19 Latest Saree Blouse Designs and Patterns

Let us step onto a more creative and experimental horizon of saree blouses. This is where designers put in their creative juices to set some new blouse patterns and styles. Playing with patterns is playing with cuts or overall design or following fashion trends.

19 Most Popular Saree Blouse Designs and Patterns

The patterns of Indian saree blouses are known for their intricate designs and unique styles that vary from region to region in India. Time to round off some blouse designs popular in the Indian blouse circuit!

  1. Shirt Style Blouses

    These blouse designs differ from shirt collar blouses; they are an adaptation of Haryanvi shirt-blouses and have a shirt length and style. Indian designers have made them more chic and fashion forward. The shirt-blouses patterns can be worn with a casual saree or with a formal lehenga skirt for a wedding. These saree blouses will add an understated vogue to your look!
  2. Koti Style Blouses

    Koti style saree blouse designs are long blouses worn with a saree. They are part of a heavy wedding ensemble and often worn in big fat Indian occasions with sarees. Mostly embroidered or embellished, Koti saree blouses are worn with a saree pallu in the front to flaunt the beautiful details of the blouse.
    Koti style blouse
  3. Cape Style Blouses

    Inspired by cape fashion trends across the globe, here is an Indian style of cape blouse design. A Cape blouse or poncho style saree blouse is a piece of flowy fabric hanging from your shoulders with no proper sleeves. Indian Designer Anamika Khanna is the brainchild behind this blouse pattern and Bollywood Actress Sonam Kapoor made this blouse style a trend. Cape saree blouses can be paired with a dhoti saree, or dhoti pants, and are perfect for ethnic fusion style!
    Cape style blouses
  4. Sheer Saree Blouses

    These designer saree blouse designs add sheer glam to conventional blouses. The net placed on the sleeves or upper half of the body makes this saree blouse unique and appealing. They look best with a flowy georgette or chiffon saree.
    Sheer saree blouses
  5. Angrakha Saree Blouses

    This saree blouse design is inspired from Angrakha The overlapping style of these blouses makes them one of a kind. Traditional and classy; these blouse patterns are meant to be worn with a rich Indian woven saree!
  6. Tube Saree Blouse

    Tube saree blouse designs are very bold and not everyone’s cup of tea. It looks like a tube top worn with a saree. Mostly seen on models or actresses, this style can be tried if you want a truly bold avatar!
  7. Bikini Blouses

    Bikini blouse designs are basically Bollywood driven. Actresses like Bipasha Basu and Priyanka Chopra have donned bikini blouses on screen and in real life. They add oomph and sexiness to your saree style. Minimal saree designs are the best choice for a bikini blouse patterns.
  8. Corset Saree Blouses

    This saree blouse design is exactly like a corset top but more on the ethnic side. The saree blouse pattern is inspired from the Victorian Era when corsets were worn by queens. It gives a curvy shape to the body since it covers from shoulder to waist. Go for a minimum jewelry look with a corset saree blouse, let the blouse do all the talking!
  9. Backless Blouses

    They are really popular with young girls who love to flaunt their sexy back. A backless blouse adds an interesting style to otherwise a conventional saree. Tie your hair into a bun or a low knot to show off that glamorous backless saree blouse. backless blouse designs are a great pick for a cocktail party or a wedding.
    Backless Blouses
  10. Back Knot Saree Blouses

    A back knot in a saree blouse design is cute yet sassy. It makes the blouse visually interesting and elevates your style quotient. Deep back blouses are a perfect fit for a back knot.
  11. T-Back Saree Blouses

    A T-back saree blouse design is a rare sighting. A T-back saree blouse just looks like a T at the back, a single strap running from top to bottom. They are glamorous, sexy and ooze loads of flamboyance. It is a head turning choice for any party.
  12. Choli Cut Blouse

    These saree blouse patterns are made with a special kind of cut called the choli cut. The saree blouse fits perfectly around the bosom and gives a good shape. For heavy chest women choli cut blouses are a good choice.
  13. Mix Pattern Saree Blouses

    This is a  style where different prints and fabrics are put together to create a saree blouse. The sleeves are of different print or pattern than the rest of the blouse. These saree blouse designs are a beautiful blend of patterns which looks absolutely splendid. The creator of this style is Indian designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee.
    Mix pattern saree blouse
  14. Off Shoulder Blouse

    When off shoulders are ruling the world fashion scene, why should Indian ethnic fashion be left behind? Making blouses glamorous than ever, off shoulder blouses are bold, voguish yet keep the Indian aesthetics at the forefront. Another beautiful style of showing your collar bones! They are perfect for a cocktail, wedding, or engagement. If you want to keep your saree style simple, then opt for an off shoulder blouse.
    Off shoulder blouses
  15. Cold Shoulder Blouses

    A loop or hole on the shoulders is what cold shoulder is! This fashion trend is now a style of Indian saree blouses. Stylish cold shoulder saree blouses look nothing less than chic and trendy. Wear cold shoulder blouses with a crisp cotton saree to a casual lunch or party and get applauded for your style sense!
    Cold shoulder blouse
  16. One Shoulder Blouses

    One of the risky designs of the saree blouse is a one-shoulder blouse. It is best to keep the overall style minimal to pull off one shoulder blouse. If you are willing to take a risky route, this style is for you!
    One shoulder blouse
  17. High Low Blouses

    High low blouse designs are more for girls who love to keep their saree style up with the fashion trends. High low saree blouse patterns are quirky and look great with graphic or contemporary saree prints.
  18. Crop Top Blouses

    Another saree blouse design inspired by crop top fashion trends, which is a rage now are crop top saree blouses. They are just crop tops worn with a saree or a skirt, only the style looks more fun and trendy.
    Crop top blouse
  19. T-shirt Saree Blouses

    When we thought that T-shirts could only be worn with jeans or shorts, a genius like Sabyasachi brought them to the Indian fashion Stylishly striped T-shirt saree blouses with satin and net sarees took the Indian fashion game to a different level. If you want to depart from regular saree blouses, then try T-shirt blouses!


Overall, the specialty of Indian saree blouses lies in their intricate designs, unique styles, and versatility, making them an essential part of traditional Indian attire. Shop for a wide range of Indian saree blouse designs and patterns from Pure Elegance.

Article By : Sudip Ghose

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