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Indian Ethnic with a twist – How to wear Indian Sarees to a cocktail party

Come December and the festivities for Christmas and New year begin looming large for one and all. It is all fun and games as long as you don’t think of what you are going to wear to the office party, then your best friend’s cocktail party or the one that you may have decided to host. What a tizzy it can send you in to think that hardly a while after you have put the Diwali mayhem behind you, here comes another round of festivities to have to buy gifts and make preparations. And when you add to this heady mix all the big and small decisions regarding your outfits, hell breaks loose as you realise you are barely equipped to deal with yet another round of shopping for outfits for each event.

Oh! And to make matters worse you still haven’t quite gotten rid of the post Diwali muffin top, to fit well enough into your western dresses and coordinates. What are the odds?

How To Wear Designer Sarees For Cocktail Party

Well, no sweat! All you have to do is to take a deep breath and look at the range of designer sarees that will not just easily cover your muffin top but will also allow you to sashay in to any party this season no matter how high the stakes.

Ruffled Saree

A ruffled saree has just the right feminine touch and the grace that makes it ideal for wearing to a cocktail party. While they come in a lot of colors, prints and fabrics, pick a solid ruffled saree and pair it with a sleeveless or an off-shoulder blouse for a polished look.

Style Tip

You can add a jeweled armband and skip all other accessories to make this ideal for a cocktail party saree look. Remember – Less is more.


Sequined Saree

A sequined Saree never goes wrong so long as the bling is minimal and is monochrome. Go for a slinky top in a western cut or a mesh top with long sleeves if you are feeling a bit less adventurous.  

Style Tip

Skip the jewellery and simply add a smart watch and a bold lip to shine in this outfit.


Saree Gown

Saree gowns are perfect for a more formal cocktail party with a higher stakes guest list. When going for a saree gown you can look for detailing like lace, minimal embroidery or even applique. Colors like wine, royal blue, navy and the ever-sophisticated black will make sure you stand out in your own way.

Style Tip

With bold colors like blue, navy or wine, you can add a pair of diamond drops or pearl drops to the outfit. This will make sure that the look does not appear too dull and domineering. Also go pastel on the lip color and easy on the eye make up to avoid appearing overly done.

Pant Saree

Pant sarees are all the rage with celebs opting for sarees draped over pants and even formal jackets for an edgy uber cool look. You can choose between culotte style wide pants and straight fit pants depending on your body type and choice.

Style Tip

For this look it is easy to mess up the silhouette and appear overly laden with garments. To miminimize the volume of the outfit make sure you pull your hair back neatly in a simply low ponytail or a low bun. Then pick one statement piece like a choker or even a hair pin in ostentatious detail to make your look stand out.

 Indian Skirt and White shirt

This is a look than can easily be pulled together no matter how much of a hurry you may be in. Once you have donned the outfit simply add a statement necklace on top of your shirt. You may even wear this look to an Indian festivity without appearing out of place.

Style Tip

Make the look talk by showing off your stature. Add heels to the skirt and be the dainty lass who is the talk of the town!

It may be hard to master the Indian Ethnic look for a cocktail party, but with these tips you can rest assured never to go wrong. What is more that if you pick an outfit from our list then you are sure to stand out with your saree in a sea of evening dresses and gowns that the other fashionistas are likely to don.

Bring on the holidays!

 Images courtesy: Pintrest

Article By : Bhavna R

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