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Make a splash in style : Indian ethnic wear tips for the rainy season in 2019


No one loves a good rain shower like an Indian woman. No matter where she may be the rainy season is an integral part of her culture and psyche. Countless Bollywood rain song & dance routines have regaled us with the romance and joy of the rainy season. As a predominantly agricultural economy it is but natural that India's culture has evolved over thousands of years to include the rainy season in both its tangible as well as intangible aspects.

Truly, Indians have a romantic association with rains like no other culture and no matter which place they may call home they still cherish a good shower.

However when it comes to dressing for the season, it can be a little hard to maintain clothes and dress well if you know you may get caught in the rain at an odd hour.

Even tougher is dressing for the rainy season in Indian Ethnic wear. While you would have plenty of reason to avoid being caught unawares, even if you were to get caught in a sudden downpour you can take steps to make life easy. And don't worry though - at Pure Elegance you can always find a helpful tip for any wardrobe doubt you may have.

 So while we look forward to hearing from you on any Indian Ethnic styling issues you may want us to address in  our blogs, let us give you a quick guide on how to dress for the rainy season in Indian Ethnic Wear.

Colors:  While there is never a limit to how you can explore colors with Indian Ethnic wear in any season, shades of green like emerald, lime and mint, blues like aqua and sky blue or turquoise, and yellows like lime or canary are flattering and great to beat a grey skied day.

You can pair these with white pants for a refreshing twist or you can go monochrome by wearing the same color or shade from top to toe.

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Length: A wet day is not your best bet for risking your favorite chiffon saree or anarkali suit. Instead make the most of a rainy day by dressing in shorter lengths like a kurti to avoid catching that splash or pair a crisp white shirt with a midi length ethnic skirt or pick an  Indian ethnic midi dress to make sure you don't have to go around with long wet fabric weighing on you.

Instead of voluminous salwars pick a pair of white churidar or Capri pants for an easy fusion look which will reduce the fuss in case you got drenched.

Fabric: Similarly pick lighter fabrics which dry easily like silk or a light cotton so that even if you were to get drenched not only would the fabric dry quickly but also help you avoid the embarrassment of heavily drenched fabric, dripping all over wherever you go.

Silhouette: As with everything else this is not a time to flaunt your favourite Kutchi jacket or pathani salwar with metres and metres of fabric hanging around.

Instead go for simple minimal silhouettes like a linen kurta to help you breathe easy and dry off quickly and easily should the need arise. A-line silhouettes are ideal as they are roomy without being unflattering and a good way to choose midway between a clingy cut or an unflattering loose ensemble.

Accessories: Go easy on the accessories and don't pull out your heavy chunky jewelry that you took to the jeweler for a polish recently.

The last thing you want is a pair of heavy earrings to add to the confusion when you are already heavily drenched. At most add a pair of pearl drops as they don't suffer much damage from a little water, and they look season appropriate too as the water droplets come pouring down on you.

Pick resin earrings or Perspex flats to make sure you don't have to spend time drying shoes and delicate jewelry.

Makeup: Keep the make-up minimal. Pick fuss free water proof variants to keep your look fresh and lasting.

For best results pick a waterproof mascara and a lip stain and blush which will easily outlast a good downpour too.

No matter how hard it rains these simple tips will help you manage to face a sudden downpour in Indian wear.

On a rainy day ditch your denims and go for easy Indian wear which will never let you down no matter what the season - come rain or shine.

 Images courtesy : Pintrest

Article By : Bhavna R

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