Banarasi Sarees

Ethnic Indian Fashion is delightfully stellar. Flattering silhouettes, tasteful embroideries, and embellishments, striking colors, a plethora of fabrics and a wide variety of designs. There’s a style to suit every fashion palette, mood, and occasion. We, at Pure Elegance proudly present a wide and fabulous array of women’s ethnic Indian wear online in USA. From traditional sarees to designer blouses, from alluring anarkalis to chic indo-western dresses – you’ll find it all here.

Sarees are a forever favorite when it comes to ethnic fashion. The beautifully draped nine-yard beauties come in several fabrics and designs. From flowy georgette sarees to the rich and regal silk sarees, you’ll always find one to match your mood.

If you’re looking for traditional sarees online in USA, turn your attention to Pure Elegance’s wide array of Banarasi sarees from India. The sublime sarees we house at our Indian wear store tick all the right boxes on the style sheets with absolute ease.

What is a Banarasi Saree?

If you want to see a luxurious and opulent Indian saree, it will be a Banarasi Saree! This saree is hands down the richest gift of Indian artisans to ethnic fashion and Indian textile industry.

Originating from the holy city - Varanasi, Banarasi sarees are made of finely woven silk and topped with ravishing motifs and designs with dashes of gold and silver. A large cottage industry, it employs over one million people, directly and indirectly. It can take anywhere between eighteen days to over one hundred days to complete a handloom Banarasi sari depending on the level of intricacy in its design. It is a skillful masterpiece creating by craftsmen with a lot of fine details and precision.

History and Characteristics of Banarasi Saree

One of the earliest references of brocade and zari craftsmanship of Banaras can be dated back to the 19th century. In 1603 due to famine in Gujarat, many silk weavers migrated from the state, which could be a possibility of the onset of silk weaving in Banaras in 17th century reaching its prime in 18th and 19th century. In the 14th century, during the Mughal period, brocade weaving with silver and gold threads to create elaborate designs became the strength of the city of Banaras. Ralph Fitch, a merchant of London, described Banaras as a flourishing sector of cotton textiles.

A Banarasi Sari is one of the finest Indian sarees with extraordinary gold and silver brocade work and intricate embroidery on pure woven silk. The saree is heavy in weight due to embroidery and weaving.

Most of the characteristic motifs and designs on a Banarasi silk saree are inspired from the Mughal period including detailed floral motifs, foliate motifs and a string of leaves on the border called jhallar. A typical Banarasi saree has gold brocade or zari work, small motifs or designs, compact weaving, metallic appeal, heavy pallu and meenakari work. This saree is nothing less a gem in the world of Indian sarees. A Banarasi saree is a legacy which you can pass on for generations and will never lose its charm!

4 Traditional Types of Banarasi Saree

There are mainly four varieties of Banarasi Sarees of which the richest and pure form of this saree is a Katan or pure silk Banarasi saree, then comes Organza (Kora) silk Banarasi Saree, Georgette Banarasi Saree and Shattir Banarasi Saree. With time many other varieties have evolved bringing versatility to this drape to wear on various occasions.

1. Katan or Pure Banarasi silk Saree: This saree is woven with pure silk threads or katan. The saree is beautifully decorated with zari motifs and borders.

2. Organza (Kora) silk Banarasi Sari: The fabric is woven from silk which is light, plain weave and sheer. It is highlighted with zari and Banarasi brocade.

Pure Elegance Katan or Pure Banarasi Silk Saree
3. Georgette Banarasi Saree: The sari is made from georgette created from alternating S- and Z-twist yarns in warp and weft. Pure georgette Banarasi sari has a light woven fabric made from silk and is flowy and flexible in texture. The saree has a beautiful design of silver or gold zari buta and borders.

Pure Elegance Georgette Banarasi Saree
4. Shattir Banarasi Saree: Shattir is a fabric used in modernized Banarasi saris. 

12 New Types of Banarasi Silk Sarees - A Modern Twist to a Traditional Art:

1. Jamdani Banarasi Silk Saree: It is a figured muslin cloth saree and has a weaving of floral motifs and intricate figures. In Jamdani Banarasi saris the pure silk fabrics are brocaded with cotton threads.
2. Jangla Banarasi Saree: It has a distinct Jangla design or pattern all over the saree. The typical vegetation motifs in Jangla sarees scrolls and wildly spreads throughout. It is one of the oldest among Banarasi brocades.
3. Cutwork Banarasi Sari: This is saree is made using cut-work technique and has a plain texture. The saree is made by setting some warp threads with weft and cottons. A cutwork Banarasi saree is a cheaper version of a Jamdani saree and is mostly decorated with leaves, creepers, marigold and jasmine flowers motifs.
4. Tissue Banarasi Saree: The saree is a blend of zari and silk. It is woven saree with beautiful sheen created by gold zari wefts which gives the appearance of a golden cloth.
Pure Elegance Tissue Banarasi Saree
5. Butidar Banarasi Sari: These are beautiful woven sarees brocaded with silk, gold and silver threads. The Banarasi weavers refer to this sari as Ganga-Jamuna as gold threads are darker than silver threads. The motifs are popularly named as Ashraffi Butti, Angoor Bail, Latiffa Buti, Jhummar Buti, Reshem Buti, Jhari Butta, to name a few.

6. Tanchoi Banarasi Saree: The saree is created with vibrant weft silk yarns and the pallu has beautiful motif designs.
Pure Elegance Tanchoi Banarasi Silk Saree
7. Banarasi Tussar Silk Saree: It is a woven saree made from pure tussar silk with beautiful Banarasi zari buta and border design.
Tussar Banarasi Silk Saree

8. Banarasi Khaddi Sari: The saree is woven and known for opulent use of zari and colorful dyes.
Pure Elegance Khaddi Banarasi Saree

9. Muga Banarasi Saree: Beautiful woven saree made with muga silk and Banarasi weave and intricate zari buta and borders.
Pure Elegance Muga Banarasi Silk Saree

10. Matka Banarasi Saree: Graceful woven saree is made with matka silk and is beautifully highlighted with Banarasi border and buta design.
Matka Banarasi Silk Saree
11. Ghicha Banarasi sari: The woven saree is made of Ghicha silk with beautiful Banarasi zari borders or buta design.
Pure Elegance Gicha Banarasi Silk Saree
12. Linen Banarasi Saree: The saree is woven and made of linen. It is perfectly ornated with Banarasi zari buta and borders.
Pure Elegance Linen Banarasi Silk Saree

Get your hands on these exquisite varieties of Banarasi sarees online at Pure Elegance to suit every occasion and style!

How to wear Banarasi Saris on different occasions?

A Banarasi saree does not need too much styling; simplicity is the key to shine in a Banarasi sari! Traditional saree with Indian jewelry and simple makeup is perfect for your ethnic Indian style. But different occasions demand different styles and sarees, let us find out which Banarasi saree will fit your occasion.

Banarasi Saree for puja and religious festivals: Opt for an orange and pink kora silk Banarasi saree for occasions like puja and festivals where subtle elegance stands out. Top the look with bangles and a small pair of jhumkis and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous look.
Pure Elegance Banarasi Saree perfect for Hindu Puja

For a unique touch to your festival look you can also go for a printed matka Banarasi silk saree, this saree is sure to garner you compliments on your festival style!
Matka Banarasi ideal for religious celebration
Banarasi Saree for get-togethers & casual occasions: Who says you can’t wear a Banarasi saree on casual or intimate family occasions? Choose a classic red and black linen Banarasi saree for dinner and get-togethers with family and friends.
Banarasi Saree for Casual Event
When an invitation from an elegant luncheon calls, pick out a pastel colored cotton silk Banarasi saree that’s sure to make you look effortlessly charming.
Banarasi Sari for Day Time Event
Banarasi Saree for wedding or reception: Banarasi silk sarees are also lovely picks for big occasions like weddings and receptions. We suggest going with a dark colored Banarasi sari with a woven golden design and border. Pick a rich woven Banarasi silk sari with zari border and team it up with traditional Indian jewellery and a potli purse and you’re sure to stand out beautifully. Wear a bindi to round off an alluring ethnic look!
Banarasi Saree for Wedding Reception
Banarasi Sarees for brides: Banarasi sarees are a must-have in a bride’s trousseau.  Sarees with rich colors and elaborate designs is exactly what a bride needs in her collection! Brides in some cultures wear Banasari silk sarees on their wedding day. If you are a bride-to-be from Bengal, then opt for a rich red Banarasi silk Saree with a heavy zari border and meenakari work. Wear with Indian gold jewelry and round off with a bindi and let your bridal glow spread everywhere!
Bridal Banarasi Saree
For a Maharashtrian Bride, an orange Banarasi silk sari with a Paithani border is a perfect pick for the day. Put on your traditional jewelry and gajra in your hair to make a quintessential bride.
Maharastrian Wedding Banarasi Saree

How to wear Banarasi Saree like Bollywood Divas?

Every woman has different style palette whether it is western or Indian fashion, each woman carries distinct kind of style and it is no different for sarees! Though Banarasi Sarees are mostly associated with grand and utterly traditional looks, it can be styled in different ways to suit your taste! When you have confusion in the style department you can always take tips from our Bollywood divas!

Banarasi saree for an effortless style: Indian actress Nandita Das is an expert with her effortless saree styles; take some cue from her looks to achieve the look! If an effortless style is what you’re aiming for, browse through our splendid selection of muga kora Banarasi sarees and tissue linen Banarasi sarees. Beautifully blending traditional elements with pops of chic, these sarees are ideal for festive occasions.
Red and white Georgette Banarasi Saree

For relatively casual days, nothing works better than the ever-so-lovely georgette Banarasi sarees. Just wear your hair down with minimal makeup and add few silver gold plated bangles and studs. Drape the saree in a casual open pallu style and your effortless look is ready.
Orange Banarasi Saree for casual event

Banarasi saree for an ethnic fusion look: Sonam Kapoor is an expert with ethnic fusion saree looks and you can always draw inspiration from her looks to style your sarees! The young girls really like to experiment with saree styles and ethnic fusion is their go-to choice for various occasions. Wear cotton Banarasi sari with a shirt blouse and belt over waist to add quirky punch to your ethnic look
Black and white Banarasi Saree for Ethnic Fusion Look
 If you want to go for a minimal fusion look, pick a green and blue Matka Banarasi saree from Pure Elegance. Pair it with a crop top blouse and a silver choker, you ready to turn heads with your stylish saree look.
Blue and green matka banarasi saree matched with crop top blouse gives the head turner look
Banarasi sari for a rich traditional look: This is the core style of a Banarasi saree. Veteran Bollywood actress Rekha wears traditional sarees with aplomb; her absolutely traditional looks are worth trying! If you’re looking for a saree that oozes royal splendor, pick out aTanchoi silk woven Banarasi saree or a Banarasi silk sari with heavy zari border from our collection. Wear it with traditional Indian necklace, earrings and bangles. Put a gajra and bindi as final touches for your pure Indian traditional look, this style defines Indian beauty in its true meaning.
Green and Purple Tanchoi Banarasi Saree gives the rich ethnic look
Banarasi Silk Saree with heay zari border gives the rich ethnic look

Where to buy Banarasi Sarees in USA?

When you shop for Banarasi sarees online in USA at Pure Elegance, the options don’t stop here. From beautiful bandhej patterns to marvelous shaded sarees, from vibrant multicolored organza Banarasi sarees to contemporary stripes and chevron patterns, get ready to be spoilt for choice.

Whether you’re in a mood to go glamorous or in a mood to keep it simple, you’ll find a Banarasi saree to suit it all when you shop from our Indian fashion store in USA. A polka dotted sari in a bright color is best suited for fun and happy moods while a classic red or deep green saree with golden butas are ideal for days when you want to channel your inner elegant style queen. If you’re looking to buy a saree online in USA with dashes of vintage ethnic aesthetics, turn your attention towards our wonderful armada of tussar Banarasi sarees.

Our selection of Banarasi sarees online also feature a variety of colors that are sure to leave you wanting more. Rustic reds, gorgeous greens, earthy oranges, refreshing blues, and splendid pinks – the list is endless. Whether it’s a simple white Banarasi sari you’re looking to buy or a multi-colored designer saree – we have you covered.

There’s no better place than here to buy Banarasi sarees from India online in USA. We at Pure Elegance strive to spoil you with a fashion-forward, yet eternally stylish collection that will make you want to scoop it all up! While our website allows you to shop for ethnic clothes online in USA from the comfort of your homes, we also have a store in Edison, Jew Jersey for the times and days you want to get up close and personal with Indian fashion and style.