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Deepika Padukone Rocks in Flared Sarees that You Can Own Too!

Our newly-wed woman crush Deepika Padukone is on an ethnic roll as she struts around the globe in her handpicked couture. From gorgeous sarees to designer suits and Indo-fusion, you name it and she drapes them all with equal ease and comfort. We have stocked similar designer sarees for you, explore here.

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What Color Dress you should Wear this Diwali according to Zodiac Sign

Many people who believe in astrology have close affiliations to the color energy and predictions on star’s location that can greatly influence and impact the person in extreme ways. TColor exudes an energy that holds a spiritual awakening and importance which somehow affects our stars. Let's check out the best colors according to zodiac signs.

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8 Ways to Style the Indian Long Jacket

Come winter and you may want to cherish the slumber in the layers of warm and fuzzy garments. One such quintessential piece of clothing that rests in your closet untouched and unattended is the long Indian ethnic jacket. Here are some amazing ways to spruce up your look with Indian long jacket.

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Best Haldi Outfits for Bridesmaids

The rising need to look perfect and exceptionally beautiful at all the social wedding events is a must. Bridesmaids who are the heart and soul fo every wedding should steal the spotlight with contemporary Indian traditional clothing ideas as we are here to guide them how and what to wear for the yellow day. Brace yourselves ladies as we pick up our best haldi outfits for all you lovely bridesmaids.

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