How to coordinate your Bridal outfit with the Groom's outfit in 2020

Matching your Indian ethnic bridal outfit to your groom's outfit is a trend that has fast become all the rage with Indian brides. And there is a good reason why. Wedding memories are forever and you want them to be picture perfect.

However picking an Indian Ethnic bridal outfit is hard enough. To match it with the groom is then no easy task.

So, we at Pure Elegance bring you easy to follow ways to find the right match of your bridal outfit with your groom's wedding outfit. Follow these and for sure you will soon find the task much easier and the result, a lovely set of Bride's and Groom's outfits that will be remembered for years by anyone who sets their eyes on the two of you.

Match the tones: You can opt for matching tones or the different shades of the same color with different embellishments. While the groom may opt for no or minimal embellishments, the bride may pick a heavily embellished outfit.This is a very popular trend in Indian bridal wear in 2020 and results in some amazing wedding pictures too.

Tip: Use neutral tones such as white, beige and black for maximum effect.

Pick the same embellishment: You can opt for the different shades but the same pattern or embellishment too. For instance if you are opting for a floral lehenga, the groom can also go for a floral print in a smaller size more suitable to male attire. You can pick the same motifs and embroidery too for a more coordinated look.

Tip: Whichever embellishment you go for, make sure the use on the groom's clothing is less than that on the Bridal outfit so as not to overpower it.

Contrast: You can even pick contrasting color groom's and bridal outfits with the same pattern. Pick the colors to complement each other and also remain in harmony with the decorations of the venue.

Tip: Pick a set of three or four colors at the most to make sure the colors do not seem overpowering and do not clash.

Style it right: When coordinating the bride and groom's outfit you can make sure to choose the same style. For instance if picking a kanjivaram silk saree in resplendent colors, the groom's outfit may sport the same fabric in similar tones for a coordinated look.

Tip: Look for colors which would suit both the bride and the groom to avoid a messy look.

A perfect match: However no one is to say that a bride and groom cannot go for the exact same colors. After all it is your big day and with a little attention you can absolutely get it right. Just make sure that the motifs on the groom's Indian outfit are not overpowering for the Indian Bridal outfit.

Tip: Go for pastel shades as these look suitable on both men and women. You can pick blues, yellows, greens and turquoises.

So, you see? It can all be simplified when you just follow some easy color rules and make sure that you get the embellishments right.

Images courtesy: Pintrest.

Article By : Bhavna R

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