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If the shoe fits : Evergreen Indian Ethnic Jutis to compliment any outfit


Jutti kasuri, paeri na poori / Haaye rabba ve saahnu turna peya /

( My ill fitting new shoes bite, being not well worn enough, Oh! that I had to walk a mile in them...)

So goes the popular Punjabi wedding folk song - A newly married bride's ode to the agony of having to walk miles in her ill-fitting new shoes. Just how well entrenched the juti is in Indian culture, especially in Punjabi culture, is evident in this popular number where the juti goes beyond mere function and turns into a metaphor for a young wife's disconcerted lament at having been plucked out of the maternal home and relocated to a completely new milieu and all new people, with nothing familiar to hold on to for comfort.

As they say, nothing stays the same and Indian women everywhere are more involved than ever before in this life changing rite of passage. They assert themselves and take major decisions of their lives independently, and know how to balance their individuality with traditional values and create and equilibrium between the personal and the filial aspirations.

However, one thing that remains unchanging is Indian women's fascination for jutis. No matter how many high end designer shoes you may own, it is hard not to succumb to the desi charm of a pretty Punjabi juti. And it is not just Indian fashionistas, our traditional ballet flat style is popular with non Indians too !

After all the simple comfort of a handmade pair, as all jutis are - far outweighs the discomfort of the sexiest heels.

And when you look at all endless variations in Indian jutis, it is hard to resist the desire to own more than just a few pairs, considering they come in all colors prints, materials and shades, with any choice of embellishments you could possibly imagine !

No wonder then that jutis have been rediscovered in the last decade with constant innovations in the materials used, styles, colors and embellishments that adorn them. So now your regular tan or gold thread juti comes in just about every possible color, print or detail that you can imagine.

So what more do you need to rock this beautiful Indian Ethnic Shoe style ?

Ah ! of course. Just a dash of outfit inspiration to show you how evergreen the juti really is and how it can compliment absolutely any outfit you can think of  ! Here it is -


Saree: Pairing a traditional juti with a saree is in vogue like this golden pair that Kangana Ranaut has picked for her White gold-bordered saree. She looks resplendent and the jutis add just the right bit of ethnic finesse to her Marathi style saree drape. Pairing a saree with jutis works very well for taller women who may want to avoid heels for a certain occasion.

Lehengas: One of the more common outfits to pair with jutis, these silver jutis look fabulous with the pristine floral satin lehenga. To add a touch of delicate simplicity to a feminine outfit like Kangana wear white satin  or velvet jutis  with a delicate floral print to match.



Kurta: Sara Ali Khan is one rare actor who wears Indian Ethnic apparel regularly. Her kurta and palazzo set is beautifully set off by pastel jutis.  Make your whole look come together with the paring of ethnic shoes with a kurta-palazzos set for a relaxed vibe.

Patiala suit: Jhanvi Kapoor pairs many of her outfits with jutis. In this outfit her silver-mauve top is well matched with silver jutis and you too can make the metallic accents on your outfit pop to perfection with this combination.


Skirt : Jacqueline Fernandes channels her inner gypsy with this vibrant, boho multi-color skirt paired with jutis that balance the look. Take a tip from her and match the multicolored skirt with multicolored jutis for a perfectly coordinated look.

Ethnic dress : Diana Penty's Black Ethnic dress gets a definite nod from us for the choice of jutis she paired it with. The red jutis complement the dark tones of the fabric adding a pop of color to a dark palette, and viola they are both the same print !

Western Dress: No one does it quite like Kareena Kapoor Khan and here she pairs her western cut dress with jutis. The color matches he outfit and this makes sure the style clash is compensated for.

Jeans: Deepika Padukone has long favored the juti and she has worn them with every possible outfit including this pair of jeans and a flared white top, showing you how to work denims with a pair of jutis.


Jutis are comfortable, easy to wear, and most of all, trendy. They can elevate any outfit from Indo- Western casuals to festive Indian Ethnics.

Go for a juti to give your feet much needed respite from your torturous heeled pairs and look devastatingly fab while you are at it !

Images courtesy : Pintrest.

Article By : Bhavna R

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