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Spice up your outfit with Indian Ethnic Accessories

Hey Ladies! Did you know you could spice up your western wear if you paired them with the right accessories!
If you are not looking to wear an indo-western outfit regularly or are typically into western clothes but still want to flaunt an Indian vibe, well, fret no more because I am back with different styling ideas for you.
Mix and match style is always bound to turn a few heads and fish some compliments! Adding traditional hint to western outfits is an Indian-American fashion trend not to miss!
You can style your jeans, shorts, tank tops, dresses, and much other casual wear with any Indian Jewelry. Check out the accessorizing ideas I have curated just for you:

Silver hoop or long earrings

A pair of stunning silver earrings would pair perfectly with a spaghetti top and shorts or jeans! Crop tops can be perfectly paired up with dangling chandelier earrings, be it silver or gold! You can also match your cute short dress with your silver earrings.

Stunning Chandbalis

The traditional Chandbali designs originate from the era of the Nizams in India (Hyderabad).
You can pair this royal style of earrings with long flowing outfits like maxi dresses, palazzo pants, long skirts, or long tunics.


Jhumkas can give a Bohemian Vibe to any simple outfit. You can pair them with jeans, jumpsuits, dresses, skirts.
Long Jhumkas or shoulder-duster Jhumkas typically go well with off-shoulder tops, spaghetti strap tops, bralettes, halter straps, and similar strapped tops


Gaudy Neckpieces

Gaudy statement neckpieces also look stunning with off-the-shoulder, thin-strapped, or strapless styles. You can wear them at parties, paired with simple one-tone or monochromatic dresses, with your hair styled up in a bun, a ponytail, or just naturally set back, so the entire focus of the outfit goes to your striking neckpiece!

I would typically leave my ears bare with this idea, but you can go for a small studded earring or a small hoop earring matching the neckpiece.


All right, let's talk Pearls now. Wearing pearls with your outfit gives a delicate vibe to your personality and embarks a simplicity to your look. You can never go wrong with a pearl set with any outfit!

Typically worn for weddings, red carpet events, and other honorable events, you can style your pearls with a pretty floral printed dress or similar flowy outfits.


The Maang tika is another piece of jewelry to add a touch of royalty or a Bohemian princess vibe to your otherwise western outfit. If you are looking to style your outfit with a Maang tika but do not have it, you try the same style with any necklace!



Hey ladies, you wanna add a bit more oomph to your already sexy outfit?
Well, Kamarbandh is your answer!
 Also, a helpful tip: Kamarbandh is a brilliant and stunning way to create the illusion of height or a well-shaped waist!

You can wear it like a sleek belt with body-fit clothes, or crop tops, with long or short dresses. You do not have to think twice to add some glitter to your outfit with a stunning Kamarbandh.


You can wear colorful and catchy statement rings with any western outfit. Wearing rings is a very bold way to express your fashion and artistry!

Confused about where to wear your rings? Try your index and ring finger; statement rings are typically worn in these two fingers.


Bangles and bracelets

You can stack your bangles, be it of the same design or multiple designs, with your western outfit as well. You can also mix and match bangles with bracelets to get a more snazzy look.

You can try this with your mellowly printed outfits, so the outfit's focus goes to your arms filled with shiny bangles!


Flowers are an excellent way to accessorize any outfit. Gajra is a traditional Indian garland made of flowers, typically jasmine.

This hair ornament can be worn as a bracelet, a necklace, or even a ring and a very inexpensive way to enhance your look! Typically worn during weddings and other festivals, you can pair this with your white wedding dress.
You can also attach dainty jasmine flowers to your braid or on a messy bun to spruce up your hairstyle!


Stoles and scarves

You can pair any outfit with a Kashmiri stole or any scarf and add a bit of ethnicity to your outfit! You can style it with jeans, shorts, or skirts, wrap it around your neck, or make it into a headband.



Your dupattas would go really well with jeans and a one-tone top. You can simply wrap it around your neck or even style it to make it into a shrug; pair it with a Kamarbandh or just any belt!


Article By : Alokebarna Das