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What Color Dress You Should Wear this Diwali According To Zodiac Sign

Many people who believe in astrology have close affiliations to the color energy and predictions on star’s location that can greatly influence and impact the person in extreme ways. We’re quite believers in this philosophy that holds spiritual awakening and importance which somehow affects our energies deeply. Festivities are a wonderful time to celebrate the precious bond and cherish our togetherness with family and friends. And certainly, your energies define your personality and behavior to a great extent, we believe that your colors influence the former and henceforth you must take a good charge of what you wear and how you wear.

What Colour To Wear On Diwali According To Zodiac Sign

Here are some of our recommended colors that you must opt for this festive season according to your zodiac sign.


You’re ruled by Mars and hold a significant energy towards this potentially liveable planet. Darker hues like red, tangerine or crimson red are a bog No-No for you. Even though you may have huge inclination towards this shade, steer clear especially during the festive season and opt for lighter and alternatively flashy colors like emerald green, lime green or settle for a safe yet subtle white shade which is not just ethereal and pristine but so in vogue this season. Remember Sonam Kapoor’s lehenga on her engagement/sangeet or Aishwarya’s iconic anarkali at Cannes Festival 2016. Take some cues and dress up bright in white.


The kind-hearted and sensitive souls are ruled by Venus which is somehow a cooler planet. Therefore, you must embrace vermillion reds and apple greens as the ideal choice of your ensembles. Such positive hues will certainly balance your life and add a positive light to your persona. Just slip into the subtlety of these pretty color palettes and strike a wow some appeal.


Known for collecting the minimalistic and basic silhouettes, Geminis are always on-the-go fashionistas packing the most alluring drapes and dresses. This festive season, go nude with neutral shades like white and light grey for an understated elegance and ensure that you complete the look with striking statement jewelry. Because a cake does’ t looks good without spectacular icing, geddit geddit?


You know you’re a Cancerian when you freak out if you’re out of your Athleisure. Always come out clean in the efficient clothing pieces that go effortlessly from day to night. Cancers are ruled by Moon, and the most preferred colors for you are turquoise blue and carmine reds. However, if these specific hues are not in your wardrobe, worry not, we got you covered with whites, light blues or just go safe with sea green. Festivities made a but starrier and more sparkly with pastel shades, you know how to work em’out.


The most powerful and strong sign, you consider yourself superior in terms of decision making or excelling professionally and personally with wholesome and dedicated efforts that you put. Leos are ruled by the mighty Lord Sun and therefore, transmission of fierce and ferocious characteristics is a basic instinct for all the Leo folks. You can embrace colors like white and golds that will bring the best outcome this year for you. Alternatively, light copper green or white can also suit your look.


A first glance at Virgo and you know they are always impeccably dressed, however, ruled by the Mercury, they come with their own damn challenges and drawbacks. One of them is not able to go with solid earthy hues. Stick to turquoise green or cyan blues to embark auspicious and prosperous year ahead. Also, shades of green will work in favour of your sign.


Ruled by Venus, their cool and calm characteristics explain a lot about their style quotient which is elegant, graceful and enigmatic. Lighter and peaceful hues like white, cream, green and blue will work in your favor and bring you prosperity and happiness all the way. Just invest in pieces that will truly exude the charismatic persona in you and sing the symphonies of yesteryears.


The fierce, bold and opinionated sign is here to give you the piece of their mind. Always dressed to sashay on the runway, Scorpions are complimented for their well-dressed and interestingly impeccable fashion choices, they always love to live on the edge. However, this time, the signs suggest that white and Prussian blue will work the best for you this Diwali. So, perhaps you can go with a combination of two beautiful colors or just stay safe in respective color and enjoy a wonderful time.


The royal time-keepers, Sagittarius love to conceive their king-size lives in their lifestyle and invest in haute couture, However, this year, your colors are earthy hues like khaki-green, orange-red. Ruled by Jupiter, they will always find themselves stealing the spotlight and getting those envy side glances. But hey, rock this festive season in the classic sheer ensemble in these contemporary colors.


Ruled by Saturn, the planet that holds a vicious place in the study of Astronomy. Capricorns are always recommended to wear any shade of black every Saturday for their crucial position that often affects Lord Sun. This festive season, fortunately, you can experiment and go with green, pine and blue shades- all natural and earthy. Stay grounded and sophisticated in these pretty natural hues.


Followers of fashion fads and trends, Aquarians love to experiment with colors especially when it comes to daily dressing. Festivities will be uber-cool and charming for you because you got all the perfect colors: Apple red, sky blue and green to toss your outfit into. The great news is here because you can totally swing in the festive flair and adorn such gorgeous colors to sink in the celebratory feeling.


The emotional and sensitive souls of the Zodiac signs are required to wear shades of green this festivity and even throughout the year, keeping this color close to their wardrobe and heart will certainly prove to be meticulous for them. Just invest in mellow shades of green or brighter ones to rock this festive season! Make them go green in envy as you extract those creative juices running in you!

Article By : Ambika Asthana

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