5 Times Deepika Padukone showed us how to wear a saree the right way


Deepika Padukone is one diva that none of us can ever have enough of. Be it her sheer onscreen brilliance or her sartorial choices, the beautiful actress never fails to impress us with her choices and outings.

While we have not seen her onscreen for a good while now, she continues to impress us with her various public appearances including award shows and other events. And while there is definitely more chutzpah to her western apparel choices off later since her marriage to long time beau Ranveer Singh, her Indian Ethnic wear outfits are always on point.

In fact, she is known to wear her sarees with impeccable finesse. For those of us who are always too happy to get some style inspiration, here are a few tips right out of Deepika Padukone’s book to add polish to our saree looks.

Having the right outfit together is definitely important but what good is it if you fail to make it look well presented. But you don’t need to worry - Yes, as usual, without failing, we bring you style tips from the reigning Bollywood diva Deepika Padukone for when you are ready to done your own six yards of delight.

Blouse: It is always important to pair your saree with the right saree blouse. Just have a look at this ruffled saree donned by Deepika. For the slight bit of bulk that the ruffled texture of the drape she has added a minimal halter neck blouse to show off her well chiseled arms and shoulders.

So, the bulk on the front of the saree gets balanced by the slim look of the halter neck blouse.

Tip: If you go for blouses with details then pick a minimal texture on the saree. Conversely wear a textured or heavy saree with a minimal silhouette blouse to avoid looking bulky from top to bottom.

Pallu:  Some sarees like Kanjivarams or cottons tend to bulk up when draped. Deepika’s look here is perfect to avoid the bulk accumulating on the top of the body. The pleated pallu makes sure that the look remains balanced from top to bottom.

Tip: When wearing sarees with heavy fabrics that bulk up like a linen saree make sure to wear the pallu in pleats. This will ensure that you don’t look like you are drowning in reams of fabric. Conversely, for a light fabric like net or chiffon you may choose to leave the pallu draped without pleats for a feminine and soft look.

Pleats: As we know, well draped pleats can make or break a saree. Deepika has chosen a chiffon saree here with a free flowing pallu, but just look at those pleats on fleek! That is exactly what makes this otherwise soft flowy fabric appear well presented. Now this rule is irrespective of the fabric of the saree.

Tip: Make time to drape your saree pleats properly. If the fabric is heavy like a Banarasi saree silk then make time to prepare the pleats well. Do it, it pays to put in the effort!

Shoes:  Well, she is a celeb and no doubt Deepika is never wanting for wardrobe accessories. Now wonder she always pairs her sarees with the right shoes. Remember how Christian Louboutin gifted her a pair of customized loafer style jutties for her wedding outfit?

Well, now before you begin sighing, remember you don’t need to break the bank to have the right pair of shoes with your saree. Just make sure you have some heels in the basic shoes to get started. Black, nude, White Gold and silver will never go wrong.

Tip: Always wear your shoes before putting on the petticoat and the saree. This will make sure that the saree is the draped the right length. Nothing looks worse that a saree draped without consideration for the height of the shoes you are going to wear.  

Secure Drape: One of our favorite looks from Deepika Padukone is when she cinches her sarees at the waist with a belt. This striped number looks smarter thanks to her white belt. And well, it is a saver from that cardinal saree draping sin that we all are guilty of having committed at some point – too many safety pins.

Tip: When in doubt, instead of risking tearing your saree up with a bunch of safety pins, simply add a belt to the waist. Not only is this in fashion, you can keep both the pleats as well as the pallu in place with a belt. You can choose both a western style belt or an Indian kamardhani in metal or embroidery. Go cinch it!


Well, try these tips – thank us later. You will see the world of difference these tips make to your saree outing. Do it – it works !!

Images Courtesy : Pintrest, boldsky.com

Article By : Bhavna R

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