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How much Indian women love to drape themselves in alluring silhouettes, we all know that! The beauty of a lehenga, salwar kameez, Anarkali suit is incomplete without an elegant dupatta. Even sarees are draped along with dupatta for special occasions to elaborate the silhouette making it absolutely stunning. Indian dupattas are exceptional in designs and colors, you can always find one to match or contrast your Indian outfits.  Dupattas are a must-have in every ethnic wardrobe since they not only complete your suits and lehengas but also add a striking dimension to your traditional look. Pure Elegance is proud to present a range of colorful traditional Indian dupattas to elevate your ethnic style.


Though dupatta is accessory clothing, it is one of those little details which can make a helluva difference to your overall traditional look. Choosing an Indian dupatta can either make or break a look. So, here are some of the dupatta types and styles which you can choose from to shine with traditional brilliance!

1. KALAMKARI DUPATTA: These artistic Indian dupattas are hand painted or block printed and are made with natural dyes. The fabric can either be cotton or silk. A perfect drape to add an artsy touch to your simple suits! Whenever in doubt, about styling your plain boring suits Kalamkari dupattas can be your go-to choice.

Kalamkari Print Dupatta

2. AJRAKH DUPATTA: The beautiful Ajrakh print dupattas are another fine example of block printing on textiles. Made with vegetable dyes, Ajrakh dupattas are marked by fine and intricate block print motifs throughout. Indeed, a perfect choice to add the right flavor of culture to your Indian look!

Gajji Silk Ajrakh Print Dupatta

3. BANARASI DUPATTA: Even extraordinary will be an ordinary adjective to define the beauty of Banarasi Dupattas! Immersed in vibrant colors with splendid designs of zari motifs and heavy work, these dupattas bring richness to your traditional look. Today, they are made in a variety of fabrics, but popularly in silk and georgette. Banarasi dupattas are a stunning match to your Anarkali suits, palazzo suits and lehengas on weddings, festivals and other formal occasions.

Blue and Pink Banarasi Dupatta

4. IKKAT DUPATTA: Add an interesting touch to your Indian suits with ikkat dupattas! They are a perfect blend of ethnic and contemporary style and are characterized by a distinctive blurriness. The ikkat patterns are created by dyeing the yarns first, followed by the dyeing and weaving of the fabric. Double ikkat dupatta is another style which is more expensive and involves complex dyeing process.

Blue and Red Ikkat Print Dupatta

5. BHANDHEJ DUPATTA: This is a common and popular variety of dupatta worn with Indian salwar kameez. Bhandhej dupattas are made of silk or cotton and are a form of tie and dye textiles. They are made in a myriad of stunning patterns and vibrant colors to match any suit or salwar kameez.

6. MADHUPANI DUPATTA: If you want a touch of rural India in your look, then Madhubani prints from Bihar are a befitting choice to do the same! Madhubhani painting which is originally done on plastered walls in villages is an inspiration to beautiful Madhubani print dupattas. The designs are inspired by birds, animals, trees and Hindu mythology. Madhubani dupattas are made mainly in silk, tussar silk and cotton fabrics.

7. LEHERIYA DUPATTA: The vibrant leheriya dupattas have a distinctive slanting stripes design and are made in chiffon, silk, georgette and cotton fabrics. Leheriya dupatta can either be of a single color or multi-colors. They make a stunning match to plain salwar suits and perk up your ethnic style instantly.

8. BATIK DUPATTA: These Indian dupattas are made with wax-resist dyeing method and have a very distinctive pattern. Batik dupattas are worn casually with salwar kameez. For a more formal appeal, the designs are also made with zari and tassel embellishments.

9. DABU PRINT DUPATTA: Dabu dupattas are made with mud-resist dyeing method and the art comes from Rajasthan. Dabu printing employs natural dyes only and the designs include floral and leafy patterns. Dabu print dupattas are a great choice for casual outings to match your cotton suits and will reflect your tasteful side for textiles!

10: BAGRU PRINT DUPATTA: Bagru printing is related to Dabu printing, the designs are inspired by flowers, leafs, paisleys and other distinctive motifs. Bagru print Indian dupattas are made with vegetable or natural dyes and add a subtle ethnic touch to Indian suits.

11: JAMDANI DUPATTA: The one of a kind Jamdani weaving makes a Jamdani dupatta.  The designs are characterized by floral motifs and the art is practiced in Uttar Pradesh and Bengal. The process of weaving is done with a combination of silk and cotton threads but can also be done with a blend of silver, gold and metal yarns on an entire silk fabric.

12: GOTA PATTI DUPATTA: The bright and glittering gota patti dupattas are perfect festive wear. Gotta patti embroidery is from Jaipur, Rajasthan and the designs are enormous to choose from. The distinctive gold or silver gota or lace is a trademark of the design and is also combined with mirrors to make it more elaborate.

13: NET DUPATTA: When it comes to designer lehengas and suits, a net dupatta is one of the top choices to complement the outfit! Net dupattas are light in weight if they are plain with no embroidery but can be very heavy when it comes to bridal lehengas. The sheerness of net dupattas makes them an alluring choice for flaunting the embroideries of your designer outfits.

Net Dupatta with Anarkali Suit

14: SIMPLE COTTON DUPATTA: A simple good old cotton dupatta is a woman’s favorite companion on hot summer days. The simplicity of cotton dupattas can never go out of style. They are available in solid as well as printed designs which can be complemented with salwar kameez perfectly. Crinkled cotton dupattas is a variety which is more formal and can be worn at summer parties or wedding with suits.

15: SILK DUPATTA: If you think of wearing a suit on a casual winter day, a silk suit paired with silk dupatta is an apt choice. Silk dupattas are made in a variety of silk fabrics like Organza silk, Katan silk, Banarasi silk, Matka Silk to name a few. Not just on a casual day but silk dupattas can be worn on festivals, puja and other formal occasions with elegance.

Orange and Pink Silk Dupatta with Silk Suit

16: TUSSAR SILK DUPATTA: This is indeed one of the most popular varieties of silk dupatta! Tussar silk dupatta is textured and has a rustic appeal. The dupattas are less durable since the fabric is made with short threads. Tussar dupattas are made in printed, tie-dyed and plain designs making them a graceful choice for puja and family occasions.

17: COTTON SILK DUPATTA: These dupattas are a fine blend of cotton and silk fabrics bringing the qualities of both. Cotton silk dupattas are comfortable, light in weight and have a silky texture. A versatile kind of dupatta which can be worn both in summers and winters!

18: CHANDERI DUPATTA: The class of chanderi dupatta is different altogether! The heartwarming textile of Madhya Pradesh is a stunning choice to make your traditional look nothing less than splendid. Chanderi dupattas are perfect for casual days as well as festive occasions. The fabric is light weight and has a sheer appeal. The dupattas are made in Chanderi silk or Chanderi cotton or Chanderi cotton silk. Fine zari work, silver and gold brocade and fine quality silk is a distinct feature of this variety!

Orange Chanderi Dupatta with White Cotton Anarkali Suit

19: EMBROIDERED DUPATTA: When it comes big occasions like weddings, embroidered dupattas are hands down the best choice! Beautiful dupattas adorned with fine zardozi, sequin, mirror work can take your traditional style up a notch. While heavy embroidered dupattas are for weddings and parties, light thread embroidery dupattas like Kantha stitch dupattas or phulkari dupattas are a great choice for casual or semi formal occasions like festivals, puja and family gatherings.

Mirror Embroidery Dupatta with Anarkali Silk Suit

20: CHIFFON DUPATTA: The beautiful fall of chiffon dupatta is every woman’s dream. Sheer, light in weight and easy to carry chiffon dupattas make a perfect match for Indian salwar kameez. The dupattas are soft and are made in a myriad of designs from printed to simple to embroidered; chiffon dupattas are an alluring drape for casual as well as formal occasions.

21: GEORGETTE DUPATTA: Closely related to chiffon dupatta, Georgette dupatta is another light weight, sheer and easy breezy type of dupatta. The designs can be printed, embellished with laces and tassels or embroidered. They are a perfect fit for all types of weathers!


After you choose a stunning dupatta, it is important to style and drape it well so that your Indian look stands out with panache! You can choose different drapes depending on the occasions you are attending.

1. FRONT OPEN DRAPE: A graceful and classic style of draping which perfectly flaunts the embroidery or print of your dupatta is full front open drape. This style is versatile and can be worn on weddings, parties or casual occasions.

2. FRONT DEEP-V DRAPE: In this style, the dupatta is draped like the front open drape but the front of the dupatta is shaped like a deep V or U. This is often done to flaunt the jewelry or the blouse neck design.

3. PINNED ON ONE SHOULDER: It is a great style, if you are wearing a heavy lehenga or Anarkali suit and takes away the pain of handling the dupatta! Just pleat and pin the dupatta on one shoulder and you are good to go.

4. GATHERED AT THE NECK: This style is popular with young girls and looks absolutely feminine! The dupatta is gathered at the neck while the ends fall freely at the back. This style can be worn on casual days or on weddings and parties. Avoid this with heavy embroidered dupattas.

5. FRONT FALL DRAPE: It is the reverse of above style, the dupatta is draped from the back around the nape of the neck and the ends fall freely in the front.

6. DRAPED AROUND NECK: When you want to add a casual vibe to your Indian style just drape your dupatta around the neck and you are ready to rock an Indo western look!

7. PINNED ON RIGHT SHOULDER AND CARRY IN LEFT ARM: A stylish way to drape your dupatta on weddings and parties! It goes perfectly with lehenga and Anarkali suits. The dupatta is opened in the front and pinned on the right shoulder and the other end is wrapped around the left arm. Avoid this drape with heavy embroidered dupattas.

8. SAREE STYLE DRAPE: For formal occasions like weddings, dupattas are often draped in saree style with lehengas. The dupatta is pinned on the left side of the waist and then draped around from the back and pleated and pinned on the left shoulder, giving a perfect saree look and flaunting the curves.

9. DRAPED ON BOTH SHOULDERS: As from the name you can make out that in this style the dupatta is draped on both shoulders like a shawl from the back! The style is not popular but is easy to carry especially with lehengas if pinned properly.

10. GUJARATI DRAPE: This style of draping the dupatta is popular with bridal lehengas. The dupatta is pinned on the left side of the waist and draped around the back and pinned on the right shoulder. The remaining dupatta is either left hanging freely in the front or spread out pinned on the left side.


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