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Ajrakh Prints


They are not your ordinary prints which you see on Indian dresses or salwar kameez! Ajrakh prints are an exceptional example of fine and intricate printing on textiles and pottery. The utmost detailing with which these prints are created is worth every stare and brings a phenomenal twist to simple outfits and silhouettes. If you love Indian prints, then your wardrobe must have an exquisite Ajrakh print dress or ethnic saree! Pure Elegance is delighted to bring these tasteful prints in a galore of designs in sarees, suits, dresses, and blouses online in USA.  Our collection will surely leave you astounded and mesmerized!


The word Ajrakh or Ajrak is a Sindhi name and process of Ajrak printing originated in the Sindh, Kutch Area Gujarat and Barmer region of Rajasthan. The Ajrakh print refers to a form of block printing on shawls and tiles. The designs are exquisite and intricate patterns created with block print stamps. They are a proud symbol of Sindhi artisans and their culture. The most popularly used colors are blue, red, green, yellow and black. Ajrakh printing involves only vegetable or natural dyes and mineral dyes. Indigo is the main dye used in the printing process. 


The early civilizations in Sindh province, which is now a part of Pakistan along the River Indus found a method of cultivating tree cotton or Gossypium arboreum to make cotton clothes and they mastered the art of creating cotton fabrics. In the National Museum of Pakistan, an excavated bust of a priest king from Mohenjo Daro shows a piece of cloth draped over one shoulder which resembles an Ajrakh print. The trefoil patterns on the garment are dispersed with small circles filled with red color or pigment. It symbolizes the fusion of three sun-disks of the sun god, water god and earth god.

In the old world of Mesopotamia, excavations have revealed similar kind of patterns and prints appearing on several objects and of these particularly on the Tutankhamen royal couch, these patterns can be seen in the latest Ajrakh prints as well.

The block printing used in Ajrak using wooden blocks was first used in Ancient China. This method of Ajrakh printing is used till date to create designs on fabrics with natural dyes. Ajrakh prints are an essential symbol Sindhi culture where men use is as a drape over one shoulder, cummerbund and turban. Women use it as a shawl or dupatta. The Ajrakh prints are somewhere 2.5 to 3 meters long in beautiful deep rich colors.


In India, Ajrakh printing is widely used to create Indian outfits and silhouettes which are a fine blend of culture and modernism. Many Indian designers use Ajrakh printing to create beautiful Ajrakh sarees, Indowestern Ajrakh dresses, Ajrakh print Indian suits, and stunning Ajrakh ethnic blouses. Ajrak printing is also used in upholstery, home furnishing, and pottery. Here are some key pieces for Indian women who love to drown themselves in artistic prints!

Ajrakh sarees: The artistically printed Ajrak sarees are perfect to please your Indian aesthetics. A stunning combination of rich prints with cotton and silks brings galore of elegance to your Indian style. Ajrakh sarees are popularly made in cotton as well as silk and are indeed a must-have in your ethnic wardrobe!

Ajrak print suits: Keep your style bright and ethnic with beautifully printed Ajrakh suits! They are a hit among young girls who love to wear Indian suits and salwar kameez. They are perfect wear for summers and will bring every bit of traditional charm to your look!

Ajrakh dresses: The latest fashion trend of Indo-western dresses is ruling the fashion world in India. Stylish shift dresses made in bright Ajrakh prints is on every Indian fashionista’s list! Ajrakh print dresses are also made in a variety of other silhouettes like an off shoulder top with skirt or poncho with dhoti pants. The variety and designs are numerous and make a classy choice for various occasions.

Ajrak Kurta with Skirt

Ajrakh print blouses: How can a saree be complete without a beautiful ethnic blouse? Ajrak print blouses are a stunning match to perk up your simple cotton and silk sarees instantly. Ajrakh blouses online decorated with mirrors and kutch embroidery further elevate the beauty of these blouses adding a celebratory touch to your simple saree look.

Blue Ajrakh Print Blouse

Ajrakh Dupattas: Brighten up those hot summer days with Ajrakh Dupattas! Printed with artistic designs they are enough to turn your simple cotton suits into stunning outfits. Ajrak dupattas are made in cotton and silk in a variety of patterns and prints.

Blue Gajji Silk Ajrak Dupatta


You can wear your Ajrakh print outfits anytime and anywhere, a little styling will give you an effortless and style Indian look perfect to garner you loads of compliments!

Ajrakh sarees for festivals: If you are someone who like to keep it minimal always with traditional looks then Ajrak saris are for you! Wear a green bandhani saree with Ajrakh pallu to bring a perfect contrast to your festive look. Pair with traditional silver gold plated earrings and keep it minimal with a bindi and light makeup. This look will be right up your minimal alley!

Green Bandhani Saree with Ajrakh Pallu

Ajrakh dresses for party: A party or family get-together is perfect to flaunt your stylish Indian side! Indo-western Ajrakh dresses are a chic way to make a stylish statement. Choose an Ajrakh one shoulder top with a skirt or you can also go for a long Ajrak kurta with a skirt and pair with silver bracelets and ear cuffs.

Indo-western Ajrakh Dress

Ajrakh blouses for wedding: It is summer time and you have to attend a wedding but yet you want to look over the top! Go for a solid cotton silk saree in a bright pink or yellow pair with an embroidered Ajrakh designer Indian blouse. Round off your look with traditional silver gold plated jhumka earrings, bangles, and a potli clutch. This will give you a perfect guest wedding look!

Mirror Work Ajrakh Blouse


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