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How To Identify Pure Organza Saree

How To Identify Pure Organza Saree

There's nothing more elegant, classy, and sophisticated than sarees. Traditionally handwoven in various clusters across India, pure Indian sarees are heirloom pieces that promise to shine across generations. 

One such fabric that has stood the test of time and even now comes across as an aspirational saree in a modern woman's wardrobe is the organza saree. However, thanks to the notorious prevalence of duplicate power loom markets, cheap polyester dupes of Organza sarees are everywhere. Needless to say, these sarees - though worth a dime - reap the real Organza saree of its beauty and worth, fooling gullible customers in more than one way. 

If you're someone who loves sarees and would like to understand how to identify a pure organza saree, here are some easy ways to do so - 

What Is Pure Organza?

Pure Organza is a fabric woven with pure silk fibers. Originally handwoven using silk, pure organzas are now woven in numerous power loom factories, especially dotted around Bangalore, Karnataka. Organza sarees are noted for their classic, delicate nature and have been a favorite of Indian elites and Bollywood actresses since time immemorial. Although noted as one of the most luxurious textiles in India, duplicates of organza sarees - woven mainly with polyester and nylon - are being rampantly sold in the market. 

What Does Pure Organza Look Like?

Organza sarees, like chiffon and georgette, are known for being sheer. However, one must remember here that pure Organza is not completely sheer - the nature and weave of the fabric make it translucent. Furthermore, the saree has a delicate fall and perfectly accentuates the body's curves. This is one of the easiest ways to identify a pure organza saree - unlike what many claim, real Organza doesn't make you look fluffy or bulky. 

How To Identify Pure Organza Saree?

Here are a few easy ways to identify a pure organza saree:

1. Identify Pure Organza Saree With Fire Technique

If someone tries to sell you faux Organza in the name of real pure silk Organza, the best way to check its originality is to go for a burn test. To identify a pure organza saree, cut a tiny portion from one end of the saree (a tiny portion, lest you may have to pay full for a duplicate saree) and burn it. If the portion burns like human hair does, i.e., turn into ashes, your saree is 100% genuine. On the contrary, if it burns like plastic emitting that weird burnt plastic smell, it's 100% fake! This is a full-proof solution that applies to all genuine silk fabrics. 

2. Check If It's Translucent

As said before, organza sarees - like chiffon sarees and georgette sarees- are known for their sheer texture. However, it must be kept in mind that owing to its pure silk weave, it's never completely transparent (and never opaque). Rather, pure organza sarees are always translucent and don't feel fluffy or gauzy when touched. 

3. Touch To Identify A Pure Organza Saree

Unlike the common misconception, pure Organza sarees don't feel stiff or gauge-like. However, owing to the perforated weave, the sarees can be stiffer (please don't mistake this for rough) when it's new. So, when you feel the saree on your skin, the texture will not come across as smooth (like that of a Kanchipuram saree) but slightly coarse (much akin to a pure silk georgette). 

4. Do The Bounce Test For Assurance

Organza sarees are not bouncy sarees. As we pointed out earlier, pure Organza sarees have a soft texture, unlike their polyester/nylon counterparts, which have a fluffy and bouncy texture. One of the best and easiest ways to identify a pure organza saree is to fold it and keep it aside. If the folds stay in place, like most other pure fabrics, it's real Organza. However, if the saree doesn't stick to the folds and bounce back, it's most likely a fake organza saree. 

5. Analyze The Crisp Sound For More Authenticity

One of the easiest ways to identify pure organza sarees is to analyze the crisp sound. As we told you earlier, organza sarees are slightly crisp due to the next of the weave. So, when you touch a brand new organza saree, you can scrunch a portion of it to analyze the crisp sound. If the saree is made of genuine silk, it'll emit a crisp starchy sound, while a faux organza saree will sound more like textured plastic sheets rubbing against one another. 

How To Identify Pure Organza Sarees Online?

If you're more inclined to online shopping, one of the easiest ways to ascertain the purity of an Organza saree is by requesting a model-worn photograph instead of a flat-lay photograph. In doing so, you can verify its transparency, texture, and fall - all of which will help you identify pure organza saree online. Another point worth noting is that since real Organza sarees are made of pure silk, expecting price points in the hundreds to a couple of thousands is a mark of faux organza sarees.


Organza sarees - plain, printed, or handcrafted -are heirloom sarees that are epitomes of elegance, class, and aristocracy. Preferred by elite Indian women for years, having a pure organza saree is mandatory in every aspirational Indian woman's wardrobe. And when you think of getting 100% pure silk organza, buying them from trusted stores like Pure Elegance matters a lot. After all, purchasing a dreamy organza saree should be an event worth remembering - and at Pure Elegance, we offer you just that! 


How much does pure Organza cost?

Being woven in pure silk fabric, pure organza sarees are priced comparatively at higher rates. Expect a price of $ 250-$450 onward for pure silk organza sarees with prints or minimal handcraft. For designer organza sarees or sarees with heavy work, the price might reach upwards of $500-$600.

How does organza fabric look like?

Organza fabrics resemble pure silk chiffon and georgette fabrics as far as their transparency is concerned. Despite being on the crisper side, the material is soft, airy, and has no bounce

Are there different types of Organza?

No, as a fabric, Organza is only of one type - pure silk organza sarees. However, plain, printed, and handcrafted versions of organza sarees are available to suit the taste, preferences, and styles of various wearers. 

Article By : Sudip Ghose

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