Designer Sarees

There's a certain indescribable joy in shopping for ethnic clothes. The delectable colors, magnificent designs, a plethora of gorgeous fabrics - they all make it a delightful experience. The diversity of Indian fashion greatly adds on to this experience. Sarees, lehengas, anarkalis - there's so much to browse and choose from. Pure Elegance carefully handpicks a sublime selection that aims to bring you the best of all the above. The options are galore when it comes to colors, styles, silhouettes and more. We strive to cater to, and satiate every ethnic style palette.
Sarees are one of the most popular garments in Indian fashion and it's not hard to see why. With an air of effortless elegance, they exude a fluid charm and flatter all body types. Typically measuring between five to nine yards, they are draped around by the wearer and don't commonly come in a ready made drape. The body of the style is tied at around at the waist and the end bit of the sari, known as the pallu, is usually brought across the chest and over the shoulder. Since the pallu is often the most visible and free part of the saree, it is commonly decorated with dazzling patterns and designs. A traditional Indian saree is worn with a blouse on top and a petticoat underneath the sari. Many regions in India have their own draping styles, however, the most popular one is the 'Nivi style' from the state of Andhra Pradesh.
Sarees are incredibly versatile and can be worn from the office, to the dinner after, to of course, elaborate festive occasions and weddings. Walk into the Monday morning meeting in a grey khaddi saree if you're looking to impress with ethnic simplicity. A lime green chiffon sari is a lovely choice for a casual luncheon. When the family dinner parties beckon, a floral linen saree is sure to have you looking sublime.  For weddings zari woven sarees or embellished sarees in hues of red, orange or pink are perfect picks. 
The styles of saris can be broadly divided into three - handloom woven sarees, embroidered and embellished sarees and printed sarees. Woven sarees are classic choices that are usually made in silk and cotton fabrics. Evergreen and widely loved, they can never go out of style. Embroidered and embellished sarees are great for times you want to take it up a notch. Plain thread embroidery is great for simpler occasions while sarees with kundan work, mirror work, and embroidery in golden or silver thread works best for grand occasions like weddings. If bold is your preference but you do want to keep it light, a printed saree is just what you should be reaching out to.
When it comes to saris, there are certain styles that are wardrobe essentials. A vibrant Banarasi sari, a resplendent kanjivaram silk saree, a charming georgette saree - they are all eternally alluring. When you look to buy sarees online in the USA, you'll find a wide variety of all these at our Indian wear store - Pure Elegance.
A fashion designer saree is a beautiful way to express one's self. The fabrics and the colors speak volumes when one adorns a saree. Turn your vintage style dreams into reality with a crisp cotton ikkat saree. Keep it fun and endearing in a neon shaded georgette saree with a mirror work border. Channel your inner queen in a regal, purple kanchipuram silk sari. Keep it refreshingly easy breezy in a blue linen saree. Want the best of royal charm but don't want to don something too heavy? Choose a tussar silk sari with a floral pattern that is sure to have you standing stylishly tall. For occasions when you want to go one hundred percent glam, work up a stunning look in a net saree with lace work. 
Patterns and designs too, add to the vibe of a saree. Stripes, chevron lines and geometric patterns can bring in a touch of modern aesthetics to a sari. Ikkat patterns lend a saree a rustic, ethnic vintage feel. Traditional motifs and paisley designs have an evergreen charm to them and add on to the ethnic aesthetics of a saree. Florals are always delightful and can instantly light up a room.
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Everything you wanted to know about Banarasi saree:

Banarasi silk sarees are a staple pick for any Indian woman whose outfit of choice is a saree. The rich gold and silver brocade or zari work of a Banarasi saree and its beautiful motifs on the border called jhallar are an exquisite addition to any woman’s wardrobe. Banarasi sarees are the ultimate in traditional Indian wear as a luxurious and beautiful garment made in rich pure silks that are dyed in an endless array of jewel colors and adorned with intricately weaved gold or silver thread brocade.

It is a unique style saree that has mesmerised wearers as well as onlookers for ages. If you want to appear luxurious and spell copious sophistication then all you have to do is to don a richly weaved Banarasi sari and let its delicate finesse do all the talking that is needed.

It is a wise choice for Indian Ethnic fashion loving women to invest in some good Banarasi sarees as a timeless addition to their saree collection because not only are these beautiful style sarees that flatter women of all ages and regions, what is more is that these sarees last a lifetime when well stored and maintained and never ever go out of fashion. The beauty of a Banarasi saree is a joy forever.

However, when it comes to selecting the best and only the highest quality Banarasi saree, it is necessary to have the right know how about these gorgeous sarees. And why should you not invest some time to get to know Banarasi sarees? after all acquiring a gorgeous Banarasi saree is not just a regular purchase, it is almost forming a relationship with a garment made in many meticulous human hours by expert hands of artisans using techniques and craftsmanship developed over centuries and handed down generation to generation. Each Banarasi saree is a unique and matchless piece of art that adorns its wearer with not just beautifully dyed and weaved thread or zaree, it is a diatribe of our rich culture and historical heritage which encapsulates endless stories of Indian culture, history, crafts, traditions and values.

So, let us delve into the universe of Banarasi sarees and discover the whole yarn of its origin, history and journey to weave together an enchanting narrative of the Banarasi saree while we shine in its resplendent aura.

What is a Banarasi saree?

A Banarasi saree is so named after Banaras or Varanasi, also known by its other moniker Kashi. An ancient city on the banks of the great Indian river Ganga which has been the nerve centre of not just Indian history, spirituality and culture, Varanasi has been one of the most thriving textile industries since ancient times. The region has been known for its silk weaving techniques since the later period around the 17th century and has been known for the last 200 hundred years for its high-quality silk brocade Banarasi sarees and fabrics.

These sarees are made from pure silk and weaved with intricate floral and foliate motifs in gold or silver brocade or zaree, which is a gold or silver wrapped silk yarn. They are often quite heavy because of the metal wrapped yarn and are therefore worn at the most opulent or important Indian festivities and celebrations such as Indian weddings and Indian festivals like Diwali.

What is the evolution of the Banarasi saree?

A key to buying the best and most superior Banarasi sarees is to understand the history and the evolution of this style. Very often, the lack of requisite knowledge about the Banarasi saree can lead to an impulse buy resulting in purchase of dupes which are neither pure silk not authentically Banarasi.

At Pure Elegance we aim to empower our consumers instead of simply inducing them to make purchases. We believe that an empowered consumer is a satisfied consumer and a satisfied consumer is an asset to any establishment. We help you to learn how to buy original Banarasi silk saris.

So here we bring you everything you always wanted to know about the Banarasi saree but didn’t know whom to ask.

It is believed that the silk weavers in Banaras are migrants from Gujrat who were forced to move to greener pastures in Varanasi after the famine of 1603. The eminence of Mughal patterns in these sarees indicates that the art of weaving Banarasi sarees reached its zenith under the Mughal patronage and many of the common motifs and embellishments associated with Mughal style art such as flowers, geometric motifs, mina work, jal (net patterns) are found in artistic profusion on these sarees. Only the best quality silk and zaree is used for producing a good Banarasi saree.

The other important element of a Banarasi saree is that it is made entirely by hand and weaved from beginning to end by highly skilled weavers. These weavers complete the saree with meticulous care and precision and depending on the intricacy of the design and the complexity of the patterns a Banarasi saree can require from 15 days to a month to be completed. Specially ordered sarees or those with highly intricate designs can even take up to six months to complete. However these are rarely made nowadays in the absence of royal patronage which once used to be the mainstay of most arts including the art of weaving intricate, rare and unique Banarasi sarees.

Hence, Banarasi sarees have always been in demand by women all over the world. In fact the beauty of the Banarasi has even attracted many foreign designers too who have found inspiration for their collections in Banarasi style brocades to emulate the rich opulence of the East which is not usually found in the western aesthetic.

Where can I find an authentic Banarasi saree?

Naturally, owing to their beauty and excellence Banarasi sarees have been in high demand for many decades. Since they are made entirely by hand the production time for each piece is rather long, therefore riding on the high demand the traditional producers and weavers and the traditional Banarasi saree market has long been challenged by the mechanised production of the Banarasi saree at a cheaper cost and a faster rate. To further dilute the quality of Banarasi sarees, many producers have even replaced the traditional silk with cheap synthetic fabrics.

As a result, the industry of weavers in Varanasi has been identified and the regions with authentic manufacturing units that make the Banarasi saree the traditional way are also authenticated. At pure-elegance the sarees are sourced from the best quality weavers and only the high-quality sarees are added to the collection.

At Pure Elegance we have a beautiful collection of Banarasi sarees that are sure to not just be a treat to your eyes but will also enhance your grace and be a timeless addition to your saree collection. After all the real beauty of the Banarasi lies in its timelessness and here you will be sure to find pieces that defy passing fashion trends and leave a lasting impression no matter how many times they are worn.

A Banarasi saree is dream purchase for most Indian women. No matter where they may be or what the occasion, all Indian women, even celebrities love Banarasis, like Deepika Padukone in Banarasi georgette Saree or Anushka Sharma’s Banarasi silk saree for her wedding reception and inspire us to continue to embrace this exquisite style year after year, season after season.

So, what are you waiting for, do visit our array of beautiful, high quality Banarasi sarees online and find the one that is made just for you!

Bridal Banarasi sarees:

Banarasi sarees are an age old essential to an Indian bride’s wedding trousseau. No matter which region of the India the bride may be from, her wedding trousseau is considered incomplete without a good number of Banarasi saris in her collection. This should hardly come as a surprise. After all the beauty and quality for which Banarasi sarees have a legendary reputation are a must have for any bride whose wedding is the time of her life when she stocks her collection with the best that money can buy. It is befitting the beginning of a new journey which is her first step into a new world where she begins to fulfil and live her long cherished dreams of a blissful marital life and moves on to fulfil her due role as the shy bride, the loving companion, the meticulous entrepreneur or professional, the loyal friend, the doting mother and the dependable matriarch of her family in her later years.

Naturally, for one who fulfils all these roles with aplomb and devotion a true celebration of her personality is a must. And what better way for a multi-faceted woman to celebrate her arduous and painstaking journey through the rigours of domestic, social and professional life than to begin and mark each milestone of her rich inner and outer journey with an exquisitely woven piece of clothing – the matchless Bridal Banarasi silk saree?

In fact, it would not be wrong to note that a bridal Banarasi saree is a sort of a coming of age possession of gift for any young woman. Usually a woman’s first Banarasi saree or Banarasi sari collection is first acquired by her at her wedding. Whether she acquires it with the pride of her own hard earned money as a cherished life time investment or receives it as a gift from close family or friend as a trusted piece in her collection of timeless sarees as she embarks on the journey to a fuller role in family and professional life, a Banarasi saree is a mark of her hopes and endeavours towards building an abundant life with her new partner and both her given and acquired family gained through marriage.

What is the best thing about Banarasi silk sarees?

Hence, truly, the Banarasi saree is a must have addition to a bridal collection. Crafted over days or even months, the best thing about Banarasi sarees is that there are several kinds of Banarasi sarees available for all types of occasions and choice.

Even Bollywood stars have adopted Banarasi sarees with great enthusiasm in the last few years. Deepika Padukone has been seen in Banarasi sarees with traditional gold jewellery. Anushka Sharma also wore the Banarasi saree for her wedding reception and various other public events.

Many popular designers have also adopted the Banarasi saree and given it their own spin making the Banarasi saree even more popular with the younger women. It is once again an enviable possession and a matchless style statement that every woman – young or old – wants to own and flaunt.

Banarasi brocade or zaree is highly prized and since the introduction of new motifs and styles off late the Banarasi brocade has become all the rage. Some of the designers have also adapted the Banarasi brocade to other Indian Ethnic garments including fusion style banarasi maxi skirts, salwar kameezes and lehengas. However, the grace of a Banarasi saree is still the most popular and in demand.

While with time and depending upon the current trends a number of variations have gradually been incorporated in the designs and motifs of the traditional Banarasi saree the spirit of the Banarasi sari has never changed. Despite variations there are still four broad types of Banarasi sarees that are popular among buyers.

How many types of Banarasi saris are there?

There are four main types pf Banarasi sarees. These are Katan (Pure silk), Kora (organza), Georgette and shatter. Based on the designs and the weaving process they are further divided into categories like Jangla, Tanchoi, Vaskat, Cutwork, Tissue and Butidar.

The main variations are in the fabric and the motifs, whereas the quality and the beauty is maintained irrespective of the design.

The most common Banarasi saree in demand is the Bengali Bridal saree and the Banarasi brocade motif is admired for its beauty and originality especially by those looking to make purchases for a bridal trousseau.

How do you know your Banarasi saree authentic:

An authentic Banarasi saree is made with the finest silks and pure zaree work by weavers the traditional way on a handloom and therefore the slow meticulous work on the saree results in a beautiful and unique silk saree which is flawless and finished to perfection.

This makes the saree opulent enough to be worn by a bride and its high-quality means that when stored and maintained well it lasts a lifetime and even beyond making it a matchless investment. Countless Indian women have handed down their Banarasi sarees to the next generation of women in their family who have received and accepted the gift with grace and joy. Such is the value of an authentic Banarasi saree for Indian women both young and old.

No matter which community the bride may belong to – she may be a Bengali bride, a Gujrati bride or even a Maharashtrian bride or a bride from the land of the Kanjivarams, she still feels great pride in acquiring, owning and wearing at least a few Banarasi sarees for special occasions during and after her wedding.


What is more, even if you are not the bride or one of her family, a Banarasi saree is one off the best options in Indian traditional wear ideal to be worn as a wedding guest. And even if you are someone who does not or cannot wear the saree, it helps to have access to purchasing Banarasi sarees online when you are looking of giving a wedding present to a bride to be. It is easy to purchase a Banarasi saree online from a trusted store like Pure Elegance where you can get a variety of Banarasi sarees.

In fact, Pure Elegance is not just your most reliable store for purchasing and building your collection of Banarasi sarees, at Pure Elegance you may find a variety of readymade and semi stitched saree blouses best for pairing with a Banarasi saree. From plain silk blouses to options in zaree work, embroidery, checks, paisley or floral motifs to modern style like cold shoulder blouses or bandh gala or even backless blouses, you can pick the best blouse to pair with a Banarasi saree from the array of unique and trendy blouses available at Pure Elegance.

There is no doubt that purchasing and collecting a good Banarasi saree can sometimes be a hard task. However, when buying from a trusted source like Pure Elegance you can always rest assured of buying the best quality Banarasi sarees.

As goes the cliché, a thing of beauty is a joy forever and so it is with Banarasi sarees. No matter what the variety of the Banarasi saree you purchase or the period of its manufacture if it is an authentic Banarasi saree it would check all the right boxes including the quality of the silk, the quality of the zaree used, the designs, the motifs and the color combinations.