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Designer Saree Blouses

Get your saree game right with Indian Designer Blouses

Sarees are the most elegant drape that Indian Fashion offers; there is no denying the fact. But a saree is always incomplete without a well fitted and tailored blouse. Blouse is the beloved companion of a saree, without a perfect blouse a saree look is incomplete.

Why paying attention to blouse designs is as important as the saree?

A saree blouse is a game changer; even a simple saree can give an awestruck style with a well-cut and designed blouse. And even the most stylish designer saree can look drab if the blouse is ill-fitted and not appropriately designed; a vice-versa story. Today, the fashion sphere is not just bringing new saree designs every season but also creating some immaculate designer blouses to compliment this gorgeous drape.

What are the different styles of Indian Saree Blouses?

Indian Saree blouse is a book in itself, you can go on and on and it would never end. The styles are ever evolving and ever changing like any other fashion trend; but yes certain styles are timeless! Different occasions and places need different styles of a saree blouse. Saree blouses are meant to elevate our ethnic saree style. From a modest look for a religious puja to the most glamorous and flaunting look for a cocktail party; today we have every possible blouse style to suit our ethnic fashion needs. Some prefer getting blouses tailored on their own and some prefer buying a readymade saree blouse to escape the hassle of running to tailors.  But before hitting that area, let us find out what are the different styles of saree blouses to pick your favorite from!

12 Most Popular Neckline Designs for Indian Saree Blouses:

Some women like to keep it clean and simple with a change of blouse necklines. A simple change but makes a lot of difference to your saree looks. You can easily find Indian blouses online with different necklines to match your sartorial choices.

1. High neck blouse:

A very stylish and fashionable saree blouse is a high neck blouse. High neck blouses can be a choice for a family gathering, puja, a festival, a party and even an office wear. They look best with ¾th or short or full sleeves. High neck blouses add class to your saree style without much skin show. An embroidered or embellished high neck saree blouse is a perfect match for your simple saree.
Pure Elegance Sky Blue Banarasi High Neck Blouse

2. Mandarin collar blouse:

You can call them a sibling of high neck blouse! Mandarin collar blouses come with a short straight collar which rises up to the neckline. They usually have hooks or are slightly open in the front. This style of saree blouse looks great with short sleeves or sleeveless. They can be a companion to your casual saree outings!
Pure Elegance Off White Mandarin Collar Blouse with Embroidery

3. Boat neck blouse:

Another sophisticated style of saree blouse is boat neck blouse. They are contemporary and classic; for women who like to keep it simple yet stylish! Wearing a boat neck blouse design can be a choice for a party, for office wear or casual outings. They add a touch of elegance to your saree style no matter what the occasion or place is!
Pure Elegance Silk Boat Neck Blouse with Embroidery

4. Round neck blouse:

A blouse style that runs through generations is a round neck blouse. Every woman has a saree blouse with round neck in her wardrobe because they have been there since time immemorial! From our grandmothers to mothers to aunts everyone has plenty of round neck blouses with them. They are classic, you can wear them blindfolded with Silk, Banarasi or Kanjivaram sarees!
Pure Elegance Mehendi Green Round Neck Silk Saree Blouse

5. Square neck blouses:

Square neck blouse exposes beautiful collar bones subtly. This is another blouse design which is popular with the sarees. Square neckline is often used in designer saree blouses and is frequently donned by Bollywood celebrities. Wear them with designer sarees, woven sarees or georgette sarees and flaunt that ethnic perfection!
Pure Elegance Ajraakh Printed Mirror Work Square Neck Blouse

6. Shirt collar blouse:

This style has a shirt collar neckline. This is a classy style to wear to the office or a family get-together. Designer saree blouses are made with shirt collars and embroideries for adding a style twist to your formal sari look.
Pure Elegance Shirt Collar Blouse - Yellow Banarasi Sleeves and Collar with Embroidery and Black Silk Ikkat Printed Body

7. Ruffled neck blouse:

Ruffle neck gowns and blouses were popular during the Victorian era; a ruffle neck blouse is inspired by them. Multiple gathers of fabric around the neck is a modest and unique style of wearing a saree blouse. It looks great on women with a long neck.
Pure Elegance Pink Ruffled Neck Designer Silk Blouse with Embroidery in Sleeve and Neck

8. Matka neck blouses:

From the name itself you can make out the shape of the neck is a matka or pot. This blouse design is not often seen on women. But if you want to go off route, try a matka neck blouse. It is a slight deflection of a round neck blouse.

Pure Elegance Orange Banarasi Matka Neck Blouse

9. Sweetheart neck blouse:

This saree blouse has a heart shaped neckline. They look absolutely alluring with a lehenga or a georgette saree. Pick this design for a wedding or pre-wedding function and wear it with a heavy traditional necklace.

10. Keyhole neck blouse:

The blouse has a loop or a hole in the front or at the back. Keyhole saree blouses mostly have a higher neckline. Keyhole blouse designs are popular with lehengas and sarees. Just wear a heavy pair of earrings and you ready to make some style statement.
Pure Elegance Designer Peach Color Keyhole Neck Blouse with Embroidery

11. Heavy embroidered neckline:

This style is a creation of Sabyasachi Mukherjee which is absolutely magnificent and the takes away the need to wear any jewelry. The detailed embroidery on the neckline gives the illusion of a necklace and these blouses are perfect for weddings.
Pure Elegance Heavy Embroidery Neckline Blouse on Velvet

12. Halter neck blouse:

Planning to step up your saree game at a cocktail party! Halter neck blouse is hands down the perfect choice to complete your chiffon, georgette or lace saree. It brings out every bit of that glamorous and sassy diva in you!
Pure Elegance Yellow and Orange Sleeveless Silk Halter Neck Blouse

These are the most widely donned blouse necklines. It is now easy to find a variety of ready made blouses with beautiful neck designs online in USA.

19 Most Popular Patterns of Indian Saree blouses

Let us step onto a more creative and experimental horizon of saree blouses. This is where designers put in their creative juices to set some new blouse patterns and styles. Playing with patterns is playing with cuts or overall design or following fashion trends. Time to round off some blouse patterns popular in Indian blouse circuit!

1. Shirt style blouses:
These blouses differ from shirt collar blouses; they are an adaptation of Haryanvi shirt-blouses and have a shirt length and style. Indian designers have made them more chic and fashion forward. The shirt-blouses can be worn with a casual saree or with a formal lehenga skirt for a wedding. These saree blouses will add an understated vogue to your look!

2. Koti style blouse:
Koti style saree blouses are long blouses worn with a saree. They are part of a heavy wedding ensemble and often worn in big fat Indian occasions with sarees. Mostly embroidered or embellished, Koti saree blouses are worn with a saree pallu in the front to flaunt the beautiful details of the blouse.
Pure Elegance Red Koti Style Blouse with Heavy Embroidery - Ideal for Wedding

3. Cape style blouses:
Inspired by cape fashion trend across the globe, here is an Indian style of cape blouses. Cape blouse or poncho style saree blouse is a piece of flowy fabric hanging from your shoulders with no proper sleeves. Indian Designer Anamika Khanna is the brainchild behind this blouse style and Bollywood Actress Sonam Kapoor made this blouse style a trend. Cape saree blouses can be paired with a dhoti saree or dhoti pant and are perfect for ethnic fusion style!
Pure Elegance Multi Color Silk Cape Style Blouse with Embroidery

4. Sheer saree blouses:
These designer saree blouses add sheer glam to the conventional blouses. The net placed on the sleeves or upper half of the body makes this blouse unique and appealing. They look best with a flowy georgette or chiffon saree.
Pure Elegance Designer Red Banarasi Sheer Blouse with Embroider on Net

5. Angrakha saree blouses:
This saree blouse is inspired from Angrakha The overlapping style of these blouses makes them one of a kind. Traditional and classy; these blouses are meant to be worn with a rich Indian woven saree!

6. Tube saree blouses:
Tube saree blouses are very bold and not everyone’s cup of tea. It looks like a tube top worn with a saree. Mostly seen on models or actresses, this style can be tried if you want a truly bold avatar! 
7. Bikini blouses:
Bikini blouses are basically Bollywood driven. Actresses like Bipasha Basu and Priyanka Chopra have donned bikini blouses on screen and in real life. They add oomph and sexiness to your saree style. Minimal saree designs are the best choice for a bikini blouse.
8. Corset saree blouses:
This saree blouse is exactly like a corset top but more on the ethnic side. The blouse pattern is inspired from Victorian Era when corset was worn by queens. It gives a curvy shape to the body since it covers from shoulder to waist. Go for minimum jewelry look with a corset saree blouse, let the blouse do all the talking!.

9. Backless blouses:
They are really popular with young girls who love to flaunt their sexy back. A backless blouse adds an interesting style to otherwise a conventional saree Tie your hair into a bun or a low knot to show off that glamorous backless saree blouse. They are a great pick for a cocktail party or a wedding.

Pure Elegance Red Backless Saree Blouse

10. Back knot saree blouse:
A back knot in saree blouse is cute yet sassy. It makes the blouse visually interesting and elevates your style quotient. Deep back blouses are a perfect fit for a back knot.

11. T-back saree blouse: 
This style is a rare sighting. A T-back saree blouse just looks like a T at the back, a single strap running from top to bottom. They are glamorous, sexy and ooze loads of flamboyance. It is a head turning choice for any party.

12. Choli cut blouse:
These blouses are made with a special kind of cut called choli cut. The blouse fits perfectly around the bosom and gives a good shape. For heavy chest women choli cut blouses are make a fit choice.

13. Mix pattern saree blouse:
A style where different prints and fabrics are put together to create a saree blouse. The sleeves are of different print or pattern then the rest of the blouse. These saree blouses are beautiful blend of patterns which looks absolutely splendid. The creator of this style is Indian designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee.
Pure Elegance Mix Pattern Saree Blouse

14. Off shoulder blouses:
When off shoulders are ruling the world fashion scene, why Indian ethnic fashion should be left behind! Making blouses glamorous than ever, off shoulder blouses are bold, voguish yet keep the Indian aesthetics at the forefront. Another beautiful style of showing your collar bones! They are a perfect for a cocktail, wedding or engagement. If you want to keep your saree style simple, then opt for off shoulder blouse.
Pure Elegance Pink Banarasi Off Shoulder Saree Blouse

15. Cold shoulder blouse:
A loop or hole on the shoulders is what cold shoulder is! This fashion trend is now a style of Indian saree blouses. Stylish cold shoulder saree blouses look nothing less than chic and trendy. Wear cold shoulder blouses with a crisp cotton saree to a casual lunch or party and get applauded for your style sense!
Pure Elegance Navy Blue Polka Dot Cold Shoulder Saree Blouse

16. One shoulder blouse:
One of the risky styles of saree blouse is a one-shoulder blouse. It is best to keep the overall style minimal to pull off one shoulder blouse. If you are willing to take a risky route, this style is for you!
Pure Elegance Red Banarasi One Shoulder Blouse

17. High low blouses:
They are more for girls who love to keep their saree style up with the fashion trends. High low saree blouses are quirky and look great with graphic or contemporary saree prints.

18. Crop top blouse: 
Another style inspired by crop top fashion trend, which is a rage now are crop top saree blouses. They are just crop tops worn with a saree or a skirt, only the style looks more fun and trendy.
Pure Elegance Golden Crop Top Blouse with Heavy Embroidery

19. T-shirt sari blouses:
When we thought that T-shirt could only be worn with jeans or shorts, a genius like Sabyasachi brought them to the Indian fashion Stylishly striped T-shirt saree blouses with satin and net sarees took the Indian fashion game to a different level. If you want to depart from regular saree blouses, then try T-shirt blouses!

How embellishments make a difference to blouse design?

Little details always make big difference to your styling! Embellishments are a part of that little difference which can turn around your blouse style. Latkans, laces, sequins, pearls and beads, embroidered patches, mirror work; all these are beautiful touches which can change a simple blouse to a masterpiece. Embellishments are added to blouses to make them more formal and a gleaming occasion wear for a wedding, engagement or a party.

One name that instantly pops in our head when we think of embellished blouses is Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla. The designer duo has created some exquisite saree blouse designs with embellishments over the years which shows their genius creative genes. So let us throw some light on different embellished blouses!

Sequin blouses:
The fabric is beautifully decorated with sequins. Sequin saree blouses need no other embellishment. Keep the styling simple like a sleeveless blouse or a halter neck blouse and just put on statement earrings. They add every bit of glitz and glam that you want in your style.
Pure Elegance Silver Blouse with Sequin Design

Mirror work blouses:
These sarees blouses are elaborate with lots of mirrors and thread work. Women are love minimal saree designs, they can choose mirror work blouses. They will do all the style talking for you without much fuss!
Pure Elegance Mirror Work Blouse

Pearl saree blouse:
Pearls and beads are often used for creating a tinsel and fancy blouse. They look great for a cocktail party or a festive occasion.

Lace saree blouses: 
Laces are a beautiful way to ornate simple blouses. Today we have an unimaginable variety of laces like embroidered laces, chikankari laces, gota laces, zardozi laces, cutwork laces. They eliminate the hassle of getting the saree blouses embroidered and are more economical.
Pure Elegance Black Blouse with Lace Work

Patchwork blouses:
Patchwork adds elegant detail to your saree blouse. Readymade patches with zardozi work, sequin or dabka work are available today to elevate your blouse design. They again remove the hassle of embroidery and are easy to stitch.
Pure Elegance Multi Color Patchwork Blouse

Saree blouses with latkans:
Another fancy embellishment which is popular is a latkan. Blouse style changes totally with a beautiful latkan attached to the dori at the back. Latkans are added to make the saree blouses more formal and festive.
Pure Elegance Navy Blue Banarasi Saree Blouse with Latkans

Designer saree blouses online come with one or more of these embellishments and add an alluring charm to your saree style.


Which of the 8 Saree Blouse Sleeve Designs You Must try?

Sleeves are a trend in themselves right now. The level of experimentation with sleeves has reached a pinnacle and has given a stylish twist to simple silhouettes. Our Indian Ethnic Fashion is never behind when keeping up with these new trends! So, what sleeve designs you can choose to make your saree blouse one of a kind?

1. Boxy sleeves blouse:
They belong to the category of anti-fits. Boxy sleeve blouses are accompanied with a boxy silhouette blouse. There is an understated elegance in this style. Boxy sleeves work really well with a woven silk or cotton sarees!

2. Ruffled sleeve blouses:
These saree blouses have tiers of ruffles on sleeves which give an exaggerated yet stylish look. For every fashion diva, this style is a must try!
Pure Elegance Printed Orange Blouse with Ruffled Sleeve

3. Bell sleeves blouse:
Flowy and easy breezy sleeves are for fun and quirky appeal. Bell sleeves come out well with a net fabric or chiffon. Try bell sleeves blouses for casual daytime luncheon with your friends!
Pure Elegance Designer Pink Bell Sleeve Blouse with Sheer Sleeves

4. Full sleeves blouses:
These blouses give a beautiful slender shape to your arms. A high or round neckline looks perfect with a full sleeves blouse. Bring attention to full sleeves by highlighting with embroidered motifs or prints or a sheer fabric.
Pure Elegance Orange Banarasi Full Sleeve Blouse with Embroidery in its Silk Printed Body

5. Sleeveless Blouses:
The evergreen and good old sleeveless blouse will never fail you! Bring some charm to a summer party with a sleeveless blouse. They go with every kind of saree woven; embroidered, printed or net, sleeveless saree blouses will bring out sophistication in your sari style.
Pure Elegance Green Banarasi Sleeveless Blouse

6. Spaghetti Strap Blouse:
Stylish and for a bold style spaghetti blouses make an attractive choice. The straps of this blouse are literally the size of a spaghetti and that’s why the name! For women who want to go beyond sleeveless blouse, try spaghetti saree blouse to cast your style

7. Puffed Sleeve Blouse:
Puffed sleeve blouses have their roots in Bengali sari culture. Beautiful white sari complemented with red puffed sleeve blouse is a mark of a rich tradition. Puffed sleeves blouses can be worn on festive occasions like Durga Puja or weddings.

8. ¾ th sleeve blouse:
If you follow Vidya Balan’s saree style, you would have noticed she wears all her woven silk or cotton sarees with a ¾ th sleeve blouse. The sleeves land just below your elbow and look absolutely graceful.
Pure Elegance White Cotton Printed Blouse with Three Fourth Sleeve


What are the regional influences in blouse patterns?

India has a rich regional diversity; designers often take inspirations from various local crafts and weaving across the country to create spectacular designs. Blouse patterns are no different, Indian designers bring an amalgamation of regional crafts with modern fashion sensibilities!

Major regional blouse styles which have influenced blouses patterns and designs are from:

  • Rajasthani Gypsy Blouses
  • Kutchi colorful mirror blouses
  • Haryanvi shirt-blouses
  • Bengali Puff sleeve blouses

Be it in fashion shows or a Bollywood movie you will find a hint of regional influences in saree blouse patterns.

Which finishing accessories can uplift a blouse design?

Like already mentioned in the embellishment section latkans, fancy laces, embroidered, patches, gota, piping, taping, dori or a back knot, a brooch and fancy buttons; all these accessories can really uplift a simple blouse design. They are available in a myriad of designs which will spoil you for choices!

Which blouse designs go with different occasions and places?

It is important to pick right design depending on the occasion and place, to prevent an over the top style. Every occasion and place demands a different pattern and style.

  • Office-wear: Wearing saree to an office is a smart choice. But keeping the formal dress code and the environment in mind it is best to choose saree blouse with minimal and modest design like a boat neck blouse, high neck blouse, mandarin collar blouse, shirt collar blouse or a round neck blouse. Avoid wearing deep back cut, fancy neckline or embellished blouses to the office. 
  • Casual outing: A casual outing can include a lunch or a dinner with friends or family. The styles which will go effortlessly with your outing include sleeveless blouses, boat neck blouses, mandarin collar blouses or blouses with stylish sleeves like boxy sleeves or bell sleeves. A little embellishment will not harm but do not go overboard with them. 
  • Family or friends get-together: These are the occasions when you meet your loved ones in a semi-formal setting like an anniversary party, Diwali party or a birthday party or just a long due get-together hosted at home. You can go for any blouse style here but avoid too fancy styles like a backless, T-back, sequin, pearl studded or heavy blouse designs. Idea is to keep it stylish, elegant and understated. 
  • Puja or Religious ceremony: Modest blouse style is best to wear on religious ceremonies including boat neck blouses, high neck blouse, round neck blouses, full sleeves or 3/4th sleeve blouse. 
  • Wedding, Engagement or Reception: You can wear any amount of heavy blouse designs on these occasions. Heavy embroidered or embellished blouses with sequin, pearls, mirror-work or heavy latkans. Choose backless, off shoulder, corset or sheer blouses. Any style which will make your look formal and a radiant occasion wear. 
  • Daytime wedding: For a daytime wedding you can choose any style which you would wear to a nighttime wedding but avoid wearing gaudy and high glitter or embellished blouses, they can look jarring. 
  • Cocktail Party: Go glamorous and sassy with your blouse designs at a cocktail party. Embellished blouses with sequin or pearls look stunning for a cocktail look. Choose from a halter neck, T-back, spaghetti strap blouse, off-shoulder, one shoulder or any blouse style which will bring out the oomph factor in you!

Which saree blouse styles are a must have in your wardrobe?

While saree blouse designs keep up with the latest trends, there are certain styles which are classic and will never go out of fashion. It is important that you must have these key saree blouses in your wardrobe.

  • Round neck blouses
  • Boat neck blouses
  • Mandarin collar blouses
  • Sleeveless blouses
  • Full sleeves blouse
  • 3/4TH sleeve blouse
  • Sequin blouse
  • Kutchi mirror work blouse

Above all a basic black saree blouse is a must have in your saree wardrobe, it is a life saver!

How has Bollywood Celebrities influenced Indian blouse design?

Bollywood has influenced our fashion choices over the decades. Be it a saree, suit, lehenga or a blouse design; we always try to replicate those gorgeous onscreen styles. Indian Ethnic Fashion is inspired by Bollywood actresses and their styles. Sarees and lehengas in movies have always set major fashion trends.

When it comes to blouse designs it is no different!

  • Back in the 60s boat neck blouse was brought to fashion scene by actresses including Saira Bano and Vyajanthimala.
  • Rekha brought Mandarin collar blouses with cap sleeves and stylish sleeveless blouses to the forefront.
  • Sridevi set a trend for a sleeveless blouse with sweetheart necklines with her movie
  • Backless blouses became a rage in the early 90s when Madhuri Dixit wore it with a gorgeous purple saree in Hum Aapke Hain Kaun. Heavy embroidered neck koti blouse also became a fashion trend back then.
  • In the early 2000s when magnum opus Devdas came the world of Ethnic fashion turned upside down. Beautiful sarees with heavy embroidered blouses, puff sleeve blouses, full sleeves blouses became a major hit with Indian women.
  • Bikini blouse style was brought to limelight by Priyanka Chopra with her desi girl swag.
  • Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor brought some groundbreaking blouse styles like sheer blouses and cape style blouses to the fashion platter.
  • Vidya Balan is known to wear rich woven saree blouses with full sleeves or 3/4th sleeves, which goes down well with Indian women fashion taste.

These are few iconic Bollywood influences on saree blouse designs which Indian women have incorporated in their ethnic style over the years.

What to keep in mind while choosing a blouse style?

Choosing the right kind of blouse design and fit which suits your body type is a mammoth and tricky task. Here are few tips to help you with your choices!

  • Heavy upper body: For women who have a heavy upper body, it is best to choose choli cut blouses, boat neck blouses, round neck blouses, full sleeve blouses, 3/4th sleeve blouse. You can choose a deep back blouse for a flaunting style. Lightweight fabrics are a good choice for a blouse like chiffon or georgette.

 Avoid heavy fabrics and big prints.

  • Light or small upper body: It is a great choice to choose heavy fabrics like silk, velvets or embroidered to give a fuller appearance. High neck embellished blouses give a perfect look to your body.
  • Slim body: You can experiment with as many styles as you want! Wear halter neck, backless, off shoulder, spaghetti strap or corset blouses to highlight your slim figure.
  • Curvy body: For a curvy body it is perfect to choose round neck blouses with full sleeves or 3/4th

While choosing a blouse style is a tricky subject, one’s personal taste should always be kept in mind while choosing a design.

What types of fabrics are used for stitching saree blouses?

Possibly every fabric under the sun which is used for sarees is used for saree blouse. From silk to cotton to cotton silk to chanderi to Banarasi to georgette to chiffon to velvet to net to lace fabrics; every possible fabric is using for stitching a saree blouse. So a wide variety of fabrics is available to choose from!

Why ready made blouses are a better option in USA?

The tricky business of choosing the right blouse style, right blouse design for the occasion and body can be mind boggling. Usually, a blouse design is a combination of fabric, cuts, patterns, designer sleeves, embroideries or embellishments. It can be really tiring to finalize the best design for your saree. And even after all the efforts and running to tailor it may end up being a disaster.

The best way is to buy a readymade saree blouse! Yes, you heard us right with a variety of designer sarees blouses and styles, readymade saree blouses cut down the hassle of running to tailors and risk of a fashion faux pas. Readymade saree blouses online bring several styles and designs to match your Indian aesthetics!

Why choose sarees blouses from Pure Elegance?

We know what it takes to create the best blouse designs! Pure Elegance brings a stylish collection of readymade saree blouse online for women in USA. It is difficult to find the right kind of tailoring that Indian saree blouses need in the USA, hence we have readymade saree blouses for sale under one roof. Our blouse styles meet the contemporary and traditional fashion needs. With an array of elegant designer blouses, we promise to keep your style up to date.

Starting from trendy blouse styles like cold shoulder, off-shoulder, cape style, bell sleeves and ruffles sleeves to classic and timeless designs like embroidered cotton blouses, ikat blouses, Banarasi sleeveless and velvet blouses; we have every style to suit your taste! You can buy these gorgeous saree blouses online from Pure Elegance website or our store in USA.

Try it to believe it!

How to take blouse measurements?

Before buying the blouse, it is important to take correct measurements for a perfect fit! Follow the guide below to know your fit.

Blouse Front

  • Shoulder: Measure from top of the shoulder to the top of the neck.
  • Shoulder full length: Measure from the top of one shoulder to the top of other shoulder.
  • Front neck depth: Measure from the top of the neck to the lowest point of the neck as per the depth required.
  • Chest (around): Measure by wrapping the inch tape around the chest under the sleeves.
  • Waist (around): Measure by wrapping the inch tape around the waist.

Blouse Back

  • Back neck depth: Measure from the top of the neck to the lowest point of the neck as per the depth required.
  • Back length: Measure from the top of the neck to the lowest point at the waist where the length will end.
  • Sleeve length: Measure from the top of the shoulder till the length required.
  • Sleeve (around): Measure by wrapping the inch tape around the arm.

Armhole (around): Measure by wrapping the inch tape around the top of the shoulder.
Blouse Measurement Chart with Instruction