. Ensure you saree us not transparent and wear it well.

Featured Image courtesy: TOI

Article By : Ambika Asthana

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