How to pick Bridesmaids' dresses for an Indian Wedding

An Indian wedding in the US is an interesting affair. Considering that many Indians have made the country their home, it is exciting to note the amalgamation of traditional Indian wedding rituals and customs with those usually followed in the US.

Many of these have now caught on and have become a necessary element of Indian weddings in the US although traditionally they may not have been a part of the customs followed in India.

Having a retinue of Bridesmaids to attend the wedding as companions to the bride is one such tradition that is not new at all. However, dressing the Bridesmaids in coordinated Indian festive clothing is definitely a style statement that many Indian brides go for.

However, considering that planning, buying and coordinating the bridal trousseau is enough of a mayhem, one can well imagine how much of a painstaking task it can be to also have to plan, source and purchase Indian bridesmaids dresses. And then of course you are always worried about how to make sure there is no clash between the bridal outfit and the bridesmaids’ dresses.

Don't worry, we at Pure Elegance are always thinking of ways to take the stress out of your festivities and celebrations and this is why we have a list of easy to follow tips that you can use to make this task easy. Once you have these handy, picking a suitable bridesmaid’s outfit will be so much easier than it is now.


What color do you want: One of the hardest things is to find a suitable, color. One way you can pick a well-coordinated color is by picking any one or two stand out colors from your bridal outfit and use the same combination for your bridesmaids. You can add a variation by giving them only one of the colors from your lehenga so that the bridal lehenga still stands out prominently.


Make it match: Another way to coordinate your bridesmaids’ dresses with your bridal outfit is to make the colors match and add a variation by changing the style of the outfit. For example give your bridesmaids an anarkali if you are wearing a bridal lehenga and still the bridal dress will remain the center of attention.


Contrast is fun: You may also go for a contrasting color. If you are wearing a bold color like a red lehenga or saree, dress your bridesmaids in a softer neutral such as beige, or a combination of white and gold so that both the bridesmaids and the bridal outfit remain in sync.


Pick an embellishmentt: Another way you could coordinate your Bridesmaids' dresses with your own is to pick an element from the embellishments. If you are going for a Banarasi saree with traditional motifs then go for the banarasi saress for the bridesmaids too. Or you can give them plain silk sarees with banarasi motif blouses. If you have chosen mirror work for your sharara then give the bridesmaids mirror work shararas in different colors.Play with the embellishments to get the right match.


Tone on tone: This is also a great way to coordinate Bride and bridesmaids Indian ethnic wear. Pick lighter shades of the main color on the bridal outfit. This way the whole look of the bridal retinue will remain organized without overpowering the bridal outfit.

So, follow these simple tips and make your wedding pictures shine with perfectly coordinated bridal and bridesmaids' Indian ethnic outfits.

Images courtesy: Pintrest.


Article By : Bhavna R