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Short Hair Don't Care : How To Style Short Hair for Indian Wedding and Festive Wear

When it comes to dressing up in Indian Ethnic wear especially for a festive gala or an Indian wedding, we think of all the details including makeup, hair, accessories and shoes. While it is easy to just go from a regular casual look to a dressy Indian look once you have all the coordinated garments and accessories, it can be hard to nail the look if you wear short hair.

Traditionally the image of even an Indian bride or her attending relatives includes long and also black hair styled in a variety of elaborate do's , but don't think that short hair should be any excuse for you to not look your stunning best in Indian wear.

In fact simply by styling your short hair the right way, you can take your Indian Ethnic look up a few notches and have a blast while you check all the boxes on the trend list.

Indian Traditional Outfit for Short Hair

Here is how:


Vintage Vibes

Style your bob in waves to get a vintage look. A side parting and a hair rolled to fall over the forehead on one side will add a stylish flair. This will go great with neutral sarees and party gowns.


Raving Ringlet

Another way to style a short bob for an evening look is to wear a side parting and pin all of it at the back on to the nape  to give the impression of a bun leaving one section loose on the side of the face. Curl this section into a ringlet so that it falls on the side framing part of the forehead and one side of the face. Perfect for a festive saree or structured salwar kameez.


Wind in My Hair

A slightly longer bob can be styled for a blow dried toussled look. The messy look will go well with flowing lehenga choli combos and suits all face shapes.

Pin Up Girl

For a more formal and dramatic look pin your bob up on one side and leave the rest of the hair to fall in tousled waves on the other side of the face. You can choose a traditional studded pin, a fresh flower to keep your bob on one side.

A Cut Above The Rest

A very short cut can also be styled with élan with Indian Ethnic wear. A short pixie cut is ideal to add the fusion edge to your Indian Ethnic wear outfit and if you are looking for embellishments, wear a maang tika and add a dressy belt to your look for the Indo-Western flair.

While short hair is not the traditional idea of the hair do for an Indian outfit, it is in fact very refreshing to go for one. Everybody sports an elaborate hair style with their saree or lehenga, so anyone with a short hair cut will stand out even more in their Indian Attire.

Chances are that once you have raised the bar by rocking an Indian outfit with your own short hair styling, you will end up giving hair goals to the long haired lasses in town.


Images Courtesy: Pintrest

Article By : Bhavna R

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