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How To Style A Saree With A White Shirt Like A Pro


There is no garment more flattering in the western wardrobe like a well tailored, crisp white shirt. And there is no garment like the saree, universally appealing no matter how you style it. So what happens when these two meet? A delicious amalgamation of the best of east with the beast of the west.

How To Wear Saree With A White Shirt?

A white shirt and saree combination has found favour with bollywood divas who have styled it in many ways to combine the fresh, smartness of a white cotton shirt with a variety of sarees.

Done right this combo can be a breathtaking statement of an Indian woman's rootedness in her culture with the edge and panache of a western mindset. A deadly combination at any rate.

But how to get this deadly combination right?

So we at Pure Elegance bring you the coolest ways to style a saree with a white shirt, no matter what your saree of choice may be... fasten your seatbelts, here we go!

Play it cool: A slouchy shouldered denim saree looks edgy and cool with a white blouson style shirt. Minimal Indian earrings keep the look together and complement the blue-white cool of the outfit.

Collared chic : For a more formal event, opt for a collared, full sleeves white shirt to complement your formal saree. The structured drape gives the outfit a smart turn and is well suited to even a formal dinner. Keep the accesories and make up to a bare minimum, to let your outfit do all the talking.

Fitting reply: Even if you opt for a banarasi festive saree, a fresh white shirt with a green banarasi can be refreshing and comfortable in a hot summer when all that zaree might make you sweat. However, remember to pick a well fitted shirt if your saree drape is going to be an easy one. You don't want to look like you got dressed in a hurry.

Workin girl vibe: However with chiffon sarees which are much easier to handle, you may opt for a baggy white shirt and roll up your sleeves for that cool girl vibe. A shirt with double breast pockets will add to the working girl vibe without looking too hastily put together.

Tuck it in: Got some serious abs? wanna show them off? This should be ideal for your - tie the tails of your shirt into a double bow around your natural waist and tuck it back in to flaunt your midriff. Keeping the sleeves rolled down will create a contrast and with the collar done up you can leave the palla of this earthy toned saree to one side, letting your fabulous abs do all the talking.

Have you got your own take on this fab combo? tell us all about it. Love to hear from you !!

Images: Pinkvilla, Instagram.

Article By : Bhavna R

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