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Opulent Amrapali Jewelry in Period Saga Baahubali

Opulent Amrapali Jewelry in Period Saga Baahubali

Let us say if anyone wants to see the grandeur of Indian heritage jewelry then you must watch the Indian movie Baahubali by S.S Rajamouli! The movie is a magnum opus in every literal sense; be it graphics, cinematography, direction, costumes or jewelry every single detail left the audience spell bound. The mastermind behind the opulent jewelry in Baahubali is the Indian jewelry house, Amrapali. The brand is a well-established name in the country as well as abroad and has always strived to bring exclusive and unique pieces onboard with their team of designers and it was no different for Baahubali!

From Sivagami’s traditional temple jewelry to Devasena’s exquisite floral textured jewelry, every piece was outrightly stunning. The handcrafted jewelry shows the amount of thought process and detailing Amrapali has put in to justify the magnificence of the movie while taking care of minute attributes. The collection was crafted in silver with gold plating, a variety of gemstones and kundan including maang tikka, hair accessories, necklace, earrings, armlets, waist belts, hand harness, bangles, juda pins, anklets, nose pin, and septum ring bringing extravagance to the royal Indian look in full swing. The jewelry not just decorated the styles of women but men too wore their jewelry with utter aplomb in this period saga. Every look in the movie is worth getting inspired from for a royal and traditional flair.

7 Iconic Looks From Baahubali

While Devasena stood out in every avatar in galore of jewelry designs, Sivagami kept it graceful with her traditional tune and Avantika brought the rustic warrior style on the celluloid with a no jewelry look. Spilling the beans on some looks which will take your traditional style up a notch!

Rajamatha Sivagami’s classic look

Sivagami Devi’s character portrayed a headstrong and powerful queen or Rajamatha who rules over the Maheshmati Kingdom with sheer prowess. The role was played by actress Ramya Krishnan who kept it classic with silk sarees paired with conservative high neck blouses. How can a royal look be complete without jewelry? The look was further elevated to the T with gold temple jewelry, a statement gold baaju band on right hand, big gold spike stud earrings, big nose pin and lots of gold bangles. It was rounded off with a signature big red bindi and sindoor. This marked her regular style and something we can only imagine a Rajamatha could carry off!

Sivagami’s look for occasions

It is no cakewalk being a Rajamatha! Sivagami made it opulent on big occasions when she addressed her kingdom. She further added kundan maang tikka, nose septum ring, gold haram necklace and heavy gold waist belt to her signature look which escalated her tigress aura. A variety of other necklace designs like gold coin necklace, gold ambi necklace and gold beaded necklaces were also seen on Sivagami.

Devasana- the warrior princess

The character of Devasena played by actress Anushka Shetty did absolute justice to the portrayal of a fierce warrior princess. She exuded her strong persona with panache in a scene where she fought against many men in a beautiful pink silk saree draped in Maharashtrian style paired with striking blue puff sleeve blouse. The jewelry was kept minimal in design with a gold necklace, armlet, maang tikka, waist belt, septum ring and a nath which Devasena carried off with ease. She brought perfect Jhansi ki Rani vibes live on screen!

Devasena fighting alongside Baahubali

 This was an epic scene where Devasena fought bravely and next to Baahubali in a beautiful red zari saree complemented with a purple blouse. Her jewelry was again minimal with a gold pendant necklace, heavy beaded cluster earrings, nose septum ring and nose ring with an intricate hanging jhumki waist belt. The highlight of the look was the topknot which took the warrior look to a next level.

Devasena at Krishna Puja

This was the first time when the audience saw Devasena in a heavily adorned traditional look where she was busy preparing and singing for Krishna puja. Here she wore a vibrant green lehenga with an orange draped dupatta saree and blue blouse decorated with exquisite Amrapali jewelry including multi flower rawa cluster drop choker necklace, jhumki flower earrings with multi gold strands tucked in hair, multi flower maang tikka, leafy nath, a beautiful jhumki drop floral bazu bandh and matching hand harness. She also wore a special body jewelry draped with dupatta and a heavy embellished jhumki waist belt. A look which showed her royal side in full glory!

The song also showed her mother’s luxurious jewelry including an extravagant gold rani haar necklace paired with heavy coin tassel earrings. Other dainty details like rings, toe rings, juda pins and anklets were also a part of the royal ensemble.

Married Devsena

Devasena’s style after marriage was a further extension of her look at Puja but more strong and substantial. A signature look of Devasena where she sported Amrapali’s enameled crystal jewelry is worth remembering! She wore blue saree with opulent tulip enameled multi crystal garden long and short necklaces with matching earrings, a floral crystal pearl maang tikka with clips, enameled multi glass tassel floral bazu bandh, hand harness, and an enameled garden waist belt. Can a queen look more breathtaking than this, we think not!

Avantika’s Swan Look  

The only time we saw Avantika wearing some delicate jewelry was in an imaginary song with Mahendra Bahubali. The character was depicted by Tamanna Bhatia and she looked every inch of a serene white swan in the song. Draped in a white dress with a gold blouse against a picturesque setting she looked straight out of a fairy tale! The jewelry was understated but alluring including a beautiful gold pendant necklace with matching earrings, a single strand maang tikka and gold armlets on both arms. Her waist was embellished with a multi strand gold waist belt making her an epitome of an unreal beauty!

These iconic looks brought not only magnificence to the celluloid but set some new jewelry trends for Indian women. Everything about Baahubali is larger than life and Amrapali jewelry further elevated the grandeur of the movie!


Baahubali 2 Video Source:
Director: S.S. Rajamouli
Cast: Prabhas, Anushka Shetty, Rana Daggubati, Tamannaah, Ramya Ramakrishnan, Sathyaraj, and Nassar
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Amrapali Jewels: Amrapali Jewels


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