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How To Identify a Kanjivaram Pure Silk Saree?

Indian wedding dresses, especially sarees, have always been a home to breathtaking craftsmanship, ethnic yet graceful complements, rich colors and designs, and an exquisite finish. Embroidered with the superb fabric, honored age-old traditions, flavors of the rich Indian culture, Kanjivaram pure silk sarees have been the imagination of all Indian women originating primarily from the Indian-American tradition. A mix of innovative colors and a beguiling texture of the time-honored Indian class, patterns, prints, motifs, the Indian Kanjivaram saree style available online has created a fashion frenzy and a sense of unquantifiable love, making this outfit the most savored taste of Indian-American women. 

Are All Kanjivaram Sarees Pure Silk?

You could simply imagine looking all around you, finding yourself amid a plethora of colors and getting immersed into the feel of some of the most stunning fabrics there. Imagine yourself draped in a piece of art that is fascinating, it is the versatility of Kanjivaram sarees that activates the entire you. A state of dilemma arises when you look at this very form of ever-scintillating Indian clothing. You might even get lost in a mix of quality ranging from high to medium to low. It would help if you kept checking and exploring the eminence of this very luxurious range of Indian fashion not to degrade the quality of choices you make. Moreover, getting pure silk Kanjivaram saree is an art, and you have to master it not to befool yourself with an unworthy piece picking. Pure Elegance helps you out here with factors that could help you pick the right choice for your goals!

Factors To Check The Eminence of Your Kanjivaram Saree

Focus On The Color Palette

Kanjivaram sarees available online are a proper mix of striking color combinations. It becomes effortless to notice the contrasting colors between the saree body and the pallu portion. The shades checked shouldn't be similar. If they are, you are about to choose a fake version.

Touch And Feel

Smooth and feathery as ever, the pure silk Kanjivaram sarees are very soft to touch. You can feel the smoothness of the fabric moving your hands over it.

Ring And Luster Test

Get on with the ring test. Try passing the entire saree through the orifice of a ring. You will see how easily it passes through if original, or if there is any friction, it will fail.

The luster test is yet another solid proof to distinguish between the original and the fake. Pure silk Kanjivaram saree available online is known for its lustrous texture. When placed at different angles under light, silk sarees shine vibrantly. You are likely to come across a fake saree if it gives off a faded appeal. 

Rub The Saree Surface

Take a part of your silk saree fabric and rub it gently on your palms. The original piece feels slightly warmer when massaged on your palms. There has to be a temperature variation for the saree piece to be genuine.

Inspect The Three-ply Silk And The Unevenness

The saree must be layered in three-ply silk in the fabric. The inspection of the three-ply silk has to be done thoroughly. If found less than three-ply, the piece is fake. Another significant factor is the unevenness while weaving. The manual weaving that is the Karigari might seem a bit irregular if woven manually. Slight imperfections symbolize originality.

Blurred Joints And The Heaviness of The Fabric

Initially, the pallas of the pure silk Kanjivaram sarees are woven separately and then joined with the main body later. You will always encounter a zigzag-blurred joint between the pallu and the body of an original Kanjivaram silk saree. 

The heaviness of the fabric is yet another primary consideration. Original pieces are heavy and costlier than the other fake versions.

How To Identify The Authenticity Of Kanchipuram Silk Sarees?

The ethnicity and originality of royal Kanjivaram sarees matter a lot. The imperial gesture of these sarees is a weakness for many, so women keep cooking ideas and collecting queries regarding the authenticity of their pieces. We have come up with these tests to put a full stop to all those questions. However, when it is the exquisite range of Kanjivaram, there is no ending to your inquisitiveness. So, if you still are in a state of confusion between what's real and what's fake after reading the above factors, feel free to contact Pure Elegance and get a range handpicked to meet the exclusive taste of Indian-American women.

Article By : Bhavna R

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