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Ajrakh Prints

Ajrakh Prints For Different Outfits and Drapes

In India, Ajrakh prints are widely used to create Indian outfits and silhouettes which are a fine blend of culture and modernism. Many Indian designers use Ajrakh prints to create beautiful Ajrakh sarees, Indowestern Ajrakh dresses, Ajrakh blouses, Ajrakh print Indian suits, and stunning Ajrakh blouses. Ajrak printing is also used in upholstery, home furnishing, and pottery. Here are some key pieces for Indian women who love to drown themselves in artistic prints!

Ajrakh Sarees

The artistically printed Ajrak sarees are perfect to please your Indian aesthetics. A stunning combination of rich prints with cotton and silks brings galore of elegance to your Indian style. Ajrakh sarees are popularly made in cotton as well as silk and are indeed a must-have in your ethnic wardrobe!

Ajrak Print Suits

Keep your style bright and ethnic with beautifully printed Ajrakh suits! They are a hit among young girls who love to wear Indian suits and salwar kameez. They are perfect wear for summers and will bring every bit of traditional charm to your look!

Ajrakh Dresses

The latest fashion trend of Indo-western dresses is ruling the fashion world in India. Stylish shift dresses made in bright Ajrakh prints is on every Indian fashionista’s list! Ajrakh print dresses are also made in a variety of other silhouettes like an off shoulder top with skirt or poncho with dhoti pants. The variety and designs are numerous and make a classy choice for various occasions.

Ajrakh Print Blouses

How can a saree be complete without a beautiful ethnic blouse? Ajrak print blouses are a stunning match to perk up your simple cotton and silk sarees instantly. Ajrakh blouses online decorated with mirrors and kutch embroidery further elevate the beauty of these blouses adding a celebratory touch to your simple saree look.

Ajrakh Dupattas

Brighten up those hot summer days with Ajrakh Dupattas! Printed with artistic designs they are enough to turn your simple cotton suits into stunning outfits. Ajrak dupattas are made in cotton and silk in a variety of patterns and prints.

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