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Shine bright like a diamond : How to pair your Indian jewellery with western outfits

Most Indian women living anywhere in the world do have a collection of Indian jewellery to adorn their outfits. Their collection may be simple like a gold thali and a pair of earrings and simple bangles or they may have a large collection of a variety of Indian jewellery pieces decadent enough to give a princess a run for her money. And we know that is no exaggeration, in fact that is entirely possible, right?
But over the years as some of the aesthetics of Indian fashion wear have shifted and also as more and more Indian women have begun to incorporate more Western style garments like skirts and tops, off-shoulder evening gowns, pant-suits and the like to their wardrobes, the magic and command of Indian Jewellery over their style game has somewhat receded.
That is a bit of a tragedy, is it not? When you think of how we spend a fortune building our Indian jewellery collection it seems like a colossal waste to let it languish in our lockers and safes when we opt for western outfits depending on what the occasion demands.
What we do know and love about Indian Jewellery is that it is rich, even decadent and more intricate in design and variable in style than any other style of jewellery. However we often miss the simple fact that all these aspects actually make perfect aesthetic sense with a variety if western outfits as well.
In fact, a well paired Indian jewellery piece can actually elevate a western style garment much more than a run of the mill western jewellery design and can set you apart from the crowd when it comes to a winning look. See it to believe it.
Classic Monochrome : A monochrome pairing of a simple top and skirt like Deepika Padukone's outfit here is perfect with a minimal but bold jewellery piece. A diamond necklace with bold design that matches the mood of the outfit is perfect foil for the minimalist diva. Fancy this look, make it yours without delay !
Neutral Evening Gown: A stunning but simple gown such as this is a lovely look that asks for that one special statement touch. And Kangana gets it right with this chunky emerald and diamond choker that compliments the rich blue of the gown. Notice how she goes easy on the hair and the make up, without adding other pieces like earrings. So the moral of the story is - highlight one or two details to prevent the fusion look from turning into chaotic.
Style envy: And in case your chokers aren't the only piece that need to take a walk out in town, you can even pair heavy Indian style Jhumkas with your western gown. Just do it with the sophistication of Sonam's stylist. The minimal gown with gold embroidery on a pastel base allows the jhumkas to dazzle softly without upsetting the outift. The matching gold tones of the jewellery and the embroidery make this a well coordinated look and the low neckline balances the weight of the mega sized jhumkas to make sure the top of the outfit is not overwhelming to the eye. Jhumkas and gown combo done just right, we say !
Boho Chic: In fact, it is not just your precious jewellery that can do the trick for your western outfits. This simple oxidised choker worn by Aditi Rao Hydri is pulling the whole look together and compliments the casual dressy vibe of her camisole and jeans look paired with a flirty hot pink shrug.
Dolled up sundress: Talking of boho chic, how can one ever be too far away from a profusion of bangles and silver rings to dress up a simple flowy sundress. Add a bunch of bangles and rings and lo and behold a simple summer dress gets a festive make-over, just like Aditi Rao Hydri... go for this look if you need a festive day look.
That is just the magic of Indian jewellery beginning to unfold... Try out your own combos and don't forget to share them with us ! Have fun this festive season !
Images courtesy: Pintrest.

Article By : Bhavna R