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Bandhani Sarees

Introduction To Indian Fashion 

There are a whole lot of elements that come together to create magic when it comes to ethnic Indian clothing and fashion. Right from the way in which the fabric is woven to the colors, patterns, embellishments and more - there's an incredible amount of skill, craftsmanship and labor that goes into creating an ethnic outfit. Known for dreamy drapes and silhouettes coupled with intricate designs, Indian outfits make for a flattering fit on almost any and every body type and you've got a style to suit every mood, occasion and day. 
There's so much to play and experiment with in Indian clothing that it's almost a never ending world of it's own with endless fashion possibilities. Extremely vast, Indian clothing for women can broadly be divided in three. The three main categories in ethnic clothing are - Salwaar suits, sarees and lehengas. Each of these outfit types have multiple sub-styles under them, making it any desi fashionista's dream!


Saris are one of the most popular styles of Indian clothing for women all around the world. Usually nine yards in length, a saree can be best describes as a long piece of fabric that is beautifully draped around the body. The pleats at the waist give the sari a certain stability and the end of the fabric, known as the pallu goes across the upper body, and over the shoulder and usually falls at least till hip length. The pallu is most often the most decorated part of any saree because of it's free-flowing nature. Sarees are accompanied with ethnic blouses which are similar to crop tops and petticoats which are worn waist down under the saree. 

The Magic of Bandhani

Also known as Bandhej, Bandhni, or Piliya, Bandhani is a style of tie-dye textile characterized by dotted designs. Creating Bandhej patterns is a highly skilled process which involves plucking on the cloth with fingernails into several small bindings which eventually result in the formation of the designs.
Bandhej work is extensively made in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and in certain areas of Punjab, in India. The Kutcch region is especially popular for Bandhani textiles and clothing. An interesting fact about the Bandhej design is that the earliest evidence of it dates back all the way to Indus Valley Civilization. Similar style of dyeing has even been seen in the 6th century paintings on the walls of Cave 1 in Ajanta. These paintings primarily depict the life of Buddha. 
Bandhej textiles are extensively used in almost all forms of Indian clothing. Bandhani sarees are ultra-popular among Indian women all around the globe. Vibrant, eye-catching, with a dash of a playful charm, these saris sure turn heads in delight. Indian Bandhani sarees are often accompanied with mirror work or gota-patti work since the two styles, too, come from the regions Bandhani textiles are made in.

Styling A Bandhani Saree 

Also known as Piliya sarees, an Indian Bandhani saree can be styled to suit almost any and every occasion. A deep maroon and white Bandhani saree with a splash of black on the blouse and border is perfect for no-fuss work days. Top it with a classic bun and you're all set. For a lunch with the ladies, a lovely lime green, white and yellow Bandhani saree is sure to do justice to the beautiful afternoon. Finish your look with open hair and dangler earrings. When festivals and family gatherings come calling, nothing works better than an orange Bandhej saree with a mirror-work border. For pujas, choose one with an embroidered border instead of a mirror-work border for a slightly more sober look. A side braid topped with bangles is sure to make this look a hit. When it comes to big events like weddings and receptions, you just cannot go wrong with a pink or red Bandhani saree with gota patti work or kundan work. Don't forget to compliment the saree with traditional Indian jewelry. 

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