Stay warm in Style : How to layer your Indian Ethnics for Fall- Winter 2019

Come fall and the chill in the air sends us reaching out for our winter westerns. Even the die hard saree connoisseurs are seen scrambling for that pair of jeans and polo necks to ward off against the winter chill.
While most Indian Ethnic clothing has an easy breezy vibe to it, dressing it up for fall-winter can be a bit of a challenge. It is hard to mix and match warm layers with Indian clothing especially if you don't want to go the traditional way matching shawls and cardigans like mom and grandma would.

However it is rarely the lack of options, sometimes all you really need is some good old outfit inspiration to help you pair your warm and ethnic pieces the right way to beat the chill and keep your style too.
And who better than our Bollywood divas to give us the best styling inspiration?
Jeans and Kurtas with waistcoats: An easy autumn transition to make with your summer kurtas is to pair them with warm ethnic waistcoats. This pairing is both warm and comfortable. It is a fuss free way to transform your summer staple kurtas to beat the Autumn chill. Take a look at Deepika Padukone's look from Piku and you will see this style never gets old.
Long Kurtas or Ethnic dresses with palazzos: Kalki's rich rust colored kurta checks all the boxes when it comes to both winter style as well as comfort. The color is perfect for fall and the long sleeves and closed collar style is sure to keep you warm. The solid color of the kurta is set off perfectly by black palazzos adding another layer of warmth to the outfit.
Trench coat with saree: Perfect for a nip in the air, the trench coat and saree pairing introduced to us by none other than the Bollywood Queen Kanagana is now a timeless and peerless fashion statement. Yes, a great way to continue wearing your saree through winter no matter where you are in the world !
Shawl with saree: Another classic and timeless pairing like the classic and timeless Shreedevi who we still love and miss, the shawl and saree look is ideal for an evening look and will not just keep you warm but will add a classic touch to the saree silhouette.
Ethnic jackets with sarees or kurtas: Ethnic jackets are no less stylish than the trench. Pick an Ethnic jacket in a neutral color to complement your Indian outfit, especially if you are dressing up for a festive occassion or a celebratory event and you are sure to find the compliments pouring in.
And this is not the end of it, with Indian Ethnics there is no end to how you can style your clothes with warmer pieces. Do you have any favorite ways to do this.. let us know - shhhhh ... no, we are not telling anyone...
Images : Pintrest

Article By : Bhavna R

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