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How to Style Sarees at a Formal or Social Event?

Saree is the versatile piece of clothing for every Indian woman. And no matter how traditional or professional the lady is, she must be owning at least one saree in her wardrobe for sure. While styling the effervescent nine yards of joy is such a fun to play with while dressing up for weddings or gala soirees, as a formal wear, it needs a new dimension to carry off. Indian designer sarees are reflection of your attitude and stature. While it should be highly comfortable and effortlessly stylish, you must know how to style it right to not catch the fancy of oglers.

Pick the perfect shade

Formal events that involve interaction with customers call for soothing shades that are pleasing to the eyes and calming to soul. Bright and bold shades work well with managerial affairs that involve meetings with senior associates. Pastel coloured sarees with floral patterns instigate finesse in your ensemble. Embracing mellow and earthy hues infuse poise to the persona.

Be wise with Blouse

Many times, women ignore the fact that a blouse can make or break your look. Your blouse should complement your saree in all façade and it should be something that you can wear comfortably all-day long. Try to pair your formal saree with the same color saree blouses to avoid any distractions or unwanted attention. In case contrast is your thing, earthy or muted tones work best. Long sleeves, boat necks, collar necks, edgy back designs are some of the most sought-after blouse designs that are sure to make your blouse stand out.

Accessorize it Right

A saree needs a bit of glam and the accessories do just that. However, the flashy golds and kundan won’t work well for a formal event or gala soiree, instead vouch for oxidized jewellery. Silver oxidized junk jewellery or wooden jewellery or terracotta jewellery are some of the fine bets you can always flaunt. Too much layer is not a good idea, hence, go with a statement necklace, or a pair of earrings or even a couple of bangle and bracelets to do their trick.

Stick to Cotton and Lighter Fabrics

For formal events, one must be quite cautious of the fabric of their drape. Steer clear from the see-through silhouettes like chanderi or chiffons which might attract unwanted attention. Wear comfortable yet light as feather fabrics like cotton, linen, Bhagalpur, tussars, handloom weaves, raw silk etc.

Simple Hairstyles

Nail the art of finely crafted hairstyles to exude professionalism. Fine slick ponytails or sleek hair buns, dainty braids or simple blow-dried hair looks sharp and confident. Formal events are not for messy hair.

Put forward Au Naturale look

Heavy decked up makeup is a thing of the past. Put forward au natural look with a hint of defined brows and wear a nude lipstick. You can go dramatic with dark lips but make sure wine, burgundy or such gothic colors are not your palette. Also, sparkling highlighter and smokey eyes are a big no-no.

Wear a Jacket

Formal saris are the fantastic ethnic wear option for any Indian women as they grant you the freedom to style them the way you want. They exude a sense of individuality and define the character of the wearer. It is important to understand the type of drape you’re investing in. A pure georgette saree or crepe silk saree is a perfect bet for workplace or board meetings. You can simply don a smart jacket, or a blazer tailored to waist length or more, if you require. Experience the magic of transformation. On the flip side, the same saree can be dressy for an evening soiree post-conference. Just switch the jacket to a loose pallu drape, open your hair and fix your face for a quick party look thereafter.

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