Saree Trends to Watch out for in 2019

What an incredible year 2018 has been leaving us with an umpteen number of trends, fashion inspiration and style cops to try our hands at the fashionable ensembles. Saree surely remains one of the most coveted clothing pieces that has got our heart racing twice as much. Talk of which reminds us of the unique flavours and exquisite detailing that sarees feature that makes it the talk of town. Our saree connoisseurs who love draping it in different styles bringing a fresh perspective on the table, let’s read on some of the astonishing sari trends we shall be witnessing this 2019.

Draping is an art

Are you still swearing by the standard method of sari draping with no surprise element in your dressing? How old school, it’s time to revamp your style quotient a little more and what if we told you a bit experimentation goes a long way. So, just take out your nine yards and style your sari in double pallu, mermaid style, neck drape style, dhoti style etc. to rock your unconventional self and express your unique identity in the most contemporary way. We have covered saree draping styles here.

Ruffle Truffle

We love how ruffles made their way back into saree fashion yet again with a bang. Ruffles is one fashion trend that never goes stale and it look glamourous no matter how you style it. The gorgeous trend blended with pastels exude an air of sheer beauty and this 70’s magic trend brings with it the much-talked about minimalistic trend. Ruffles look oh so feminine yet bold when stitched on the border of your saree or even blouse, it lends quite a quirky yet suave look while balancing with dollops of sophistication.

Color Block

Sari is an eternal gift from the heavenly bliss, color block is yet another gorgeous trend that took 2018 by delight. Merging these two, we get a masterpiece treasured in our dreams. A lot of designers showcased their color blocked sari creations on the runway, needless to say, they define such structure with so much oomph and sass, it just doesn’t get any better.

Distressed Denim

Couturiers have introduced an all new way of styling the modern saree for a 21st century woman and nothing can beat the incessant charm of a denim saree. Distressed denim and deconstructed silhouettes are quite a rebellious take on the classic beauty of Indian traditional saris and we just can’t get over this drooling trend. Distressed denim sarees when paired with crop tops or itty-bitty bikini tops channel risqué yet contemporary fashion.

Sheer Magic

From celebrities to socialites, party hawkers et al, sheer sarees have found their place in every closet. Because of their versatile characteristic and enigmatic visual appeal, sheer and clear saris with a see-through feature makes them an exotic investment. We love how effortlessly glamourous they are and razzle dazzle in the coterie of elite and crème de la crème.

Fiery Fringes

If you’re an old soul in a bohemian body, fringes are one style trend you definitely can’t afford to miss. The most dynamic yet versatile fashion trend, fringes are indeed uber stylish and classy that can hook you up and give structure to your look. Indian women love to experiment with their look and fringed pallus are quite a pleasing style trend to watch out for in 2019.

Belted Saris

Thanks to the art deco and baroque inspiration coming back into fashion, they brought a renaissance in fashion with its ultimate whacky fashion trends. Nothing beats the glamour of belts cinching waists on saris to lend a stylish appeal yet staying oh so alluring. We love how models walk the ramp in such beautiful gold and black belts that can totally complement any sari while balancing the look and making you feel young, bold and bewitching. Metallic, embellished, leather, broad, fancy, sleek, carved belts are available online and you can totally accentuate your figure line with a belt on a sari.

Pant Sari

Gone are the days when a petticoat was the quintessential element when draping a saree for an event or occasion, it’s replaced with a cool pair of trousers/denim/pants. Shouldn’t come as a surprise with B-Town divas already slaying in this trend the entire 2018, we are sure to see this in ’19 and it can’t get better. Sheer comfort with a dash of style and dollop of class, pant sarees are certainly making waves in the fashion space.

Dhoti Sarees

If spunk is your middle name, you can’t get over this fusion ethnic mix to unleash a gorgeous you effortlessly. We’re talking about dhoti sarees that come in a pre-draped form too and are quite diaphanous at the bottom while pallu effortlessly flows from the side. Dance the blues away all night at sangeet, mehandi function with these uber-cool dhoti sarees and escape the ordinary.

Embellished Entourage

Digital prints and embroidery are things of the past, it’s time to evolve and explore new avenues like embellishments that add a whole lot of glamour and sass at once to your look. Subtle yet minimal, embellished sarees are rage this season and weddings can’t be complete without this amass trend.

Tribal Tales

Let your outfit speak volumes of your character as you slip into a tribal printed saree for a cumulative gorgeous look. Tribal prints add efficacity and works as a stimulant to pursue your passion of standing out so well. Working professional women may stock these exquisitely detailed tribal printed saris to create a quirky yet contemporary look.

Check Mate

Invest in the much popular saree trend that has caught people in awe, thanks to the unique texture and sophisticated check patterns flooding the market lately. Checkered saris are indeed popular and they lend a simple yet beautiful look with their fancy prints all-over. We bet you can show the steal in such fancy checkered saris and lure hearts.

Article By : Ambika Asthana


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