Georgette Sarees

Define your style with Georgette Sarees

The delicate fluidity of a georgette saree is something to die for! That springy, sheer and flexible feel of georgette sarees makes them one of most besotted styles among young women. They are a perfect blend of modern and traditional fashion. Georgette sarees have opened the likes of young women towards saree on the whole since it is more fashionable, flattering and accentuates those beautiful curves. If you ask any young girl what kind of modern Indian clothing she will love to flaunt for a formal occasion, a georgette saree will definitely top her list. One of the most popular fabrics in the fashion and glamour industry is georgette, it has taken saree to a different level. Designers play more with saree styles and patterns when created from a georgette fabric.  

History and characteristics

Georgette was named after Madame Georgette de la Plante; a French dressmaker in early 20th century. The fabric was widely used in 1915. Georgette was originally made from silk.

The characteristic crinkled texture of georgette is due to alternating S- and Z-twist yarns in warp and weft. It is created with highly twisted yarns. Georgette is basically of two types: Pure and faux. The pure georgette is made from silk and faux georgette is made from rayon or polyester. The other varieties include Nylon georgette, Viscose georgette, Satin georgette and Jacquard georgette.

The fabric is highly absorbent which makes it easily dyeable with colors of choice. Georgette is flexible and gives a flowy feel to any silhouette. It drapes really well and can be shaped as per the body due to its springy texture. Although the weaving of the fabric is tight; it still gives a sheer look. Georgette fabric comes in a variety of solid colors and prints, which makes it an appropriate choice for different styles and designs.

Live in georgette vogue with Pure Elegance

Lightweight and comfortable vogue of georgette makes it a fabric of choice for various occasions. Georgette is tailored into various styles including blouses, suits, anarkalis, tops, lehengas, dresses and sarees. Beautiful anarkalis with delicate embroideries, Banarasi georgette suits to lit up any room, flowy gowns, and dresses to emanate every inch of diva you are; georgette does absolute justice to bring the kind of vogue you are looking for!

Being a saree aficionado Pure Elegance makes every effort to bring carefully curated georgette sarees to you. We know the demands of fashion and tradition and so does our collection. If you are confused about where to find those extraordinary georgette sarees in USA for your special occasion; go no further than Pure Elegance! We bring you an array of fine georgette sarees and modern Indian clothing at the click of a button. Contemporary, traditional and designer sarees in a wide range of colors and styles are available to feed your taste. The palette of sarees at Pure Elegance is a delight for every woman who loves to take a stride in her nine yards.


Georgette saris are strong and durable. Though the fabric is susceptible to tear and losing shape, it can be easily maintained with little care. Here are few tips to make your Georgette sarees last forever!

  • Georgette sarees can be easily hand washed at home with cold water. If sarees are heavily embroidered then dry cleaning is a better option.
  • Use mild detergent to wash Georgette saris.
  • Remove water by lightly squeezing the sarees but wringing and stretching should be avoided as it can de-shape the sarees.
  • Do not dry in direct sunlight to prevent discoloration.
  • Keep the sarees folded and keep the folds from time to time.
  • Avoid hanging georgette sarees for long period of time as they can lose shape.
  • Avoid using too many safety pins on the saree as they can easily tear.

Amp up your style quotient with georgette sarees

Georgette is a cousin to chiffon, like chiffon it is worn to work, casual outings, semi-formal and formal occasion. Georgette saree knows a woman’s body equally well as chiffon! The flexibility of the fabric makes it suitable for any body type whether curvy or petite, a georgette saree fits them all. Georgette sarees are versatile since they are available from light to heavily embroidered styles. So pick for any occasion you are heading for!

Banarasi silk georgette saree is absolutely regal and make a great choice for a wedding. Pair it with a conservative blouse and traditional kundan jewelry to cut an ethereal picture.

Add some oomph to your look with an overall printed georgette saree and a halter neck blouse; you are sure to turn some heads!

A black georgette saree is a great choice when going to a cocktail! Round off the look with a designer blouse and glittery clutch to channelize that classic style you desire for.

If you are someone who always digs for an effortless look even at a formal occasion, a plain georgette saree with a contrasting plain border is your way out. The key here is to choose color blocked pattern without any embellishments; pair with statement earrings and you are good to go. The minimalistic style gives a laid-back and effortlessly stylish vibe.

Still confused about styling your georgette saree? Then take some cue from our Bollywood divas. Sonam Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, and Deepika Padukone know their saree game really well. Get inspired and get going!

Well, after our rigorous style tips we hope you have a georgette saree on your mind! Pure Elegance is sure to splatter some colors in your wardrobe with an exceptional collection of modern Indian clothing.

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