Bridal Lehenga

Elevate your bridal elegance with designer wedding lehenga

Every girl wants her wedding to be out of a fairy tale! She wants her bridal style to be absolutely ethereal and one of a kind. Indian brides invest a lot of time in hunting the best designer Indian bridal lehenga which will turn them into a breathtaking bride. From designers to stores to boutiques; they leave no stone unturned to select the most stunning bridal lehenga ever. An Indian bridal lehenga is a highly ornamental version of the traditional ghagra choli or skirt top in which a bride glows with happiness and pride. It is a masterpiece, beautifully decorated with fine craftsmanship and elaborate embroidery. To ensure that your wedding lehenga is utterly out of this world, we bring you some jaw-dropping designer lehenga online at Pure Elegance. But let us first dive into some essentials of choosing or finding a perfect bridal lehenga!

How to select bridal lehenga?

Selecting a bridal lehenga which fits your taste for Indian aesthetics is a massive task. It can leave you frustrated if your days of hunting that perfect lehenga go in vain. Shopkeepers or store owner may lure you into buying some heavily expensive lehengas, thus leaving you wrong choices. So, what you should know before selecting a bridal lehenga, read on!

Set a budget for your Indian wedding attire:
It all comes down to budget. Keep a separate budget for bridal lehenga, so that you do not land up over spending. Keeping a set budget will help to care of the rest of the wedding expenses.

Fabric really matters:
Do not fall for faux fabrics, it is your big day and a cheap looking fabric can spoil all your wedding pictures. Indian bridal lehengas look best in silk, Banarasi brocade, net, chiffon and Banarasi Georgette. Choose wisely before investing your money!

How to determine the Embroidery and stitching of the bridal lehenga:
Look carefully into the details of your wedding lehenga including embroidery and stitching. The embroidery should be very neat with no threads or beads falling out. Same goes with the stitching; the seams must be clean with no threads coming out. Our designer Lehengas have the perfect combination of zardozi, sequins, pearls and thread work, so make sure that your lehenga has this perfect amalgamation with finesse.

Blouse and dupatta for your Indian bridal lehenga make a huge difference:
More than anything else, ensure that your blouse and dupatta are finished immaculately because they will round off your bridal look. Lehenga blouse has to be well cut and finished with a beautiful front and back necklines. Dupatta should be well finished with an inner facing neatly stitched to it and go for latkans on dupatta, they will just elevate the lehenga design.

Bridal lehenga for different body types:

This is a constant poking thought in the minds of anxious brides; which style or design will suit my body type?

  • Lehenga for apple shape body:
    When you have maximum bulk around your belly area, it can become challenging to finalize a lehenga design. For an apple- shaped body, you can choose lehengas with koti Go for small motifs and dainty designs. Dark colors like red or maroon will do wonders in concealing those extra inches.

  • Lehenga for pear shape body: 
    In a pear shaped body the weight lies around the hip area. Choose a flared lehenga it will conceal as well as give a stunning bridal look. A long kurta blouse or a jacket blouse can be a choice for pairing with a lehenga If you don’t want a long blouse then a dark color for a lehenga skirt is a good choice for a pear shaped body. Avoid big embroideries or motifs near the hip area otherwise, it will highlight them.

  • Lehenga for rectangle shape body:
    A rectangle shape body is a straight figure or athletic in built up. Choose a lehenga skirt with lots of volume and pair with a koti blouse or a normal blouse. It is better to choose a light color skirt and a dark color blouse to create a curve illusion.

  • Lehenga for hourglass body:
    For an hour glass figure the options are innumerable. To accentuate those beautiful curves you can choose a mermaid style bridal A normal saree style blouse looks perfect on an hour glass body. The color palette is wide to choose from, pick any color bridal lehenga for your wedding day. The embroideries and patterns can be of any size or design!

Tips for choosing the bridal lehenga colors for different skin tone: 

Radiate that bridal glow by choosing the right color Indian bridal lehenga for your skin tone!

  • Lehenga for dark skin tone:
    Wearing warm colors is a perfect choice for a dark skin. Highlight your beautiful skin tone with a wedding lehenga in the shades of burgundy, orange or magenta. You can experiment with any warm shade to make your bridal look a stand out.
  • Lehenga for wheatish skin tone:
    This gorgeous skin tone has many colors to choose from! You can select from dark to light colors for bridal lehenga. A wheatish skin bride can look striking in any color!
  • Lehenga for fair skin tone:
    Fair skin tone brides make a stunning statement in colors like fuschia pink, bright orange, red and green. Choose from these colors to make a dreamy bride!

While these are some of the tips to keep in mind while choosing an Indian wedding lehenga, individual choices always come into play. No matter what you choose, be happy and confident, you are sure to mesmerize everyone with your bridal look!

Seventeen Most Popular Types of Indian bridal lehengas

When we talk about the bridal lehenga it is not just the wedding that matters, lehenga is an ensemble which is worn by a bride on various occasions of her wedding. Indian designers have really revamped the lehenga designs to create a perfect blend of modern and traditional styles. Choosing a particular style of lehenga depends on the factors as stated above, so let us talk about different kinds of bridal lehengas and their designs!

1. Classic red lehenga:
Yes, this is hands down the most popular choice when we think of a typical Indian wedding lehenga. The color red is a mark of Indian tradition and is considered auspicious. The lehenga is beautifully adorned with heavy zardozi, dabka, sequins, pearls or stone work. It is a perfect choice for brides who want to keep their look close to traditions!
Pure Elegance Classic Red Lehenga
Classic red bridal lehenga

2. Multicolored bridal lehenga:
If you want to add a vibrant color splash to your bridal look then go for multicolored bridal lehenga. The lehenga has a different shade of skirt, blouse and dupatta. It looks like a beautiful bridal canvas painted with bright colors. Multicolor lehengas photograph really well!
Multi color wedding lehenga

3. Mermaid style bridal lehenga:
A perfect mermaid shape lehenga is for accentuating your beautiful curves! This lehenga has a perfectly fitted skirt which gives the impression of a mermaid in motion. This style is a great pick for engagement and reception!
Classic mermaid style bridal lehenga

4. A-line bridal lehenga:
A-line lehenga choli has a skirt which looks like alphabet A. The skirt is tight at the waist with a spread out panel or bottom; it is worn with a normal blouse or choli. A striking lehenga design for wedding, engagement or reception!
Classic A-line bridal lehenga

5. Modern flared lehenga:
The modern bridal lehengas are perfectly structured and hold their shape always. The flare of the lehenga skirt is firmly held by can-can on the inner side of the skirt. It not only gives a fuller volume but also gives an impression of lots of kalis in the lehenga skirt. It is easy to carry and flaunts each detail of the embroidery. This is the most popular bridal lehenga for modern brides!
Modern flared bridal lehenga

6. Rich Banarasi bridal lehenga:
A Banarasi lehenga is a pure definition of a rich and royal bridal look. The pure woven Banarasi silk or Banarasi brocade fabrics are self- sufficient to create a masterpiece lehenga. You don’t have to go overboard with embroidery with a Banarasi bridal lehenga, the rich fabric speaks for itself! If you have a desire to look like a royal bride on your wedding day, then Banarasi lehenga is for you!
Rich banarasi lehenga for Indian wedding

7. Bridal lehenga with long jacket: If you are looking for a classy bridal lehenga for your reception then this is your pick! The lehenga looks utterly sophisticated with a long jacket worn over a flared skirt. For a bridal look choose a heavy embroidered jacket with zardozi or mirror work worn over a solid skirt.
Pure Elegance Bridal Lehenga with long jacket

8. Heavy embellished bridal lehenga:
For brides who really love to wear heavy designs, an embellished lehenga is for them! The lehenga is decorated with heavy stones, crystal and beads work and dupatta is finished with heavy latkans. This is a really elaborate and glitzy wedding lehenga!
Heavy embellished bridal lehenga:

9. Bridal lehenga with intricate motif embroidery:
This is one of most traditional embroidery designs on bridal lehengas. The lehenga skirt is exquisitely embroidered with intricate floral motifs placed over a heavy border or spread throughout. If you really want to see the beauty of these designs Indian fashion designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee creates some really fine motif embroidery bridal lehengas.
Bridal lehenga with intricate motif embroidery

10. Bridal lehenga with heavy embroidery borders:
Brides who always like keeping it classy and understated, this style fits their taste perfectly!  The lehenga has minimal embroidery on blouse and dupatta and the skirt is plain with a beautiful heavy border. Gone are the times when only a very heavily embroidered lehenga could be a wedding lehenga!
Bridal lehenga with heavy embroidery borders

11. Bridal lehenga with a koti blouse:
A koti blouse with a lehenga skirt is a great choice for short brides or an apple shaped body. It gives length to your body and also conceals any extra inches. A perfect pick for an elegant bridal statement!
Bridal lehenga with koti blouse

12. Bridal lehenga with peplum blouse:
Indian designers are bringing a contemporary twist to bridal lehengas with stylish modern cut blouses. Peplum blouses with a lehenga skirt is another favorite these days with top designers like Tarun Tahiliani and Sabyasachi Mukherjee, who are fusing modern and ethnic styles together to create bespoke bridal lehengas!

13. Bridal lehenga with a crop top blouse:
Modern brides like to keep it fashionable and comfortable. A crop top blouse is a big hit with young brides paired with a minimal style lehenga skirt. This is a stylish pick for your sangeet or even reception. Sometimes keeping it simple makes a big statement!
Banarasi Bridal Lehenga with Koti Blouse

14. Bridal lehenga with poncho-style blouse: A very comfortable and easy to wear style with an understated design is a bridal lehenga with a poncho blouse. The anti-fit poncho is paired with a flared skirt which brings out that free spirited and chic vibe in a bride. Manish Malhotra created this beautiful style to make bridal lehenga more comfortable and fashionable. This can be your pick for an engagement or a reception.

15. Bridal lehenga with an off shoulder blouse:
When off shoulder is everywhere, why should our designer wedding lehengas be left behind! Bring out your bridal glamor with an off shoulder blouse paired with a lehenga skirt. Leave everyone awestruck with your exceptional bridal fashion sense!

16. Bridal lehenga with belted blouse:
Wear a stylish belted blouse with an embroidered lehenga skirt to your reception. It is a beautifully structured bridal ensemble for a classy and elegant statement. Take your cue from Sabyasachi bridal lehengas with belted blouses, a fine example of exquisite bridal lehengas!

17. Bridal lehenga with double dupatta:
Double dupatta is a style which makes a bridal look extraordinary! Beautiful designer wedding lehengas are available these days with two dupattas draped in different styles. Create a regal bridal look with this elaborate style!

Each bridal lehenga has its own uniqueness and beauty, choose your favorite designer bridal lehengas online to make your wedding day absolutely special!

How to drape a bridal lehenga dupatta?

Once ready you can’t play with lehenga silhouette but you can definitely play with dupatta draped in different ways!

Seedha dupatta style:
This is very much similar to Gujarati Saree drape. The dupatta is draped over the head and pleated and pinned at right shoulder. It is spread out in front and pinned on the left side. This is one of the most common and traditional styles of draping a bridal lehenga dupatta. It is perfect drape for an apple shaped body.

One-side pleated dupatta:
It is a more fashionable dupatta drape. The dupatta is pinned on left side with the lehenga and then draped over the head and pleated and pinned on the right shoulder. The dupatta is left hanging freely in the front on right side. A style which is popular with the modern brides!

Saree style dupatta drape:
In saree style drape, two dupattas are used. One dupatta is draped around like a saree pallu, start by pinning at left side with lehenga and then drape around from the back and bring in the front. Make pleats and pin the pallu on the left shoulder.  The other dupatta is draped like a head veil. This style is popular in designer bridal lehengas which come with two dupattas and is perfect for a royal bride look! This drape looks absolutely striking on an hour glass figure

Sabyasachi bridal dupatta drape:
Indian bridal fashion couturier puts as much effort in styling his brides as he does in creating magnificent bridal lehengas. His brides are an epitome of royalty and tradition. Sabyasachi brides are usually draped in casual dupatta style. The dupatta is draped over the head while leaving it hanging on the left side and the other corner of the dupatta is held in right hand. If your lehenga blouse is heavily embroidered then this style is perfect to show your blouse design!

Front U-dupatta drape:
In this style, the dupatta is pinned on the right shoulder making sure that a good length is left hanging in the front. Now, from the back, the dupatta is draped over the head. Take the loose hanging dupatta from the right side in the form of a U and pin on the left shoulder. This is another traditional style of draping a bridal lehenga dupatta.

Casual dupatta style:
This style will make a perfect fit for occasions like sangeet when you are planning to dance and enjoy your wedding celebrations. It is same as casual suit dupatta spread out in front and pinned on both shoulders. If you want to go for minimal effortless lehenga style this drape is your choice!

These are some of the classy styles of draping a lehenga dupatta, just pick your favorite and make a head-turning bridal statement!

How to style bridal lehenga on different Indian wedding events?

Running out of ideas on how to style your bridal lehenga? We bring you some style tips perfect for each Indian wedding occasion.

Bridal lehenga for mehendi:
Simple and easy to carry lehenga fits the occasion of mehendi. It is important that you keep the mehendi application in mind while choosing your lehenga. Choose a ghaghra style lehenga design with light gota patti work or cut work lace, which will be easy to carry. Leave the dupatta and go for a koti blouse with short sleeves. To accessorize you can wear fresh flower jewelry as a tikka and earrings. Put your hair back into a fishtail braid and wear some flowers! You will look as fresh as a budding flower!

Bridal lehenga for sangeet:
Sangeet is the time to dance and celebrate your joy with your loved ones. A sangeet event calls for a beautiful backless blouse paired with a flared lehenga skirt. You can go for a Banarasi georgette lehenga skirt or a Banarasi silk skirt. Drape your dupatta in a casual style or pleated on one side. Round off your look with heavy earrings. It is best to go for a tied-up casual hairstyle as you will have to dance through the night!

Bridal lehenga for engagement:
An engagement style for the bride-to-be should be soft yet striking. Go for a peach, pink or coral color lehenga with subtle embroidery for your engagement. Keep the jewelry minimum like only a pair of earrings. The makeup should be soft and radiant. You can open your hair or can opt for a half-tie and half-loose hair style. This will give a feminine appeal to your look!

Bridal lehenga for the wedding:
Your bridal glory is at its peak on your wedding day! For brides who are going for a heavy or a dark color lehenga, it is important to keep the make-up subtle yet glowing. Wear single kundan necklace with earrings. Go for a traditional kundan maang tikka.

If you have chosen a light embroidered or a light color lehenga, you can experiment more with the makeup! Go for layered necklaces or jewelry with a stunning math patti.

It is important to keep a balance between lehenga, jewelry and makeup to avoid an overwhelming or an underwhelming bridal look.

Bridal lehenga for the reception:
Reception is your welcome party and you need to shine like a star on this occasion! Choose bright colored or multicolored designer bridal lehenga and wear with one heavy necklace and earrings. Put your hair back in a stylish low bun. Unlike wedding it is not necessary to wear a maang tikka or a dupatta as a head veil at reception, just drape the dupatta in saree style and you are sure to impress everyone with your charm!

How to wear lehenga like a Bollywood bride?

Every bride dreams to look like a beautiful Bollywood bride on her wedding day. Bollywood is a big source of fashion inspiration whether it is western or Indian, take some cue from these memorable Bollywood brides for your bridal style!

  • Madhuri Dixit made a stunning bride in movie Hum Aapke Hain Kaun wearing a golden yellow embroidered koti blouse with a lehenga She draped a dupatta over her head hanging freely on both sides. Her jewelry touches were impeccable including a choker necklace, earrings and math patti.
  • Aishwarya Rai is the epitome of a beautiful Indian bride. She made a jaw-dropping royal bride in the movie Jodha Akhbar. She wore a red heavy embroidered lehenga draped with double dupatta, one in Gujarati style and other one draped over the head. Her jewelry was elaborate with heavy kundan polki necklace, hand harness, earrings and Rajasthani borla. The key to her beauty look was the no makeup look which made her look like a royalty.
  • Deepika Padukone gave some major bridal look inspiration in the movie Bajirao Mastani wearing long kurta with sharara She wore a double dupatta, one was draped casually over the head and another heavy dupatta for wrapping around. The look was perfectly rounded with a passa, maang tikka, nath, choker necklace and earrings.   
  • Anushkha Sharma swept everyone off their feet with her beautiful bridal look in the movie Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. She wore a heavy embroidered lehenga with double The beige kurta blouse was beautifully complemented with a red embroidered lehenga skirt. She wore one heavy kundan polki necklace with earrings, nath and a passa. The makeup was kept minimal since the ensemble was heavy.
  • Alia Bhatt made a quintessential bride in the movie 2 States wearing a simple red and gold lehenga draped in saree style with minimal gold jewelry and a gold waistband. She wore lots of gajra in her hair and the makeup was kept simple.

Get inspired from these beautiful Bollywood brides to create your stunning bridal look!

Where to buy designer wedding lehenga in USA?

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