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Indian Women's Clothing

Ah, the beauty of Indian clothing. Unmatched and mesmerizing. Exquisite garments topped with intricate embellishments and embroideries or vivid prints and patterns in a magical color combination - what is not to love here. Women's Indian clothes stand a class apart in fashion. Excellent craftsmanship is often coupled with rich handloom fabrics and ravishing designs to create a splendid garment. Unabashedly beautiful, ethnic Indian wear is home to variety of sarees, suits, dresses, lehengas and more - all of which come in fits and silhouettes galore. No matter what your taste,preference or body type, Indian clothing has place for everyone!
For a no-fuss, no-frill look for a Monday morning meeting, choose a grey and black, crisp, plain cotton saree. Top it up with a black purse and a sleek ponytail and you have yourself a look that is traditional with a dash of contemporary - perfect for office wear. Keep the accessories minimal in this one and let your saree itself do all the style talking. When the family get-together invite is dropped in the mail, reach out straight for a black silk saree that's sure to have you looking bold and magnificent. Go in for a smokey-eyed make up and finish your look with a statement clutch. For a family friend's wedding, a floral embroidered anarkali suit is a great choice and for a close family member's wedding, a traditional orange Banarasi sari is sure to have you looking spectacular. A vibrant yellow and pink gotta pita, kurta-sharara set is a great choice for a sangeet or mehendi night. For a casual lunch with friends, a pink, shaded chiffon saree with stud earrings is sure to steal hearts. 

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A lehenga-choli is a crucial part of ethnic Indian clothing. Usually reserved for grander occasions like weddings, a lehenga choli is a three piece set with a skirt, a choli, ie the top and a duppatta. Off late, lehenga-choli sans the duppatta has made it big for events like sangeet where in it allows the woman wearing it to dance more freely. When wearing a lehenga without a dupatta, most women generally prefer longer cholis in crop-top styles.
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The credit for any gorgeous look with a saree does not go to the nine yard beauty alone, but also, the trusted companion of the saree- the blouse. The blouse, is as important as the saree, if not more. It accentuates the look of the vibe, as well as balances a bold look with ease. It can add a dash of pop to a simple sari and beautifully subtle down a vivid one.

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Think Indian bridal or festive wear and the first thing that comes to mind is an occasion appropriate lehenga. Also known as langa, ghaghra,chaniya, pavadai or lacha in its several regional variations the lehenga is an age old traditional Indian ethnic ensemble which is popular all over the country, with more takers for it in the north of India.

What is a lehenga?

A lehenga is a form of a full ankle length skirt style garment. It is usually floor length and may or may not have pleats. Several different fabrics may be used to make a lehenga including natural fabrics like cotton, linen or silk or even synthetic fabrics such as georgette, crepe or even synthetic materials such as diaphanous net and tissue.

What is the difference between Lehenga and Saree?

A lehenga is usually a part of a three-piece ensemble with the top being styled as a choli or blouse which may be worn in several different traditional or modern styles. The third element is the traditional Indian long scarf or dupatta which may again be styled in a variety of ways depending upon the prevailing trends and the preference of the wearer.

The main difference between a lehenga and a saree is that while the Skirt in the lehenga ensemble is the main piece in the whole outfit, in the saree the scarf is replaced by a six yard length of fabric which is draped over an underskirt with pleats in the centre, and a handy length of fabric thrown over the left shoulder.

The more traditional or common styles of lehengas as secured with a drawstring at the waist and the choli is often cropped hence leaving the lower back and midriff bare.

What is the best occasion to wear a lehenga?

While lehengas were once popular daily wear in western Indian states like Rajasthan and Haryana, they are now more popular as festive and bridal wear. Traditionally most North Indian brides from the states of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Haryana opt for a Bridal Lehenga for their main wedding outfit. On other major Indian festivals including Diwali, and Eid-ul-Fitr too lehengas are one of the most common outfits preferred by Indian Ethnic wear lovers.

The beauty of the Lehenga is unsurpassed as it is flattering to the best features of the female form. It usually fits at the waist and flairs out towards the bottom and paired with a matching choli or blouse and dupatta it lends a feminine and feisty look to the wearer.

What are wedding lehengas?

Wedding lehengas are designed especially to be worn by an Indian bride on the occasion of her wedding. These are usually more opulent and come with heavy embellishments as the main outfit to be worn by the bride during the wedding proceedings.

Various types of embellishments on lehengas have been popular over the years. While until a few years ago traditional motifs and embroidery on a silk base with gold or metal coated thread, known as Zari-work was more in use, now a days lehengas come in all sorts of embellishments with metallic prints, bead work and lace lehengas also being in high demand. Floral Lehengas are also quite popular for smaller festivities and occasions such as Raksha-Bandhan or any of the pre wedding or post wedding festivities. Both brides and guests attending the wedding may opt for a lehenga appropriate to their age and choice.


How should I style a simple lehenga for a wedding night?

Various styles of Lehengas are in vogue with variety in cuts as well as fabrics and embellishments. You can opt for any of these cuts as per the prevailing trend and what flatters your most.

Some of the silhouettes popular in recent years include –

Straight – The straight lehenga is cut without any room for extra fabric for gathers. It resembles a pencil skirt and is of floor length with and often includes a slit on one or both sides for easy movement. This cut is very flattering to rectangular body shapes or slim women.

Trail – Trail cut lehengas come with a trail of extra fabric at the end and they resemble the western silhouette of a gown with a train at the end. This is a more recent style and with this style the blouse may be styled in a western cut such as a boat neck or an off-shoulder to give the impression of a western gown style ensemble. This style may be worn by all body types.

A line – A line lehengas are cut in the shape of the letter ‘A’. This means it is well fitting at the waist and flares out at the bottom. It is one of the common cuts and is flattering to the pear shaped bodies and women with hourglass figures.

Panelled – Panelled lehengas are stitched with a series of panels of fabrics stitched together that provide a significant bit of extra gathers and flare in the skirt. For women who may wish to appear full figured this style is very flattering.

Flared – The flared lehenga is cut in the umbrella cut meaning it is cut out with a whole circle of fabric. This results in a lot of gathers in the skirt and makes it feminine and very attractive. This style is also very suitable for slim body types and rectangular body types as it gives the wearer a fuller figure with more pleasing proportions.

Double Flare – The double flared lehenga is a multi-layered skirt and has dramatic flare and volume. It is often made by combining two layers of different fabric such as silk and net, or it may be made by combining two different patterns or prints complimenting each other.

Mermaid – The mermaid cut lehenga or fishtail lehenga is less common but is preferred by women who wish to wear a different silhouette and get noticed. Its main feature is that it is hugs the body from the waist to the knees and flares out from the calves. It accentuates the hourglass figure and is ideal for women with balanced proportions and pear-shaped women. It has an unmistakable femine appeal.


Lehenga Saree – This is actually a saree style which combines the long fabric length of the saree with the flare of a lehenga. Once draped the silhouette closely resembles a lehenga and the long pallu of the saree adds the elegance of a saree blouse ensemble. This is not a common style but has often been worn by many Bollywood stars in recent years making it a recurring trend in Indian Ethnic fashion.

How to drape Lehenga Dupatta in different ways?

The dupatta is an integral part of the Lehenga ensemble and it may be draped in several ways depending on the occasion and the fashion.

Over the head – Mostly popular with brides this style covers the head of the wearer and often the dupatta is secured over the head with bobby pins. It adds a feminine grace to the wearer and makes her look demure and traditional.

Over the shoulder – Wearing the dupatta over one shoulder is also a common style and usually the left shoulder is covered leaving the right hand free for movement which is the dominant hand for most people.

Over both shoulders – This involves wearing the dupatta over both shoulders and covering the bosom. The ends of the dupatta fall over the back. Often detailed embellishments are added to the ends of the dupatta to add weight so that the dupatta stays in place. This is one of the most common ways of styling the dupatta.

Over both fore arms – A more trendy way of wearing the dupatta with lehengas is to fold it into a long scarf and wear it over both forearms with the centre of the dupatta falling over the back. This leaves the lehenga and choli open to view and is ideal if you wish to draw attention to the detailed embellishments on you lehenga-choli outfit.

Across the neck -This is for lighter material dupattas where the dupatta is simply worn around the neck with both ends falling over the back. If the blouse is especially embellished or dressy this is ideal to draw attention to the blouse or choli.

Where can I buy a lehenga choli online in the USA?

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