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Bohemian Brides: How to style like one?

Bohemian style is a free flow dressing style. This style was famous in the 1960s and 1970s when the Hippie Movement rose to prominence and women were mostly influenced by the paradigm shift. The cultural drift in Indian bridal wear has evolved over a period of time, however, research shows that bohemian bridal wear was the “it” fashion statement for women across the borders. Scintillating ensemble featuring an array of metallic jewels to complement the big, bold patterns and motifs, bohemian brides are the epitome of a rebellious spirit.

If you are interested to have a bohemian wedding, then you might want to consider some of the most important things, to look like a bohemian bride. Bohemian brides are said to have the unconventional way of dressing themselves, so keeping that in mind you might want to break some stereotypes of Indian weddings dresses


Indian brides have a penchant for weddings ever since a little girl and their innate quench to look the best on the wedding day. So, doing something which opposes the cliché might be tricky. The first step to becoming a bohemian bride is to wear contemporary bridal Indian wear and go high on accessories. A bohemian bride wears less of jewellery and embraces herself with a specially curated bridal-wear, which has all the right things to highlight yourself. You could get your wedding dress decorated with trinkets, baubles, sequins, corsage and more. These all are the decorating materials that will aggrandize your get-up.


Coming to your mystic ears that need to be cherished with a mystical pair of earring. A bohemian Indian bride must wear something which is out of the league, something that shows her simplicity even on her wedding day. You could pick out a piece of old stone earrings studded with precious pearls, encaged in wires. A good pair of earrings in essential to complete your first-step towards looking a gypsy girl. If your thinking that this is the only way to style your earrings then let me tell you that a boho bride has hundreds of ways to style one single piece of jewelry so don’t be hesitant on to experiment your style. One of the unique ideas to perk, yourself, up is to adhere to the theme of the party if you have any, If you utilize the theme of your wedding ceremony to dramatize your pieces of jewellery, then you are surely going to steal your groom's heart all over again.


The first rule about the boho-style is to wear minimal but, wear gorgeous statement-worthy jewelry. A bohemian Indian bridal wear doesn’t have to include a heavy traditional Indian choker necklace studded with precious gemstones or gilded with gold to accentuate the worth of the Indian bridal look. Minimal bohemian Indian dresses are quite a rage these days with florals and pastels taking the center stage these days in contrast to the bold and striking hues of signature bohemian Indian brides who would conquer their Big Day with heavily embellished Indian bridal lehengas or Indian traditional sarees with chunky jewelry and smoky strokes of makeup. However, if you choose to wear a necklace, then try to avoid wearing earrings. One needs to be given up to give you the raw look. 


Mehendi is indeed the most important part of an Indian bride. It also is given a particular day to the bride to wear the Mehendi. Get yourself the most unusual form of mehendi. Mehendi can be worn in a colorful shade or a simple white shade as well. It might sound weird, but if a boho-bride dresses a white mehendi, then it looks breathtaking or you could wear the regular henna, the bohemian style. A boho Mehendi is detailed and enhances each ounce of the design that will carve on your hands.

To glam up those heavenly hands on this Indian wedding season, wear a pair of bangles that are ethnic and your good to go with all the necessary jewellery that you need to look like a bohemian Indian bride. Don’t forget to get a headband decorated with feathers or flowers, whichever suits your best. It’s like icing on the cake. However, you can also wear anklets covers your foot or simply decorated heels. To know more:

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