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Banarasi Sarees

Banarsi silk sarees are believed to be royal silhouettes from the time immemorial, with its references in the ancient books of Rig Veda – Hiranya. It was stated that the rich textiles made its way to the elite and aristocrat communities of the world due to its fine details and intricate zari embroidery work adorning the graceful banarsi silk sarees. The origin of these timeless elegant sarees took place at the oldest city in the human race: Varanasi where the weaving emporiums till today, weave these silk saris meticulously by hand. The sarees are known to employ real gold and silver threads for weaving the embroidery and took about six months to 1 year for curation.

History and Significance of Banarsi Sari

If you want to see a luxurious and opulent Indian saree, it will be a Banarasi Saree! This saree is hands down the richest gift of Indian artisans to ethnic fashion and Indian textile industry. Most of the characteristic motifs and designs on a pure Banarasi silk saree are inspired from the Mughal period including detailed floral motifs, foliate motifs and a string of leaves on the border called jhallar. A typical Banarasi sari has gold brocade or zari work, small motifs or designs, compact weaving, metallic appeal, heavy pallu and meenakari work. This saree is nothing less a gem in the world of Indian sarees. A Banarasi sari is a legacy which you can pass on for generations and will never lose its charm!


Popular Bollywood Celebrities Styling Banarsi Saree

Banarsi sarees are well-known for their excellent craftsmanship and rich fabric detailing, it takes years to curate one royal and authentic Banarsi saree. Bollywood actresses have been seen draping the breath-taking designer Banarsi sarees for an awards function, Red Carpet, or special occasions. Here are some of our best Bollywood celeb picks who justified the gorgeous drapes of Banarsi sari:

Aishwarya Rai

This ever-charming former Miss World and actress knows her style very well. She picked an absolute elegant blush red banarsi saree with floral motifs. She has donned a Victorian jewelry with the retro-chic hairstyle.


This timeless beauty donned a heavy Banarsi silk sari with deep red and gold hues. This versatile actress has never failed to drop our jaws time and again, with her minimal makeup and statement jewelry.

Madhuri Dixit

The Dhak Dhak girl looks astonishing as ever and we believe she has really aged gracefully. She loves to team up her vibrant Banarsi saris with contrasting raw silk designer blouses. The last fashion trend inspired by these Bollywood celebrities is a must-try if you’re also having plans of attending a wedding recently.

Deepika Padukone

The latest fashion icon of Bollywood, dusky dreamy Deepika drapes different silhouettes with ease. She experiments with her looks, yet her traditional look always bowls us away. This time, she tricked us down with the custom-made designer banarsi saree and looked every pound marvelous.

Vidya Balan

The epitome of traditional connoisseur, Vidya has a chicest of fine silk sarees including Banarsi saree, Kanjeevaram saree, Ikaat and Tussar among others. She gracefully drapes the sarees and give a punch of her signature style.

How to Choose Blouse with Banarsi Saree?

Blouse designs matter a lot especially when you’re thinking of draping a Banarsi sari. There are latest blouse designs which are making rounds in the market post the Bollywood actresses inspired looks. We’re totally crushing at the edgy, bold, traditional and uber-creative designer blouses that will give you blouse ideas and help you shop or tailor-make the perfect one with your saree.

Cold Shoulder Blouse

Cold shoulders are trending this season and you just can’t go wrong with these sweet and spicy blouses. With a flattering fit and off-shoulder kinda subtle appeal, such blouses work wonders for young women. The neckline and sleeves embroidered with zari work additionally exude the feminine charm.

Boat Neck Blouse

These are yet another option for you if the conservative style is your cup of tea. Boat necks are a little stretched on the side and hence, give an understated style. This particular blouse design suits elderly women who wish to keep it simple yet poised.

Brocade embroidered blouse

Vibrant raw silk brocade embroidered blouses give a striking appearance when paired with rich heavy banarsi silk saris. You can choose from a plethora of colors and design motifs.

Dramatic Sleeves

Look out for the trendy and fashionable cuts or flared sleeves to add some needed drama to your look. Pair your saree with flannel blouses that will instantly add some oomph.

High Neck Blouses

Formal events call for professional power dressing, however, if Banarsi handwoven work is your style, don’t compromise on that. Instead, look for high neck blouses with an elegant embroidery that will fix your saree blues.

Sheer Net Blouses

You can never go wrong in a sheer net sleeve blouse for they exude an exotic appeal. A hint of skin show beneath the embroidered designer organza or net blouses emanate elegance.

How to Choose Different Banarsi Sarees for your Body Type?

A banarsi saree comes in its standard six yards long size, however, to shop for the perfect drape for your body type will perfect sum up the look in the best possible way. To find such banarsi saree that suits your personality and body, here are some quick tips to help you keep in mind before shopping.

Broad Body Frame

For women with wide and broad shoulders and petite bottom must go for light textured silk fabrics. Banarsi silk sarees are also available in several blends like chiffon and georgette or chignon fabrics. They will flatter your body image and give you a perfect fall. Steer clear from the heavily embroidered bold border, crepe banarsi saris.

For Petite Women

Slim and short women who constitute the majority of Asians must keep a check on the narrow borders on the Banarsi sarees. This will instantly give you a taller appearance. Big and bold prints with flashy colors will make you look shorter and set a wrong picture.

Slim and Tall Women

You’re blessed with such a formidable lean and tall body frame. Drape tissue or Tussar Banarsi sarees that will complement the curves and exude feminine charm effortlessly. Fabrics like Banarsi organza will also look equally good on you. Don’t fall for big bold prints and choose subtle colors instead of draping loud ones.

Pear Shaped Body

Women with a heavy bust and belly are said to have a pear-shaped body. Such women can easily drape themselves in heavy Banarsi sarees with rich embroidered work to distract others from your problem parts. Team the saree with long sleeve blouses and experiment your drape, like ulta pallu.

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How to Choose Banarsi Saree for your Complexion?

Dusky Complexion

These pretty ladies with a marvellous mellow warm complexion can vouch on bright and flashy signature Banarsi silk sarees that originally come in such colors. Pastel colors will add on to the paleness, thus, opt for pretty vibrant hues. Women with tan or melanin skin tone look more attractive in ethnic ensembles especially silk sarees. However, keep your jewellery minimal to make your banarsi saree the showstopper! Fine tune your makeup with the saree and you’re good to go.

Fair Complexion

Women with fair complexion should not opt for brighter color tones of Banarsi silk saree. Choose pastel and soft hues like baby pink, mint green, peach, coral etc.

Where to Wear Banarsi Silk Saree?

A Banarasi sari does not need too much styling; simplicity is the key to shine in a Banarasi sari! Traditional saree with Indian jewelry and simple makeup is perfect for your ethnic Indian style. But different occasions demand different styles and sarees, let us find out which Banarasi saree will fit your occasion.Rich handwoven textiles like Banarsi saris, silk sarees, kanjeevaram sarees are your perfect go-to. Heavily embroidered banarsi sarees will unfold your charm and feminine grace effortlessly, so drape one and flaunt your charisma

For Formal Events and Parties

Banarsi sarees are sure to enchant everyone at the formal soiree, events, professional gatherings at your workplace. You can choose the lighter texture of banarsi saree like chiffon, georgette or tissue which will stay in place and not look overdressed.

For Weddings

Banarsi sarees endow an eternal class and grace which adds on to the beauty of a woman by heaps and bounds. Talking of the pure silk fabrics woven with a skill, embellished and embroidered with highest precision. These wedding sarees are your ultimate haven for beauty and poise. 

For Festivals

Banarsi sarees have long been worn by the Indian women since time immemorial due to the rituals and traditional parlance. You can wear vibrant heavily embroidered baransi sarees for festive occasions or family gatherings to restore the rich culture of India.

4 Traditional Types of Banarasi Saree

There are mainly four varieties of Banarasi Sarees of which the richest and pure form of this saree is a Katan or pure silk Banarasi saree, then comes Organza (Kora) silk Banarasi Saree, Georgette Banarasi Saree and Shattir Banarasi Saree. With time many other varieties have evolved bringing versatility to this drape to wear on various occasions.


  1. Katan or Pure Banarasi silk Saree: This saree is woven with pure silk threads or katan. The saree is beautifully decorated with zari motifs and borders. This thread is prepared by twisting different types of silk woven threads together in order to give a firm structure to the weave. It is a plain woven fabric which is prepared by threads twisted together in a lighter form of warp technique.
  2. Organza (Kora) silk Banarasi Sari: The fabric is woven from silk which is light, plain weave and sheer. It is highlighted with zari and Banarasi brocade.These are amazingly light-textured and diaphanous banarsi silk saree. With royal zari work embroidery, they look super fancy as they are also very strong and durable. Thanks to their sheer, light texture. These saris have natural stiffness; hence, they do not require any starch or other stiffeners.
  3. Georgette Banarasi Saree: The sari is made from crepe fabric created from alternating S- and Z-twist yarns in warp and weft. Pure georgette Banarasi sari has a light woven fabric made from silk and is flowy and flexible in texture. The saree has a beautiful design of silver or gold zari buta and borders.
  4. Shattir Banarasi Saree: Shattir is a fabric used in modernized Banarasi saris. The fabric which is relatively heavier than georgette and crepe, it’s effortless elegance when draped makes it bloom instantly. It gives quite an exquisite and contemporary feel.

Design Aesthetics and Types in Saris

  1. Jamdani Banarasi Silk Saree: It is made with fine muslin cloth saree and has a weaving of floral motifs and intricate figures. In Jamdani Banarasi saris, the pure silk fabrics are brocaded with cotton threads. Banarasi saris with a mix of distinguished design appeal and showcasing the royalty of Mughal art and architecture, the sarees are quite expensive due to its authentic and pure brocade fabric.
  2. Jangla Banarasi Saree: It has a distinct Jangla design or pattern all over the saree. The typical vegetation motifs in Jangla sarees scrolls and wildly spread throughout. It is one of the oldest among Banarasi brocades. Jangla motifs are quite a popular sight and they are also priced exorbitantly.
  3. Cutwork Banarasi Sari: This is saree is made using cut-work technique and has a plain texture. The saree is made by setting warp threads with cotton and weft threads to produce some traditional motifs and designs. A cutwork Banarasi saree is a cheaper version of a Jamdani saree and is mostly decorated with leaves, creepers, marigold and jasmine flowers motifs. Unique patterns of cut work saree are displayed from selvage to selvage, which makes it all the more resembling to Jamdani saris.
  4. Tissue Banarasi Saree: The saree is a blend of zari and silk. It is woven saree with beautiful sheen created by gold zari wefts which gives the appearance of a golden cloth. The royalty and beauty of these tissue banarsi sari exude eternal charm, featuring a pattern of intricate detailing and designer motifs to exude elegance.
  5. Butidar Banarasi Sari: These are beautiful woven sarees brocaded with silk, gold and silver threads. The Banarasi weavers refer to this sari as Ganga-Jamuna as gold threads are darker than silver threads. The motifs are popularly named as Ashraffi Butti, Angoor Bail, Latiffa Buti, Jhummar Buti, Reshem Buti, Jhari Butta, to name a few.


  1. Tanchoi Banarasi Saree: The saree is created with vibrant weft silk yarns and the pallu has beautiful motif designs. Designs like flowers, small birds in flight, peacocks and parrot motifs are used inspired by the lovely nature. Tanchoi fabric features an array of spots on its surface, woven with a dual color warp. Some threads are added to give the saree a touch of embroidery look.
  2. Banarasi Tussar Silk Saree: It is a woven saree made from pure tussar silk with beautiful Banarasi zari buta and border design. These saris are immaculately crafted to resonate delicacy coupled with the rich textured attribute and employing the naturally-inspired textures like creepers, florals, and leaves etc.
  3. Banarasi Khaddi Sari: The saree is woven and known for the opulent use of zari and colorful dyes. These saris come in a heavy and coarse texture, as the fine threads of silk are interweaved with the Khaddi threads, hence giving a texture of slightly coarse aesthetic. Color banarsi khaddar saris with traditional designs give quite a soft look.
  4. Muga Banarasi Saree: Beautiful woven saree made with muga silk and Banarasi weave and intricate zari buta and borders. Delicate and dyed in vibrant azure colors exude quite a rich visual appeal to these flamboyant saris.
  5. Matka Banarasi Saree: Graceful woven saree is made with Matka silk and is beautifully highlighted with Banarasi border and buta design. Matka Banarsi saris are weaved with the traditional designer technique involving warp of same color while weft threads with silk threads and cotton blend is what these sarees are made of.
  6. Ghicha Banarasi sari: The woven saree is made of Ghicha silk with beautiful Banarasi zari borders or buta design. The Dupian silk variation generally come with a broad zari work border with vibrant and glorious colors, designs which makes them a signature statement of these saris.
  7. Linen Banarasi Saree: The saree is woven and made of linen. It is perfectly ornated with Banarasi zari buta and borders.Get your hands on these exquisite varieties of Banarasi sarees online at Pure Elegance to suit every occasion and style!

 How to Ensure your Benarsi Saree is an Original?

It is extremely important to consider the aesthetics of the classic Banarsi saree before making a heavy purchase. Often times, the Chinese and Surat fake copies of Banarsi silk sarees dupe the customers who would purchase the product at a relatively higher price than it actually is. Here are some tips to keep in mind before shopping authentic weaves of Banarsi saree:

Before buying the Banarsi sari, flip the saree and check that there are no floats between the grids of the warp and weft design on the reverse. Only a handwoven Banarsi saree will be produced following the delicate and complex warp and weft technique, Fake banarsi copies are made using the machine.

The design embroidery on the Banarsi sarees are inspired by the Mughal period, and therefore, you will find elements like amru, ambi, and domak. A fake Banarsi saree will not have these Persian designs.

An original Banarsi silk saree also has a six to eight-inch-long plain pallu. Pallu is the portion of the saree that falls over your shoulder. If the pallu is not plain or subtle, it is not an authentic Banarsi sari.

You must also verify with the Certificate of Authorised use with the Silk Mart logo when purchasing an original Banarasi saree. You must ask the shop owner for the same.

The price of the Banarasi saree largely depends upon the extent of gold and silver thread work embroidery adorning the saree. The heavier the sari, the higher is the price of the saree.

How to take care of your Banarsi Silk Saree?

The delicately handwoven beauty is indeed a treasure to keep. Banarsi sarees not only are symbolic of the rich cultural heritage but also plays as a quintessential role in the bridal trousseau. Lack of knowledge on how to take a proper care of Banarsi sarees lead to damage and ruining of these beautiful sarees. Here are some useful tips and hacks to help you preserve the Banrasi sarees that have been passed on to our ancestors.The versatile Banarsi sarees can be repurposed for a plethora of other uses. Read more here.

  • You should never wash the brand new Banrasi saree with a soap or detergent Initially, soak it a bucket full of salty water.
  • Rinse and wash your pallu and border separately for the first few washes.
  • Make sure store these sarees separately wrapped in a muslin cloth or soft cotton cloth.
  • Place them in a cold and dark place where the sunlight does not reach with sprinkled neem leaves.
  • Avoid using a brush or a larsh since it might lead to tearing up the zari embroidery of the saree.
  • You can begin washing the saree with mild detergent in cold water after using it about 2-3 times at least.
  • Do not dry them in direct sunlight.
  • In case of a stain, soak the stained area in petrol and lightly brush to remove the affected part. Soaking the affected area with cold water immediately will also help in removing the stain effectively and quickly.
  • Remember to use light to medium heating while ironing your saree.
  • Place a cotton sheet under the Banarsi saree while ironing it.
  • Avoid making a bundle of your saree when wet, also do not making a bundle with a blouse and petticoat.
  • Practise changing the folds of the saree regularly to keep it in right shape and form.
  • Take really good care of your precious valuable and don’t avoid the stains which can ruin your saree in a moment.

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